Friday, November 22, 2013

Is There Really a Plan?

I find myself asking myself the questions...was this was part of the plan, why some must suffer, why the same scenarios repeat themselves over and over again. 
There are some who have unfortunate events, relationships and heartbreak over and over again. 
In my sessions I am witness to it all - deception, heartache, health crisis, financial ruin etc...what is the meaning behind all of this?
I honestly do not have an answer as to why or what the "plan" or reason for all the does occur in our lives. However, I do know there is a purpose for all that does occur in our lives. We may not be able to see the "why" for a long time.
If you were to take a step back and observe the world, the universe you would see everything - plants, weather cycles, biology, stars etc. all has a purpose and a place. 
To dismiss the idea that there is not a reasoning or purpose for us as well is overlooking the miracle of life. Every single person has a path on this earth. Our "job" here is to find that purpose  during our lives. 
Here's a secret - there is not just one purpose. We all have many purposes on planet earth. The path to finding our purpose(s) is like a treasure hunt. You may need to go through some rough terrain, some bad weather, interact with some unsavory characters along the way. You might even have to learn some new skills and try some different tactics and learn to continue to keep moving forward. You might be required to let go of a few items in your backpack or even travel down a dark and unfamiliar pathway to find that treasure. But, once you arrive at the treasure chest you are able to embrace the sense of accomplishment and reflect on all you had to overcome along this journey. 
Unfortunately for some, they never do reach the treasure, but I do know, those who are lost do receive clues and assistance from spirit. The assistance may come in the way of people, signs, doors closing, or being placed in situations that are so uncomfortable that the only solution is to move forward.
Here's another secret, 99.9999% of the time the treasure chest is not a physical object. The treasure is the feeling, the sense of accomplishment, the level of awareness (consciousness) you are at when you arrive at this destination after overcoming and healing the soul. We are all seeking the feeling or emotion we experience when we reach our destination. It is the sense of relief, contentment, peace or love we are able to embrace after we achieve our goals.
My suggestion is this - when you are going through difficult times, pain and suffering please, please, please keep moving forward in your life. Nothing ever is random, there is a plan, a purpose a reason for all that occurs in our lives. 
We are here to evolve our souls, to share our light with others as well as ourselves. 

May you find peace, love and light along your paths,

Thursday, October 24, 2013

The Benefits of Receiving An Energy Healing

When was your last healing session? A session where you were able to lie down on a massage/treatment table and receive healing energy from another? Can you recall the last session? Was it last week? Last month? or maybe you cannot even remember when.
There are many who have never received a healing treatment.
My definition of a healing is being able to trust someone with my energy field to help shift, align, release, detox and hold the space for removing energy that does not serve me anymore while bringing in a loving and harmonious vibration to replace what has been released.
There are many different healing sessions and therapies out there. 
There is Reiki, massage, cranio sacral work, acupuncture,  Barbara Brennan's program, Energy Medicine by Donna Eden, Alchemical Healing, and more...
A healing session does not need to cost a lot of money and time. I would recommend for people to do their research and maybe get some referrals from trusted friends and family members before going to anyone for a healing session.
Often people aren't sure what to expect or aren't aware of what is happening in the process. Never be afraid to ask a lot of questions.
Here are some tips and information:

  • As I mentioned do your research for referral
  • Interview the practitioner to see if you are on the same page with them, their energy, their philosophies, their experience etc. Don't be afraid to quiz them. 
  • Compare pricing to other practitioners in the area to see what the going norm for this type of session in this area is. Typically sessions range from $75 per hour to $150 per hour. 
  • Be sure to have enough time to get to your appointment
  • You may not experience a miracle your first visit however, if you feel better, more relaxed and have more peace, then the session was a success. 
  • Often the healing energy stays with you for the next few days and you may notice a gradual shift in your energy
  • Sometimes there is a series of healings that are necessary for the modality. Ask your practitioner before you begin your treatments
  • If you get a weird feeling or vibe, it is more than appropriate to cancel or end a session early
  • If you already are a practitioner, you most certainly can trade with another practitioner as well to keep your energy up and clear as well
  • Be sure you have scheduled enough time after your session so you can ground before you head out to your car
  • Drink lots of water for the next few days after your session. The water will help you flush out the toxins
We are all energetic beings with life continually changing and shifting around us. It is quite necessary in order to evolve our souls that we receive energy healing sessions. It is necessary soul housekeeping :)
A healing session is a wise investment. It can save you from becoming sick, fatigued and or depressed. The value of your well-being is invaluable. If you do not feel well you cannot function. 
I will again ask my original question...When was YOUR last healing session? Is it time? 

