Sunday, September 30, 2012

Creating Bridges

Creating Bridges
Now, more than ever I am seeing clients taking ginormous leaps of faith. What is going on these days? Well, I believe Spirit is encouraging all of us to find and give our bliss a chance. We are being brought opportunities to actually manifest our dreams and desires. What no longer serves us is really being brought to the forefront.
So….with this happening what are we supposed to do? I have a vision, a dream but I need to be realistic and pay my bills etc. There are a few steps I encourage people to take.
·     Identify what it is you really, really desire
·     Write it down
·     Make a checklist of what it would take in order for you to take that leap of faith ex $10,000 in the bank etc.
·     Take a look at some of the obstacles, be willing to take personal responsibility
·     Make some changes according to the above
·     Work with prayer/intention ~ if taking a leap of faith in the area of career is for my highest and best good, doors will open, I will have validation and I will pay attention to the signs and signals
·     Share your dreams with supportive loving people, not ones who will yes you but ones who believe and will help you stay grounded
·     Meditate, find quiet time and space
·     Be realistic with your goals
·     Let go of trying to control the manifestation process
·     Watch the miracles
·     Have a gratitude journal of all which has manifested in a positive way
·     Begin with taking productive physical steps towards your goal
·     Know you might have a foot in two worlds at once and it is okay
·     Gradual change can be a blessing

I could go on and on but you get the idea.
I know that when we are unfulfilled we become negative, resentful and literally crash and burn.
I encourage you to dream, follow that dream but also take your common sense with you.
Now go for it!!!

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Spirit Communication

Spirit Communication

How do we connect or know the signs from our Spiritual Collective? And what is a spiritual collective?
A spiritual collective is all of the unseen help and assistance that is non-physical. Your guides, angels, crossed over loved ones even animals. This assistance is available to you when needed. The help can be through signs of validation, messages in dreams, flickering of electricity and more.
Why do they show us signs and what is the purpose? The purpose is to bring comfort and knowingness that there is more than this physical existence, that we are connected to seen and unseen realms. That there is life and existence outside of our physical reality.

We can connect to the spiritual collective through meditation, prayer, keeping an open dialogue with the spirit realm as well as paying attention to the signs.

What are gifts of the spirit? They are physical messages brought through to the physical realm for validation and or comfort for us here in the physical world.
How to Connect with the Spirit Realm ~
·      Journaling, writing, petition
·      Scrying, with either candles, mirrors, water, smoke
·      Objects ~ coins, feathers
·      Songs on the radio
·      Dreams
·      Ringing in the ears
·      Messages through other people
·      Impressions, feelings, the senses, hearing, smelling, tasting
These are just a few ways spirit communicates with us.
Now we have the signs or signals to look for we can now begin to form a relationship.
Supplies ~ you really do not need supplies, however these are some suggestions I have for the communication. I suggest a journal to document the messages to help you. I had a checklist for the guides I met in meditation and they gave me signals to help identify them.
Crystals ~angelite, blue aragonite, mangano calcite, seraphanite, lapis lazli, blue lace agate, amethyst, rainbow moonstone, blue aragonite.
Oils, aromas ~ sage, sandalwood, frankincense, vanilla, jasmine

Now what? Continue to meditate, journal and be open to the signs and messages.

**If you would like to know more about communicating with the spirit realm, I suggest you check out the local metaphysical store, library or bookstore.**

Also, I have an upcoming Webinar on how to connect with your Spirit Guides on
Sunday, October 7th @ 5pm. For more info visit the store @ or call @ 239 939-3339.


Thursday, September 20, 2012

Laurie Barraco & The Mystical Moon ~

Laurie Barraco & The Mystical Moon

I have to admit I am stepping outside of my comfort zone with video blogging however, I understand this is an important step to creating an intimate relationship with clients and followers. With that begin is my first try at video blogging :)
The YouTube Channel I created is MysticalMoonThe. No, I an not was the closest name to The Mystical Moon that I could find.
Please feel fee to subscribe to the channel and visit us often there...we will be posting oodles and oodles of videos.


Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Rate It, Review It!


We have a great new program @ The Mystical Moon for Members of the Online Community!

How would you like to try one of our products or even take a class for free? 

These are the qualifications ~

1. Must be a member or our onlin
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2. Send an email to Laurie Barraco in the online community

3. If your name is selected you will get to try a product or take a class for free

4. You write a review of your experience

5. If you are selected for a product you get to keep the product

We are looking for reviews for crystals, candles, cds, books, classes, oils, cards and more.

I will be taking names until Saturday @ 11am. 

At 11am I will be contacting 3 people to test drive our products and 


Monday, September 17, 2012

My Favorite Crystal of the Month!

This month I am loving the new crystal I was sent by accident ~ green obsidian. In actuality I was ordering yellow obsidian but happily to my surprise they sent me green obsidian

It was if a gift was sent from the heavens!!

