Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Candy Strafford

Candy Strafford will be available for readings every 3rd Saturday of the month and every other Friday starting January 13th.
Candyce Strafford has been psychic since she was a child. As a working clairvoyant/medium, she has committed herself to serve others with the gifts she has been given and by sharing the many experiences that she has had over many years.
Candyce's abilities are totally natural, and continue to evolve. She is sincere in her concern for the well being of all her clients and with humor and sensitivity for all situations, she's able to shift and expand the awareness in her clients. This shift is not only healing, but also empowering and often life changing. Clients experience a new found sense of emotional balance and peace of mind. Life bring stress that can be unhealthy and the loss of a loved one is always difficult on the people left behind. Candyce brings peace with all life situations and she can "see" what steps can be taken to enhance your life. Being a medium, Candyce regularly makes contact with family and friends on the Other Side for peace of mind and healing for those left behind.
1/2 hour $50
1 hour $85
please call to schedule your appointment! 239-939-3339

Monday, August 15, 2011

Reiki 2 Saturday, August 27th 11:30am-3:30pm $99

Reiki 2 August 27th 11:30am-3:30pm $99 (Audit $15)
Laurie Barraco will discuss and hand down the ancient healing modality of Reiki.
During this class you will learn:
*How to send long distance healing
*3 Power Reiki Symbols to help enhance your healings
Must have Reiki 1
Please RSVP 239-939-3339

Unified Heart Celebration Friday, August 26th 7:30pm $20

Unified Heart Celebration with Cathy Blair and Gwen Peterson
A multi-level vibrational experience using crystal heart and high heart bowls and a multidimensional transmission of Universal Love. A group interaction with the higher dimensional beings.
Please RSVP 239-939-3339
Please bring a pillow and blanket.

Psychic Development Friday, August 19th 7pm $20

Psychic Development - Dream Interpretation
Laurie will show you how to use your natural psychic abilities the way that Spirit intended for you to use them. We will discuss the various tools of divination and how to use them.
Please RSVP 239-939-3339

Sai Maa Diksha Training Thursday, August 18th 6pm $40

Sai Maa Diksha Trainging Thursday, August 18th at 6pm $40
Bringing Enlightenment to the World
Following the initiation, you will be qualified to offer Diksha and become part of the lineage of Sai Maa Diksha.
The Sanskirt word Diksha comes from the root da, to give plus ksi, to destroy and therefore is the process that bestows transcendental, spiritual knowledge while at the same time destroying the seeds of ignorance. Many Great Masters have offered Diksha in many different forms, however, Sai Maa Lakshmi Devi has brought us a simple, systematic approach that can be easily learned and offered by everyone. We call this Sai Maa Diksha.
We are entering a remarkable time for the world, unlike any other in recorded history. There is a Great Shift, a universal transformation taking place that will propel humankind from doubt and confusion, into a Golden Age of Joy, Peace, and Understanding. Powerful new energies are being generated and radiated throughout the world. Great blessings are being showered upon us.
Sai Maa tells us that the most effective tool to take full advantage of these Divine Gifts is the practice of giving and receiving Sai Maa Diksha. This Pure Energy and Light begins a process of dynamic change, activating our dormant spiritual powers, releasing all that no longer serves us, opening the path to Enlightenment. Different spiritual lineages offer different intentions with their Diksha. Sai Maa Diksha is the initiation of bliss; bliss being an aspect of Enlightenment.
Please RSVP 239-939-3339

Special Guest Elizabetta! Call to make your appointment!

August 30th 12pm-6pm at The Mystical Moon
1/2 $45
1 hour $75
Elizabetta was born in Italy and became aware of her psychic abilities at an early age. While living in England, she trained as a Medium at the College of Psychic Studies in London, in the classic tradition of English Spiritualism. As a Medium, she is intermediary through which her clients can communicate with their departed loved ones. She now has some 35 years of experience as a practicing Psychic, and over the years she has developed her own unique method of doing readings, blending the time honored techniques of spirit communications, with the readings of reincarnational records, where appropriate. This often turns out to be very helpful not only for the individual Client's questions, but also to explain relationship and family dynamics. She also uses the Tarot cards, which she has been reading for 40 years, for questions of a more practical nature.
Please call to schedule your appointment!!! 239-939-3339
Phone readings also available.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Special Guest Donetta Huffman Numerology Event

Come enjoy an evening with professional numerologist Donetta Huffman. Learn about calculating your numbers and be one of the first to see and purchase her Semi-Circle Numerology Cards! These one of a kind cards make it easy for everyone to do initial core number readings. There is nothing like them on the market!!!!
Call 239-939-3339 to schedule your FREE 15 minute numerology reading with Donetta!
August 22nd 5:30pm-9pm

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Learn to Meditate

Friday, August 12th 7pm $20
Learn how to meditate in a simple and relaxing format.
Laurie will help you:
1. Create a meditative space.
2. Quiet the mind.
3. Introduce different types of meditation.
4. Guide you through several meditations.
Dress comfortably. Favorite crystal or oils are welcome!
Please RSVP 239-939-3339

Crystal Bowl Meditation

Healing Crystal Bowl Meditation
Every 2nd and 4th Tuesday at 6:30pm $10
Need to unwind from your busy life? The singing crystal bowl meditation is a great way to relax. The gentle sound of the crystal bowls will carry you away to a place of peace and harmony. A great gift of the mind, body, and soul.
Please RSVP 239-939-3339
Please bring a pillow and blanket!