Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Thank You 2014, Hello 2015!

2014 has most certainly been a year of healing, growth, transformation, trust and miracles not only for myself but for many clients, family and friends. At the close of each year, I love to review the past year's challenges, celebrations, and accomplishments of that year. I also make a point of taking inner and outer inventory to see what I am ready to release before the new year begins.

I always hold a releasing ceremony and thank spirit for the past opportunities for personal growth, I then surrender and cut the emotional cords to these challenges and life lessons. 

Now for the good stuff :-) Writing down my intentions for the new year. Sometimes I create a Vision Board so I can picture in my mind's eye my goals more easily. I make sure to write down my yearly intentions in my journal. It is extremely important to write down your intentions so that you give life (energy) to your goals. You are actually creating a focal point for your desired intentions to manifest into fruition. It is like a homing device for your goals. This really does work...trust me. 

I have been called the Queen of Manifestations. There really is no secret to my success other than hard work, laser focus and a whole lot of surrendering. I do have a secret weapon that I share with all who are willing to listen to my praises of this amazing tool. Drum roll please...It is Leonie Dawson's yearly "Create Your Shining Year". I cannot say enough about this workbook! It keeps you motivated, inspired and on track with your own personal goals for the year. I have ordered a few extras for friends and family. Here is a link be sure to check it out! Leonie's Workbook

A Gift From Me To You - I have charged the symbol below with unconditional love, abundance and Reiki energy. To receive the energy, place your left palm over the symbol and state the following affirmation - I allow myself to receive the limitless love, joy, excellent health, trust and abundance that the Universe has to offer. I will share my light and love with the Universe and will trust in my soul's journey here on planet Earth. So be it, so it is!

I am most certainly grateful for 2014, for it has been a beautiful year even with it's highs and lows. I am even more grateful for 2015 with all it's fresh canvases that are waiting to be painted with new beginnings and do-overs.

Here's to 2015! May it be a year of hope, joy, excellent health, love, faith, abundance and healthy personal transformation and empowerment! 

Blessings and Light,
Laurie Barraco

Thursday, December 18, 2014

The Top 10 Questions People Ask Professional Psychics

I have compiled a list of the most frequently asked questions of professional psychics, well the ones we are asked here at The Moon along with our responses. Some question, I smile and chuckle and some are serious concerns of our clients.

1. If you are so psychic, what are the lottery numbers? This one of the most asked question! Trust me, if I had the answer, I would be a multi multi millionaire. Winning the Lottery is not in everyone's cards :D There are many other opportunities for abundance that spirit has mapped out for us. I will admit that sometimes I do hear that little voice say "Buy a scratch off or play the Lotto" and do win some money but nothing substantial. My psychic gifts have been given to me to help people heal, grow, empower themselves and to recognize their potential and gifts. My abundance will come to me as I share my gifts with the world at the same time as I heal and raise my vibration. Not everyone's Lotto success is through the Lotto.

2. What do you see around me or what are you picking up psychically? I do not read
people outside of my sacred space. My gifts are not always "on" and I do take my profession seriously. There is a time and place for being in channel and it is not wise to walk around with yourself energetically wide open. I value my gift and feel most comfortable in a sacred space and state of being. This is not to say that I don't receive my own impressions of people's energy as I meet them. I may feel they are under stress but choose not to go into a session at the front desk of my store :)

3. I have had bad luck, do you think someone put a spell on me? 99.9% of the time when we are having a challenging time it is because our soul is moving through a huge growth spurt and spirit wants us to get moving by clearing up our energy, make some decisions and take action. Yes, it is possible that someone is not sending loving thoughts your way. In these instances it is important to not give your power away by living in fear as well as believing someone else has control over you. Clear yourself and your space by saging, meditating, create boundaries, wear or carry grounding stones such as hematite or black tourmaline and keep redirecting your thoughts and emotions to ones that empower and inspire you.

4. Why are you asking my name, you should know. This one always makes me smile. Sometimes I do get the name of the client. Psychically knowing my client's name is not the purpose of my gift. My gift is to help them see life from a different perspective, one that is empowering and helping them to grow and be a happier individual.

5. Do you think I am psychic? Yes! Everyone is psychic and has an internal psychic GPS. Everyone can fine tune and develop their psychic gifts. It is important for people to not compare their gifts with other people's gifts and how information comes in. I encourage everyone to take the time to develop their own gifts so they may know the best possible path for themselves as well as to know when their warning signs reveal themselves as well as when it is time to act upon an amazing opportunity.

6. Is my house haunted? This one we hear a lot as well. You may have activity in your home because you have asked to hear and feel spirit more. You may also be a kinetic medium, which is to have the ability to move physical items. If you feel your home or space is haunted then clear it with sage, prayers, keeping drama outside of your home, don't watch scary haunting shows (especially before bedtime) and not empower the idea of non-physical energy in your home.

7. Am I ever going to meet my soulmate? There are many types of soul mates and not all soul mates are a healthy match. Some do teach us boundaries and how to love ourselves through unhealthy experiences. I know there are wonderful potential partners out there for all of us. What is most important is for you to be your true, loving authentic self shine through to others. Continue to work on yourself and participate in activities that make your heart sing. We do attract to us those who are on the same energetic wavelength. Sometimes we grow apart from others because we are not on the same consciousness level (not good or bad or wrong) just different therefore the relationship may not work anymore. This also includes friendships, family members, romantic partners and co-workers. There is at least one divine partnership out there for everyone. Trust and let go of the process and most certainly don't lock yourself into one specific person. Allow others their free will and trust the process of spirit for spirit does know what is best for you.

8. I am so interested in metaphysics, where do I start? I am so excited so many are turning inward for healing, joy, and personal fulfillment through spirituality. My suggestions are to begin a meditation practice, read books on the subject, ask around for a mentor or teacher from someone you trust, take classes either in person or online (ask around), listen to your inner dialog and request for spirit to help you open up your gifts in a loving and harmonious manner so that you are comfortable with the process.

9. What's my spirit guide's name? While it is even more special for you to connect and find out your spirit guide's name on your own, I would be more than happy to bring information through all about your spirit guides. They then will share ways you can connect with them through meditation, journaling and your every day activities.

10. Why is it another reader told me something different and why didn't it come true? There are many good reasons why, and I believe this is an excellent question. The other reader may be tapping into a different place for their information, their interpretation of the information may be different than yours, your free will and choices may have changed the dynamics, other people's free wills may have changed as well, you may have been redirected by spirit because other possibilities have opened up and or you may not have allowed enough time to pass or you may not have followed their suggestions which will change the outcome.

There are many more questions that are asked of me and my co-workers that I will address in a future post. Please feel free to comment or ask some questions for a future posting.

Blessings and Light,