After some research I learned these are the qualities the green obsidian possesses:
  • Opens up the heart chakra, pure heart energy
  • Releases trapped energy that no longer serve your highest good
  • Helps free you from toxic, draining people and situations. 
  • Helps you create personal boundaries
  • Gives people a sense of personal power (a great giveaway to those who are clingy)
  • Great stone for Lightworkers and Healers
  • Is a stone of protection and was often used for arrowheads and weapons
This stone has been selling like crazy! I have a hard time keeping it in stock.
What can you do with this stone which is made out of volcanic lava?
  • Hold it in your hand during meditation 
  • Hold it during stressful times
  • Place it on the body as a healing layout
  • Gift it to someone who is needing to tap into their own personal power
  • Keep it in your pocket or ladies in your bra 
  • Place it by your bedside or in a high-stressful area, even in a desk drawer
  • On the picture of someone who could use the healing from this stone
As long as I am able to acquire these crystals, they will continue to be well-stocked @The Mystical Moon.

Sunday, September 16, 2012

My Secret Prayer

If you have had a session with me you probably have already heard my power prayer/intention that I share with all of my clients. 

It really helps move the process of life along with clarity and understanding. It also helps you re-focus and take control of your life and help you get off the fence.

The prayer can be used in situation/relationship/scenario.

Here's a simple example ~ My relationship with my boyfriend Mortimer is up and down. I do not know what to do. Do I stay? Do I go?

Here is the prayer ~ If a romantic relationship with Mortimer is for my highest and best good, we will move forward with more ease. We will easily work through our obstacles and the problems will be bought to light as well as worked through with love and peace.

If a a romantic relationship with Mortimer is not for my highest and best good, we will go our separate ways with integrity, honesty, love, harmony and ease. May there be a peaceful harmonious transition.

Seems pretty simple? It is but it isn't. Change is not always easy, there can be pain as well as taking you out of your comfort zone. By using the prayer it helps get the ball rolling.
I encourage people to use this prayer all the time for job transitions, friendships, everything.

Feel free to use this "secret" prayer of mine. I guarantee you it will help!


Saturday, September 15, 2012

The Number One Relationship

The Number One Relationship

Today, I was asked the same question that I have been asked thousands of times over ~ If I just meet someone new they will help me forget about the last person. It will make my transition so much easier. Honestly, does it really?
So many  people are afraid, fearful of living their lives without a partner. This is not the worst case scenario. 
I would rather be without a relationship than to be in one where you are unfulfilled, mentally or physically abused, lost, sad, depressed, co-dependent and or trapped.
This not only relates to romances! There are many who stay in family or work relationships because they are fearful of moving on. What is the number one thing I witness with every single client? If you do not take the steps to move on then Spirit will move you on and it may not be kind.
Listen to your guidance, if you are in any type of relationship that is harmful to your Soul's growth...for Pete's sake move on! Ask for help, spiritual and physical. There is always so much more help around us than we realize.
My answer to those who say but it would be best for someone to replace them is this...Yes there is another person/relationship waiting for you! It is you! The relationship with yourself  your Soul is waiting for you to step up and be present in the most significant relationship any human could have ~ The one with self.
So, your homework is to nurture, pay attention, love and spend quality with yourself. Your Soul will thank you for it!!



Thursday, September 13, 2012

You Are The Creator

You Are The Creator 
By Laurie Barraco

You are the creator of your life, your Universe! We often overlook or even do not believe this simple truth! Everything  we say, do and think goes into this wonderful life we experience.
How do we live more consciously?
·      Start taking accountability ~ by taking responsibility you say ok, I know I have created this situation, not anyone else, now it is up to me to fix it.
·      Meditate ~ meditation is the number one way of quieting the mind to allow the thoughts to simply come and go. It is an excellent de-stressor!
·      Be aware of cause and effect ~ by remembering everything action (thought, word, deed) has a manifestation. Some effects take a little while to return or manifest. Now, this can be a blessing or not depending upon what you manifest. Negative thoughts, words and deeds are lower vibrational frequencies, therefore you will receive a negative or lower vibrational  manifestation = money problems, poor health etc. Positive thoughts, actions, deeds = higher vibrational manifestations ex. A raise, healthier body.
·      Know yourself ~ by knowing who you are you are able to distinguish your desires and influences apart from others. If you do not know what you really want then your manifestations are going to be scattered. Energetically the Universe does not decipher what is good and bad for you. You must give the energy a destination.
·      Focus, focus, focus ~ this means ground, center and stay on the same road for a little while. If you focus on 20 different things at once, how can you know of feel comfortable when there are so many elements going on in your life. Manifestations become chaotic and wires crossed. Take time with your goals, the journey is really what it is all about. Along the journey we discover who were are as well as we begin to morph and evolve.
·      Take Notes ~ journaling helps you write down your ideas as well as keeping track of the creative flow coursing throughout your body. It helps me tap into my higher self without filtering it. Also, you have a written document in case your forget some of those great ideas because you are in an altered state.
·      Release victim consciousness ~ by releasing victim consciousness you take complete control and in that moment you evolve your being. No one has dominion over you unless you give it to them. It is that simple. If you feel trapped, a question to ask is “How did I get here?”. It does not mean you beat yourself up it simple means I am an adult and I take control of my life.
These are just a few suggestions or ideas to help you stay on track when you feel overwhelmed or burdened.
You ARE the CREATOR of your life, world, Universe! What do you plan to create today?