Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Full Moon in Capricorn, Saturn and Mars Retrograde - Hang On To Your Hats Partner

This month's Full Moon in Capricorn is an interesting time for us as both Saturn and Mars
are retrograde. Saturn is known as the Lord of Karma. What does this mean? It means we can expect to be working on some serious karmic stuff that has been accumulated not just from this lifetime, but other lifetimes as well because this month's Full Moon is in the sign of Capricorn which is ruled by Saturn = double karmic homework. All of this karma talk may sound a bit overwhelming, but it doesn't have to take you out and down for the count. Let's face it, what needs to be addressed and healed is going to come up for us anyway, so we might as well address the karmic experiences that come our way as opportunities for personal growth, healing and become more in tune with our authentic selves. BTW, not all karma is bad. Karma is the sum of our experiences that makes its way back to us. We can and are able to create good karma right here, right now. Woot! Woot!

The Full Moon always intensifies our emotions as well as the astrological influences that are affecting us at that given time. This Full Moon is in the sign of Capricorn. Capricorn is a hard worker, is strong, determined and has  willpower of steal to see projects and goals to fruition. The goat is associated with Capricorn and takes its time as it climbs that mountain. It makes sure it has solid footing before moving forward. Channel this energy as you work through these in-your-face karmic situations that have been pushing your buttons. Perseverance is a must at this time and try to do everything within your power to not give up. These tests are to help you push through self limitations. You will find the courage within you to cut ties from unfulfilling jobs, relationships, unhealthy habits and self-sabotaging belief systems that you know have been holding you back for years.

On the emotional front, we may notice heavier emotions coming to the surface such as; depression, loneliness, sadness, grief, low self-esteem and feelings of rejection and abandonment. Adding to these feelings we may notice an increase in energy vampires suckling on our life force energy. These energy vampires can leave us depleted and exhausted and it's so important that we learn once and for all how to keep healthy boundaries with these types of personalities. Energy vampires are often oblivious that they are draining to be around and don't know how to set boundaries, therefore, it's up to us to set the boundaries for them. This can be a difficult karmic challenge but we are talking about survival my friends and this karmic lesson is most certainly not going to go away on its own.

Let's now talk about Mars being retrograde. This one may be a hard one for introverts because they will be pushed to step outside of their comfort zones, to speak up and stand up for themselves in the areas they are passionate about and have the spotlight on them. Introverts won't have to look too far to know what areas they may have to speak up about because we are working with the same karmic theme which is the do-over. Our opportunities to make it or break it are few and far in between so we must, must, must strike while the iron is hot. 

Try some of these affirmations - they do work!
  • I am a success magnet
  • It is easy for me to break through challenges
  • I am strong, wise, courageous and happiness is my birthright.

Dates to remember:
Full Moon - June 28 12:53 am
Mars retrograde - June 26th - August 27th 
Saturn retrograde - April 17 at 9° Capricorn -September 6

There is good news! If we can man/woman up and confront our long standing fears and emotional shortcomings, we can break free from these self-imposed limitations and ground our deepest and wildest dreams into our physical reality. We are doing this not only for our current self but for our previous lifetime selves as well.

Blessings and Light,
Laurie Barraco

Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Super New Moon In Gemini ~ Find Out How To Embrace The New Moon

On Wednesday, June 13th, 2018 at 3:40pm eastern, the new moon will be in the sign of Gemini AND it will be a super moon to boot! A super moon occurs when the moon is its closest to the Earth during its orbit around the Earth. The new moon is the phase of the moon when the moon goes "dark". The moon appears to go invisible because the sun and moon have the same ecliptic longitude. It can still be seen with a microscope but may appear to disappear with the naked eye.

Now that we have the general definitions out of the way, we can get to the spiritual nitty gritty transmissions of what we may be experiencing and how to navigate through the astrological energies that we all have been and will be experiencing. I am a firm believer that the celestial bodies do have a tremendous impact on all aspects of our lives: spiritually, mentally, emotionally and physically.  We, as living and breathing beings on planet Earth have been connected to the moon and her cycles since the beginning of time. The new moon in Gemini affects our mind, thoughts, communication skills and beliefs as we move through this astrological sign. 

Gemini is an air sign. The element of air is connected to the suit of swords in the traditional tarot deck. The element of air is associated with our mind, beliefs, analytical abilities, and communication abilities with self and others. Gemini is the sign of the twins and shows us the duality in our lives. It brings up the illusions that we may have been creating and/or have been pulled into that may no longer be serving us. You may find yourself questioning your beliefs and/or the beliefs or illusions of others through internal inquiry. You also may come to realize that these beliefs no longer ring true to you and are ready to embrace new ways of processing your thoughts.

The new moon is a time to plant seeds, to start over with a blank slate. You are the creator with a blank canvas in front of you and are given the freedom to consciously choose your path for the future. Some really good questions to ask yourself during this time are: 

  • Am I being honest with myself and others?
  • Am I communicating clearly and with integrity
  • What beliefs are old and outdated?
  • Am I open to changing my out-dated thinking?
  • Am I following the crowd and the masses instead of listening and paying attention to my own internal dialogue?
  • Am I allowing my fears to take control of my life?
  • Am I ready to put a stop to my self-sabotaging patterns that are fueled by my thoughts and limiting beliefs?

If you are ready to take advantage of the energies of the super new moon in Gemini, to break free from your old way of thinking, to raise your consciousness, to tap into the higher self and mind, then be sure to give a few of the following suggestions a try:

  • Meditate at least 3xs a week for at least 20 minutes 
  • Write down your goals for yourself for the next month and read them out loud to give them voice and consciousness
  • Whenever a negative thought/word comes to mind bless that thought/word and replace the thought/word with what you DO want
  • Light an incense blend that holds the vibration of the conscousness you desire to be in alignment with such as: Nag Champa, Patchouli, Sandalwood or Sage
  • Sage/smudge yourself at least 2x's a week or when you feel the negative self talk coming up to the surface
  • Don't believe everything your mind tells you, especially the judgmental and harmful criticisms towards yourself 
  • Observe what people are saying. Are they walking their talk? There may be a few false prophets/gurus/heroes that you may be blindly following. Don't be afraid to question authority.
  • Stimulate your mind by increasing your reading material - your mind is thirsty for knowledge
  • Pay attention to the birds that come bearing messages to you - birds are connected to the element of air - they have deep and profound messages for you
  • Be mindful of your thoughts, thoughts are actual things and have the ability to manifest what we give energy and consciousness to

Don't forget that we have a super moon during this new moon, this means that we will be feeling the effects of Gemini a lot more strongly than a regular new moon! The influence of this super moon has the potential to conjure up our deepest fears and worries and at the same time, we have the opportunity to plant new seeds and dissolve many of our deep-seated fears once and for all. 

Blessings and Light,
Laurie Barraco