Thursday, June 5, 2008

Healings w/Jaylyn Stahl

Jaylyn Stahl is available for healings every Friday at The Mystical Moon.
Her services include:
House Blessings & Clearings
Circles-Drumming, Healing, Song
Ceremonies-Healing, Life Passage, Manifestation, Wedding, Workshops/Retreats
Sessions are 1 hour long at $65 per hour.
Please call to schedule your appointment 939-3339

Energy Body Work w/Roseanne Gauthier

Energy/Body Work w/Roseanne Gauthier
Experience channeled energy move thru your body!
Thursdays 11-4
One hour sessions are $55

Energy/Reiki Sessions are available 1/2 hr $40
Color & Sound Therapy includes:Aura Cleansing, Chakra Balancing with color, Fragrance & Sounds (tuning forks & voice toning). One hour sessions only.

Does Spirit have guidance for you? Does a loved one want to relay a message? Do you have health concerns? Sessions include spiritual/intuitive messages.
Please call ahead to reserve your appointment 939-3339