Thursday, January 21, 2016

Hermitting - Sometimes Being With Yourself Is The Best Company - Susan Dintino


“Sometimes being with yourself is the best company.” Susan Dintino

You are probably wondering what the heck hermitting means. Well it is one of those poetic license things us authors use and basically a word that I have made up. It means to be with yourself by choice in solitude. It is nice to have loved ones near but I have learned to treasure my alone time. Not keeping a schedule or pace with anyone but myself. It gives me time to think, maybe reevaluate a thing or two and make some decisions. It can also be just about being. Have you ever tried hermitting?  If not make a date with yourself to be alone in quiet contemplation.  I think you will truly enjoy it.

Susan Dintino

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Susan Dintino is the Hay House author of Songs of My Life...Slightly Out of Tune, a collection of humorous "songs" Susan has sung throughout her life. Certified by Doreen Virtue as an Angel Therapy Practitioner and member of her staff, Susan does intuitive readings calling on the angelic realm for guidance for her clients as well as teaching workshops on how clients can use their own intuitive abilities. Susan is also the author of the children's book, A Year of Me, the creator of the meditation CD Butterfly Blessings, and the host of the award winning weekly radio show, Susan Dintino Live. For a laugh, a provocative thought and just plain fun, check out her daily Susanisms on

Sunday, January 10, 2016

The Do's and Don'ts During Mercury Retrograde

If you find yourself experiencing difficulty with getting projects started, communication
 with others, and your electronics seem to be going haywire lately, it could be because Mercury is retrograde at this time. The planet Mercury went retrograde on January 5th and we will feel the effects until January 25th. Many of us, myself included, have blamed Mercury for our mishaps when it is retrograde. There are suggested do's and don'ts that can help you survive Mercury retrograde during this potential challenging time.

First, let's define what does Mercury retrograde mean? The planet Mercury rules communication, contracts, paperwork, travel, the mind/thoughts, and ideas. For about 3 weeks at a time, the planet goes backwards which can and often does cause confusion and a bit of chaos in our lives.

When Mercury is retrograde, there are certain areas in our lives that would benefit from taking some time to reflect upon. However, thee are also some things that it would be best to avoid doing. 


  • Make important decisions
  • Sign contracts
  • Buy a car
  • Begin a new relationship
  • Take anything personally at this time
  • Take your time reading paperwork/contracts
  • Reflect on your past decisions
  • Have back-up plans for travel
  • Repair your car
  • Re-color your hair
  • Review your financial situation
  • Give yourself and your space a good clearing
  • Release an unhealthy habit
What You Can Expect
  • Miscommunication - you may be misunderstood and or you may misinterpret other's words and actions
  • Electronics going haywire, computers, telephones, etc.
  • Batteries dying
  • Angry behavior
  • Mistakes
  • Getting lost, tardiness
  • More accidents
  • People from your past may come back into your life
As you can see, there are benefits to the Mercury retrograde cycle. You are being given the opportunity to stop and review your relationships, finances, and the decisions you have made. Your life doesn't have to be put on hold when Mercury is retrograde and sometimes must sign contract or have challenging conversations with others. My advice is to take your time and think before you speak, don't take anything personally, give yourself extra time to get to your destinations and have a few back-up plans in place.

Blessings and Light,
Laurie Barraco