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

The Magic of Manifesting

Hello All! It has been a few weeks since I have written a Blog Post. Things have beenflowing and I have been allowing myself to go with the flow ~ 
I do not usually post in my blog about products I have for purchase, however...I do know my Magic of Manifesting Downloadable MP3 class is one that just about everyone could use as a guide to help move through stagnant energy and to help create a life flowing with abundance, better health, more joy and to create a path to the inner self.
The feedback I have received from the class has been wonderful! I thank all who participated in the class. 

We all are creators, manifesting our own lives either consciously or unconsciously. Every thought, action, word and deed goes into the melting pot creating our own lives.

If we learn how to go within, to trust ourselves, to ask ourselves questions that only we can answer...we then are in our own Universal flow and are able to manage and steer the ship we are sailing through life.

In this pre-recorded class I share the suggestions from spirit. These suggestions have helped me to be alignment with my Universal flowing energy. Also, the questions from those who participated in the class are excellent questions that I know many have struggled with. 

At the end is a powerful meditation to help you bring in positive affirmations to help you reprogram the negative broken records that have been playing in your mind.

I have provided a downloadable PDF handout so you can follow along with the class.

I would like to thank my guides and spirit for helping me to be in alignment to channel the information that was brought through for this class. Those who have worked with me know I do not take credit for the information...I am simply the vessel and messenger.


Link to Purchase ~ The Magic of Manifesting MP3 Download

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Mediumship Sessions

The most requested service at my center is the mediumship session.
Most of us have experienced the loss of someone, whether it be a parent, a child or even a pet. A mediumship session can help bring you clarity, healing, closure and validation.
I have been bringing through crossed over loved ones for clients for many years.
A mediumship session is not always the easiest session to have validation brought through during the session. Often the spirits provide information that only they would be privy to the information. The client afterwards has the opportunity for a little homework to see where the connections, names and stories link up.
Here's some wisdom I have come to understand via the spirits on the other side:

  • I, as a medium cannot guarantee to bring through the person you would like to speak with. There are many reasons as to why this spirit may not come through. They may be unavailable due to what they are learning on the other side. They may be helping others out. They may be in transition or on their way to another level or dimension. They may not want to come through for their own reasons. The timing of their visit may be for the highest and best good of all.
  • When someone has come through they still may have their own grudges or points of view. Crossing over to the other side does not always equal higher evolved consciousness.
  • Often the messages and signs of validation are validated AFTER the session.
  • They do want you to take notes or record the session. Often the message or the person's name makes sense later.
  • The signals and signs they share with their loved ones may all look different. If your brother Harry comes to your sister in her dreams, it does not mean Harry is coming to visit you in your dreams as well.
  • They are relaying stories and messages through THEIR points of view. This may differ from your own recollection of events. 
  • They do like to play certain songs on the radio to grab your attention.
  • Sometimes the messages are simple messages that they are okay. 
  • Often they do become guides for their loved ones but not to all of their loved ones. 
  • They continue to learn and grow on the other side.
  • After crossing over often they have second thoughts about their last wishes and do not hold grudges if you were unable to fulfill those last wishes.
  • There will be period of time when you feel their presence and times when you do not. They like to make cameo appearances. If they were around you all the time you would not appreciate that special message, dream or sign that they were around.
  • Once in a while a spirit that you would rather not connect with will come through. Try to not dismiss this spirit. They may be paving the way for the spirit you were hoping to connect with. By you not wanting to acknowledge the paver you may prevent anyone else from coming through. 
I do enjoy my mediumship sessions. They often bring closure and healing to the client. 
I encourage everyone who is interested in a mediumship session to do their research, ask for a referral, check out the medium before scheduling a session. There will be times when you do not connect with the medium and or psychic. This is okay, not all mediums/psychics are able to connect for everyone. A reputable professional psychic/medium will refund your money...remember this.
I also encourage all potential clients to come to the session with an open mind. Try not to shake your head and say no, no, no. This does cause the psychic to step out of their channel. 9.9 times out of 10 the connection and or message will make complete sense after the session. 
Most of all be sure to take the time to prepare before your session. The reading process is a 3 way process ~ you, the reader and spirit. Do your part by energetically preparing for your session by taking a moment to prepare your questions and be sure to be on does make a difference.

