Monday, December 21, 2020

Happy Winter Solstice ✨ A Powerful Day

 A unique astrological phenomenon is coming our way Monday, December 21, 2020. As the year comes to a close, we are challenged to accept this "new normal" and develop it into a prosperous avenue of transformation. We will be assisted with this challenge through the guiding light of a great Saturn / Jupiter conjunction.

These two planets' enormous strength is encouraging us to bring our talents to their maximum potential in our present lives.

Saturn has dominion on regulation. It shows us that time is, in fact, of the essence. Time is the process by which we determine our limits and healthy boundaries. Saturn is closely regarded to Cronus, father of Zeus, in astrology and mythology. It is the father planet that invigorates us to align our ducks into their premeditated rows. Within Saturn lies the symbolism of "old father" and "new father," as well as old ways replaced by newer methods. The motion of this conjunction begins a new 200-year cycle of Saturn's direct influence.

Jupiter is the emblem of luck and prosperity. It encourages innovation and creation to uplift our earthly vibration. Inspires us to achieve the deepest and most surface-level parts of our sequential dreams. Jupiter, being the largest planet in the solar system, symbolizes the strength of the expansion. That is why it is commonplace when Jupiter makes a benign aspect, and it increases prosperity and possessions.

The celebration in the sky will be taking place Monday the 21st. In numerology, the number 21 is symbolic of success, completion, and the fulfillment of desires. Channel this! Monday is a potent day for divine feminine magick and spellwork (as Monday is the start of the week, symbolizing the moon and the beginning of her lunar cycles). This will be a wonderful universal vantage point for all of us to radiate in the divine feminine energies, allowing it to seep into the everyday realities.

Let it soak us with the warmth of a newer, kinder, more balanced, and brighter era to come.

Together, by way of this historical event and marking of a new 200-year cycle entering in the time of Aquarius, the energy will be potent, filled with opportunity and truth to execute those dreams! This occasion should be viewed as an inspiration to lift off our endeavors, knowing that they are grounded by passion, faith, and abundance. If it isn't clear to you yet, the universe is on your side, in your favor and encouraging you every step of your journey. You have done some tremendous soul work this year that will be to your benefit. Take this galactic cosmological event as another token of that faith Mother Gaia and all the forces that have built life build from love and vibrations of healing and acceptance. Any resistance you may feel is not due to external influences but brings attention to your internal turmoil, which can be alleviated through tender love, support, and approval of oneself. You are the best for your soul, and not one other person on this planet can take your place or fill your shoes. Allow the connection of the largely optimist planet Jupiter and Saturn's hard-hitting reality to prove that life may be obstinate and limiting. Still, it is worth the fight to pursue your dreams and be the ultimate blueprint of your soul's design.

A couple of great energy work ideas for this occasion on December 21, 2020, would be to make a list of self-love affirmations such as:

  • "I am strong. I am independent. I am powerful."
  • Work on a self-goal or avenue of expression that you love. Be selfish! And do something special for just you. Because without a healthy you, there won't be happy others!
  • Wear citrine or other crystals that align with Jupiter and Saturn and wear colors to honor the planets.
  • Make an altar as an offering for the mythological rulers of these planets.

If all else fails, wish love, with an optimistic outlook, and prosperity into your life and mean it!

With love and light from Madison P, Mystical Moon Front Desk Associate

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Amanda Hronek said...

Madison, I love the information and suggestions you have given in this post, Thank you. 💕