Wednesday, October 28, 2015

How To Channel Safely and Consciously (and the 5 Potential Dangers to Avoid)

Channeling is allowing guidance, energy, and wisdom to flow through you. You may channel your higher self, guides, angels, and or the ascended masters. There are many different forms of channeling and some are safer than others. Channeling can be helpful to us as we bring through information that can be beneficial to ourselves as well as other. I first would like to discuss the pros, the cons and is it a safe practice?

We all channel whether we realize it or not. Channeling is the stream of consciousness which flows through us. Often the channeler steps to the side and gives permission for another entity to communicate through them for a short period of time. We all have randomly said things without consciously knowing where the information came from.We may receive information for ourselves or other people regarding the the next step to take or what may be seemingly random messages that have meaning to others. While many see this as a sought after gift, I caution those who seek to become channelers to not rush into the process without educating themselves and that they work with a mentor who can monitor their progress and keep an eye on them just in case any potential issues come up.

The Different Types of Channeling

  • Trance Channeling is a form of mediumship where an individual grants permission for an outside entity to take control of their body as an instrument for communication. During these sessions, the channel has no knowledge or recollection afterwards of what has transpired. He or she simply "goes away" and then returns when the body is fatigued or when the session is over. This type of channeling is the one that many people seek out but can be the most dangerous form of channeling to the channel. You run into the risking of allowing a negative entity to take over your body. I highly recommend working with a seasoned mentor if you are interested in this form of channeling.
  • Conscious Channeling is where the channel maintains conscious awareness of what is happening but allows another entity to bring messages through his or her body. At an time, the channel is free to edit material being presented, or to end the session when or if they feel uncomfortable with the information that is being offered.
  • Automatic Writing, Painting, or Musicianship is the most common form of channeling that most people are familiar with. The channel allows their body (either in a trance or consciously) as a vehicle to create artistically through music, artwork and or writing.
Why Channel?
  1.  To receive information and wisdom for the soul's evolution.
  2. To bring forth messages or validation, comfort and wisdom.
To prove that you are super-psychic, gifted or to receive attention from others are not valid reasons as to why one should channel. Bringing through messages that facilitate healing and the evolution of the soul for the highest and best good of all are excellent reasons why one would channel.

Well-Known Channels
  • Jane Roberts
  • Esther Hicks
  • Edgar Cayce
  • Sheila Gillette
Possible Dangers Associated with Channeling
  • You can easily fragment your soul as you come back to conscious awareness.
  • An entity can takeover and cause you to lose control of your body which would then result in possible spirit possession.
  • You run the risk of your body short circuiting as another energy enters your body, this can happen because your body was not created for another entity to inhabit it. Many trance channels have physical and mental difficulties as a result from channeling.
  • The entity you are channeling may not be telling the truth and can cause chaos in your life.
  • Many completely trust the information that other channels bring through simply because the person appears to be channeling. I caution everyone to use discernment when it comes to any entity that is telling people what to do. Always, always do an internal check to see if you are comfortable with the channel and the information, your instincts are always to be trusted.
How To Make Channeling a Safe Practice
  1. Attune to Your Highest! I agree 100% with Edgar Cayce as he emphasized the importance of attuning to the higher self while remaining conscious. In this way, any person can channel the high self while at the same time, access his or her own individual creativity and heightened experience of connection with the universe while remaining an individual.
  2. Educate Yourself - If you are interested in channeling, I highly recommend reading or taking Sandy Anastasi's System of Psychic Development, especially Level 4 if you are interested in learning how to channel safely with awesome results. Sandy's teachings provide the seeker with a solid foundation for psychic development as well as wonderful techniques to help you build your spiritual practice and gifts.
Blessings and Light,