Friday, November 22, 2013

Is There Really a Plan?

I find myself asking myself the questions...was this was part of the plan, why some must suffer, why the same scenarios repeat themselves over and over again. 
There are some who have unfortunate events, relationships and heartbreak over and over again. 
In my sessions I am witness to it all - deception, heartache, health crisis, financial ruin etc...what is the meaning behind all of this?
I honestly do not have an answer as to why or what the "plan" or reason for all the does occur in our lives. However, I do know there is a purpose for all that does occur in our lives. We may not be able to see the "why" for a long time.
If you were to take a step back and observe the world, the universe you would see everything - plants, weather cycles, biology, stars etc. all has a purpose and a place. 
To dismiss the idea that there is not a reasoning or purpose for us as well is overlooking the miracle of life. Every single person has a path on this earth. Our "job" here is to find that purpose  during our lives. 
Here's a secret - there is not just one purpose. We all have many purposes on planet earth. The path to finding our purpose(s) is like a treasure hunt. You may need to go through some rough terrain, some bad weather, interact with some unsavory characters along the way. You might even have to learn some new skills and try some different tactics and learn to continue to keep moving forward. You might be required to let go of a few items in your backpack or even travel down a dark and unfamiliar pathway to find that treasure. But, once you arrive at the treasure chest you are able to embrace the sense of accomplishment and reflect on all you had to overcome along this journey. 
Unfortunately for some, they never do reach the treasure, but I do know, those who are lost do receive clues and assistance from spirit. The assistance may come in the way of people, signs, doors closing, or being placed in situations that are so uncomfortable that the only solution is to move forward.
Here's another secret, 99.9999% of the time the treasure chest is not a physical object. The treasure is the feeling, the sense of accomplishment, the level of awareness (consciousness) you are at when you arrive at this destination after overcoming and healing the soul. We are all seeking the feeling or emotion we experience when we reach our destination. It is the sense of relief, contentment, peace or love we are able to embrace after we achieve our goals.
My suggestion is this - when you are going through difficult times, pain and suffering please, please, please keep moving forward in your life. Nothing ever is random, there is a plan, a purpose a reason for all that occurs in our lives. 
We are here to evolve our souls, to share our light with others as well as ourselves. 

May you find peace, love and light along your paths,