The truth is that we all have the ability to connect to the other side. With proper practice and training you too will be able to receive these messages as well as recognize those that are trying to contact you.

Blessings and Light,

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Forgiveness Begins With Self First

The subject ~ forgiveness is a touchy one.  When we are hurt and in pain, our reactions
and emotions are triggered by the pain. We may not think or act as we normally would.
We are all human, all in the same boat, and have all opened ourselves up to being hurt by others or even by ourselves.
It is more difficult to forgive others if we have not learned how to properly and completely forgive ourselves for our decisions and actions from our past experiences.
We have many negative thought patterns and beliefs based upon the areas in our lives where we feel we have made mistakes and where we have many regrets.
Most of this beating up on self is unconscious. It begins by not sleeping at night, it then may turn into some bad eating habits, then maybe negative self talk, doubting your ability to see clearly or make sound decisions, then becoming very negative with all situations not being able to see light at the end of the tunnel.
My advice? Beginning right now be the observer of your behavior ~ your thoughts, words and deeds. Is there an underlying theme of self-sabotage and negativity?
Why not start writing down what you observe about yourself and then draw a family tree-like diagram and track back to where the thoughts and actions stemmed from.
I can guarantee you will find that you are disappointed in yourself about a decision you made a while back where you wished you may have made another decision and taken a different action.
Everything, I mean everything that manifests and happens in our lives is purposeful! Even where we experience pain. I have said it many, many times ~ we are here to learn by overcoming difficulties and negative patterns within ourselves. 
When we really do understand that all is purposeful ~ happiness, pain, joy, celebration and disappointment. The soul is invincible. What comes it's way it is able to handle and move through disappointment and pain, even if you aren't able to see the solution right away.
Here is an excellent affirmation ~ I completely forgive myself for actions, words and thoughts that I feel I have made mistakes, hurt others and hurt myself. I am human, I am light and I am here to grow and evolve my soul. I will learn from my "mistakes" and make an effort to heal myself in the places that I know I struggle.
So be it amen.
When you begin to be more loving and forgiving of yourself, it will be easier to forgive others in your life.

Blessings and Light,

Thursday, August 8, 2013

The Higher Self

Most people are familiar with the term "Higher Self". On the other hand, I know there are some who aren't quite sure what this is and or haven't heard of the Higher Self.

The Higher Self is you! It is your higher consciousness a more evolved state of being (vibration). 

The Higher Self communicates to you through hunches, dreams, thoughts, meditations, channeling, emotions, and is the loving guiding voice that helps you navigate through life. The relationship with your inner wise self is the most important relationship in your life. 
The Higher Self's job:

  • To keep you connected to your spirit 
  • Make sure you stay on track with your life's purposes
  • Guide you throughout your life
  • Bring through messages from your angels, crossed over loved ones, guides 
  • Protect you from negative influences and environments
  • To help you heal 
  • Help you remember who you are and where you come from ~ The Light
I strongly advise my clients to take the time and to make the effort to create a filter with the Higher Self for any and all information psychically to be brought through the Higher Self so that you can trust what is coming through. If you do not go through the Higher Self you can be sure not all of the messages and visitors may not be of the most loving and of a higher consciousness.

