Friday, August 24, 2018

Full Moon In Pisces ~ August 26th, 2018

August’s Full Moon in Pisces has many of us delving into the deep, mystical depths of our soul as we search for the solutions to the deepest darkest challenges we encounter as well as how to manifest our life purpose dreams into reality. The need to go on a solitary hermit-like journey within is most likely way too strong to ignore this month. We are now in the Sun sign of Virgo, and cannot deny the call to action of finding one’s purpose and grounding that purposeful purpose into the physical. Virgo’s uncanny attention to detail, discipline and strong willpower will help drive the intuitive guidance and wisdom from Pisces into a reality. The combination of these two astrological signs can assist those who have been stuck and stagnate wondering what their purpose is and how to go about manifesting their “Dream Life” into the physical plane. The Full Moon in August will take place on Sunday, August 26th, 2018 at 7:56am eastern.

The summer of 2018 has been a bit wonky has it not? We are on the other side of the 3 recent eclipses, Mercury has gone direct yet we are still dealing with Chiron, Mars, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto which are all still retrograde. To say things may have been a bit crazy, emotional, challenging and enlightening is probably an understatement. It’s important remember that our decision to incarnate at this time is no coincidence. Those who are here living on planet Earth, most certainly are here to learn and grow. The opportunities for soul growth and evolution are to be acted upon individually for each soul. Yes, there are mass events that influence us all to come together, however, the present cosmic influences are here to assist each one of us as individual soul entities to learn, grow and heal karma not only from the current lifetime but many lifetimes as well. The ancestral lineage karma that has been passed on for many generations is ripe and ready for us to heal, shift and transform for ourselves and generations past and future.

Another cosmic event that deserves attention is the grand Earth trine that is also taking place as well. A grand trine is a geometric pattern of 3 planets that form an equilateral triangle. These 3 planets are usually all of the same element. The current trine is made of the element of earth. The planets/signs are:
Sun ~ Virgo ~ in service to loved ones and humanity, impeccable worker
Uranus ~ Taurus ~ stability, provider, beauty in earthly pleasures
Saturn ~ Capricorn ~ master architect, loyal, hard working

With these 3 strong earth elements, we are given the opportunity to set our deepest most wildest dreams into motion at this time. You could say it’s a cosmic window of opportunity. You may find yourself being very practical, grounded, disciplined, sensual and centered because of this grand trine earthy influence.

There are a few things you can do at this time to ride this powerful current cosmic wave of opportunity. Below are a few suggestions that can be of assistance during this Full Moon.

  • Meditate
  • Write down your biggest, baddest, kicka@# goals
  • Pay attention to your dreams and write them down if you remember them
  • Get physical ~ exercise, spend time out in nature 
  • Connect with the element of earth ~ crystals, herbs, plants and eat root vegetables
  • Be proactive when your unhealthy habits come to the surface, they are ready to be healed and transformed
  • Carry earth(Virgo) amazonite, carnelian, howlite and water(Pisces) crystals aquamarine, laboradite, moonstone, fluorite with you 
  • Resist Pisces’ urge to go underground and withdraw from society and avoid challenges
  • Embrace and acknowledge your heightened intuitive senses at this time courtesy of the Full Moon and Pisces’ influence
  • Set time aside to connect with the mystical side of yourself, ask questions, get to know the inner self
  • If something is coming up to be released, let it go, bless it first with gratitude and then trust in the timing of the letting go
  • Burn a purple candle for intuition/guidance and red/brown candle for grounding your intention/vision into the physical 
  • Wear essential oils such as frankincense, myrrh, lavender, patchouli and bergamot 
  • If you find yourself overly emotional, acknowledge your feelings, feel them and then take a look at why you’re triggered
  • Put your crystals outside during the Full Moon to soak up the luminous lunar energy
  • Balance your third eye and root chakras

All Full Moon events are powerful and purposeful for each and every one of us. It is truly beneficial for us to be conscious of the cosmic frequencies so that we may utilize them for the evolution of our souls, the personal fulfillment within our purposes and to share our light, love and wisdom with those we encounter. 

May you be blessed beyond measure,
Laurie Barraco