Saturday, March 31, 2018

Get Ready To Release Those Fears With The March 31st Full Blue Moon

If you are sensitive to your environment, then you are probably already feeling the emotional and mental affects of the upcoming Full Blue Moon that will take place on March 31st, 2018. If you are an empath, then you really want to educate yourself on the lunar influences of this 2nd Full Moon in March. Sometimes it helps to break down the information into sections so that we can comprehend what is going on energetically especially when we have significant events happening simultaneously. 

The Full Moon will be in the sign of Libra. Libra governs thoughts, fears, hopes, wishes and relationships. Libra's agenda is to bring balance into our lives helping to keep us hopefully centered in all areas of our lives. What can we expect from the Full Moon in Libra? Well, our fears will probably try to take center stage and control a few different areas of our lives. There is a blessing here, trust me. The blessing is that you are able to identify, embrace and dissolve the fears that you have had for years that have held you back from stepping into and embracing your truth authentic self. Libra, being the element of Air, (mental clarity and thinking) will provide you some of the solutions as to how you can put these sabotaging thoughts (fears) to rest finally. Libras love partnership and are most comfortable when they are paired up with someone whether it's in a romantic, friendship or business setting. Since the theme of this moon is fear, you might be uncharacteristically worried about being alone or abandoned. Again, use the positive influence of Air to provide you deeper insight as to where the worry is coming from and ask your Higher Self to help you resolve this once and for all.

A Blue Moon is the 2nd Full Moon in a calendar month. Blue Moons will heighten intuition, emotions, sensitivity and the sign that the Full Moon is in and in this case it's Libra. I am sure that a few lightbulbs are going off for those who are empaths and who are sensitive to their environment. It makes sense as to why you may have had a few emotional meldowns and may have witnessed a few yourself. 

Wait, there's more... Let's not forget the fact that the planet Mercury went retrograde on March 23rd. We have now just added a little bit of micommunication, misunderstanding, electronic challenges, and running late to name just a few of the energetic affects when Mercury goes Retrograde to the mix. By the way, there is a positive side or two when Mercury goes Retrograde. You have the opportunity to redo things such as; repairing your car, finances, health issues, and having closure with relationships.

Tips On How To Embrace and Come Out Wiser and Stronger During The Full Blue Moon 

  • Meditate and journal as often as possible.
  • Pay attention to the repetitive events and why they keep coming up.
  • Let go of what spirit is trying to shift out of your life.
  • Don't take things personally.
  • Give yourself extra time for travel.
  • Get grounded with exercise, work on the root chakra, carry hematite, tiger's eye with you, drink tons of water.
  • Protect the solar plexus by covering this center when you feel emotionally overwhelmed.
  • Schedule a Reiki or energy healing sooner rather than later.
  • Work on your listening skills with others ~ listening to listen not to reply.
  • Be gentle with yourself as these fears rise up from the subconscious. It simply means they are ready to be dealt with and released.
  • Take a moon bath with epson salt, sea salt, and pink himalayan salt. If you have access to the crystal selenite, then by all means add a little to your bath water. It will dissolve, but it will bring in the light and will repair your auric field.
It's best to be proactive rather than reactive when it comes to energetic influences. We can turn these possible challenges into opportunities for significant soul growth.

Blessings and Light,
Laurie Barraco