Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Channeling by Laurie Barraco

Here is an excerpt from my channeling class a few weeks ago ~
Channeling has been practiced throughout the ages and cultures. 
What is channeling? The common idea of channeling, is an experience in which one completely opens oneself to a separate entity being channeled (aka "trance channeling"), is not the only, nor even the ideal, form of channeling. Trance channeling bypasses the individual, thus limiting the individual's opportunity to learn and grow through the experience. 
The different type of Channeling
  • Trance Channeling ~ an individual allows control of their body to an outside entity for the use of communication. During these sessions, the channel has no knowledge or remembrance of what has transpired. They expand their consciousness and check out.
  • Conscious Channeling ~the channel maintains conscious presence but agrees to allow communication from another entity ex. higher self, guides, angels through them. In this form of channeling the channel is aware of the information coming through. 
  • Automatic Writing, Painting or Mediumship ~ the channel either conscious or in a trance state allows the body to create artwork, music, a book etc. as a venue to help express ideas or teachings.
Why channel?
  1. To receive information, wisdom to learn
  2. To bring through messages of validation and comfort
Well Known Channels ~ Jane Roberts, Esther Hicks, Edgar Cayce, Elizabeth Claire Prophet, Jacqueline T. Snyder, Lorraine and Candyce. I do channel but it is not a transchannel.
  • Creating the space, sage, incense, crystals
  • Being in a sacred space within, absolutely no substances, yes some use psychedelics but I do not suggest these
  • Prayers ~ hand motions, mudras etc. also help one open up to guidance
  • Protection
  • Motives
  • Not to be played with, not to experiment, serious business
  • Does take discipline.
  • By using the conditioning it can help you get into the state of mind explain how I get prepared
  • Warning just because someone channels it does not mean they are more highly evolved. There have been people who I question where the information is coming from. May be valid at first but then the trickster aspect comes through
  • An entity is not necessarily more evolved if it is in spirit form. Proof and trust need to be built.
Channelers allegedly dialogue with: aliens, angels, ascended masters, gods, goddesses, akashic records, one’s higher self, souls who have crossed over and spirit guides.
If you are interested in channeling I highly, highly recommend you do not rush into channeling. Take your time, find a reputable mentor and make sure you are taking the proper precautions (mentioned in the guidelines). Carelessly opening yourself to etheric energies can be detrimental to your soul. 
If you take your time and allow the process to unfold slowly with caution, you will have profound soul growth and clarity. Don't forget to journal all of your experiences ~ you'll be glad you did!