Thursday, June 29, 2017

What Does The Candle You Select Tell You About Yourself?

Select the candle that you feel most drawn to and then proceed on to read the meaning below to find out what this candle tells you about yourself.

1. Blue - Truth, honesty, and open communication are a high priority for you.  Motivating others through writing and or communicating one on one is one of your life purposes and will bring you true personal fulfillment. Your throat chakra is an excellent indicator as to whether you are in your creative personal expression or not. If you find yourself coughing, experiencing a scratchy throat, feeling the need to clear your throat, or even losing your voice, you can most certainly be sure that you are not speaking your truth. The challenge for you would be to know when you are over communicating and sharing too much with others. Some people may not be ready to hear nor want to hear what you have to say. Check in with your higher self to see if the information is appropriate that you seek to share. You will benefit immensely with a daily journaling practice.

2. Red - You are a very passionate person who loves to be in love and are a romantic at heart. Family and relationships are very important to you. You have a very loving and giving heart and are uneasy when there is dishamony in your personal relationships. Keeping your environment free of clutter is a must for you! You do not do well when things are out of order. Be cautious of your spending habits. You can manifest money pretty well, however you are also very good at spending it. Splurging once in a while within reason will continue to keep that flow growing and going.

3. Yellow - You are an empath without a doubt and probably have been one all of your life. Empaths are individuals that are sensitive to the feelings and energies in their environments. Trusting your gut instincts are a must and they are always correct. You may have an uneasy feeling about a person, place or thing at times and you may not be able to place your finger on what is off. What is most important is that you keep your eyes and ears open to your surroundings and not take things at face value. You also possess a very strong will and drive. When you have your sights set on a goal there really is no turning back. The caution for you is be careful with your natural ability to influence others. It can turn into a self serving practice. Motivating others if they request your assistance is lovely but trying to do so without permission is unhealthy. A tip for you would be to focus on one major goal at a time. Too many irons in the fire could delay your end result.

I suggest burning a candle the color you selected to embrace the positive energies of that candle. 

Blessings and Light,

Monday, June 5, 2017

Bring In Abundance with These 8 Feng Shui Tips

Feng Shui is a Chinese system of harmonizing the environment by balancing the elements to create a specific ambiance, clear negative energy and or bring in positive energy. These 8 Feng Shui tips can help you to not only bring in waves of prosperity, but they will help you to  keep your abundance flowing and growing.

 Feng Shui Prosperity Tips
  1.  On a small piece of paper write the number 8 on it. Place the paper in your wallet. 8's also represent the infinity sign. When you place the infinity sign in your wallet, you are creating a flow that goes from you and to you. The money that goes out, will come back in to you.
  2.  Place a citrine crystal in the money corner of your room, home or business. The money corner is the furthest corner to the left in your room, home or business.
  3. Repair any leaky faucets in your space. Leaks often represent the money that is leaking from your wallet or bank account.
  4. Get rid of the clutter! Clutter creates stagnancy in your space and prevents the flow of abundance from moving throughout your space.
  5. Bring in a few plants into your home and or workspace. Living plants represent a growing and thriving environment.
  6. Place a water foundation in your abundance corner. The constant movement of water keeps the energy flowing and moving.
  7. Put a money frog by our front door facing inwards. By placing your money frog facing inward, you are inviting the money into your life. If he faces outwards, he will keep the money going out the door.
  8. Purchase 3 goldfish; 2 orange and one black. The orange fish will bring wealth to you and the black one will absorb the negativity that may be preventing you from being abundant.

These Feng Shui tips are meant to help you recognize and shift the energy in your environment. Give them each a try one at a time to see which method works best for you. It's also a good idea to switch up the energy in your space on a regular basis if you should experience a little stagnancy in your finances. 

Feel free to share your experiences and feedback after trying a few of these Feng Shui tips.

Blessings and Light,
Laurie Barraco