Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Advice From a Psychic on Psychic Readings

Advice From A Psychic on Psychic Readings ~ Laurie Barraco

Most of us take the time to research our Drs, attorneys, schools for our children but how many really do their research when it comes to consulting a psychic?
A psychic reading session shouldn't be taken lightly. You are consulting with another person about the intimate details of your life. You are looking for guidance and direction. Whom you consult these life altering decisons is extremely important.
  • Get a referral if at all possible. Ask about the psychic's history, background, how long they have been in this line of work, their reputation, also was their reading authentic?
  • Go to their office or where they "read" at. Do you get a warm, loving, and comfortable feeling?
Signs of A Good Psychic
  • Have proper boundaries
  • Isn't in it for the money (charging astronomical prices) shop around to see what the going rate is in your area
  • They have a sincere desire to help
  • They do not waste your time talking about themselves
  • They give you tools to help transform, heal and empower you
  • You can feel their loving energy
Warning Signs
  • Acting as if they are the only one who can help you
  • Instilling fear upon you, you leave feeling hopeless
  • Encouraging you to come back frequently to spend more money with them
  • Discrediting others in the same profession ex. You don't want to go to ....
  • Leaving the reading depressed and exhaused, feeling depleted
Just because they say they are psychic does not mean they are!!!

How to Get The Most Out of Your Session
  • Come in with an open mind
  • Have your questions prepared ahead of time
  • Be centered, plan your day so you are not rushed if possible. Scattered energy does not help with your session. It is a 3 way process you, the reader and spirit.
  • Try not to be negative. Saying no,no, no if you feel there isn't a connection, then say so. An honest reader/healer would honor that and not charge.
  • If you would like the session recorded ask ahead of time, do you you need to bring your recorder?
Each reader has a unique gift, ask about this beforehand.

**My intention, is for every client to be sent on their way with hope, love, empowerment and a new perspective than from what they came in with**

Hopefully this little bit of information makes the difference for you between a good reading session and a great one!!


I would like to thank Joanna Salerno for her contribution to this post ~