How to create a filter with the Higher Self:
  • Create sacred space by clearing a room by saging, bringing your angels, gridding a room. You can also go outside where you have a private space where you will not be disturbed
  • You can also call in the 4 Watchtower angels (Raphael, Michael, Gabrielle and Uriel) for sealing the space
  • Take a couple of deep and cleansing breaths
  • Either out loud or in your mind say the following intention or one similar to this one "It is my intention to be connected to my Higher Self throughout my daily activities. Any and all psychic information is to be filtered through my Higher Self. I  request any visitors ~ guides, angels, crossed over loved ones all be filtered through my Higher Self. So be it, thank you." 
It really is this simple. Not many people are aware that there is energy out there that is not really good for us that is trying to get through. This simple and important connection is the most secure way of bringing through guidance and wisdom. 

There are many great books and meditation CDs out there that can help you connect with the Higher Self. If you haven't read or used the Higher Self Meditation in my book "Psychic Development 101", I suggest you take the time for this meditation, it is worth it! 

Blessings and Light,


Thursday, August 1, 2013

How To Get The Most Information Out of Your Psychic Reading

A reading is just a reading and all depends upon the skills of the person reading you right? Well, not necessarily so... 

I agree that there are some psychics who are more in tune with their abilities, who have a lot training and experience under their belt, who do receive information from higher and more evolved planes of existence than other psychics, but...the process is a three way connection - the reader, the client and from where the reader receives the information (higher self, guides, intuition)  

If you go into a reading not in a neutral and balanced state, this does effect your session. If you go into your session wanting the reader to prove every piece of information they are sharing, then you are not necessarily going into your session with an open mind.
If you aren't comfortable then maybe you should cancel your session.

Here are some tips on how to get the most out of your session:

  • Be on time. I as well as many readers follow a tight schedule. If you are going to be late call ahead or reschedule your session. 
  • Prepare questions ahead of time as well as areas in your life you would like to discuss.
  • Absolutely do not show up for your session under the influence of any mind-altering substances.
  • Say a prayer before you go into your session to help open up your channels or even do a simple chakra balancing meditation in the car.
  • When information comes through and it does not make sense, write it down. 9 times out of 10 my clients either email me or call me afterwards to validate the information coming through.
  • When you say NO, NO that isn't right, that often shuts down the channels of information for you, the psychic and the channel of information coming through.
  • If after 10 minutes the information is not making any connection for you ask to end the session. An authentic and professional reader will honor this, often requesting to end the session without any charge.
  • Only go to readers  you feel a connection with or via a solid referral.
  • If you wish to record the session ask ahead if you may bring a recorder or if the reader records the session.
  • When your reading begins, trust your own gut feelings. If you have a warm and good feeling, continue with your session being open to the guidance. If you do not feel comfortable, you have every right to end your session. Again, if this is an authentic reader they will already have felt this and will send you on your way free of charge. When scheduling it may be a good idea to ask these questions ahead of time when you are setting up your session.
A reading is a good way to touch base when you are at a crossroads, feeling a little stagnant and or are searching for another perspective. I do recommend trying to solve problems on your own first. It is easy for many to become addicted to readings, this is why I encourage clients to space out their sessions. A reading session is in no way meant to replace counseling or therapy when needed and often I do suggestion either seeing a therapist and or counselor to help with some areas of concern.

Remember your participation is 1/3  of the whole when it comes to receiving an awesome session vs. an okay session.

Blessings and Light,

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Time Management and The Ego

I can honestly say my negative Ego was running rampant with my time and had controlover my life as a business owner up until the last 6 months. I love my business and what I do for a living but I was struggling to find a balance between running a successful business, teaching at least 5 classes a month, having sessions with at least 30 clients a week as well as writing a book, recording meditation CDs AND having a family and children. 
If I had to choose to eliminate one area or two I would not make a choice, forget about delegation because I had made myself the nucleus to all of the above projects.
I was working myself into exhaustion despite my joy of participating in all of the above areas. 
I had created and manifested my Dream Life but I was unable to fully embrace and enjoy this wonderful world I had created let alone a vacation! 
Today, I can honestly say I am now enjoying this life. I am back from an 8 day vacation, I have more free time, I am most abundant than ever, my sessions are booked 2 weeks in advance, my center is thriving with new clients coming in daily, I have free time to spend with my family, and I even have time to work on my own spiritual growth. 
What has changed? Was it that one day I woke up and had a life altering epiphany? Did I have to have a meltdown?  The answer is no to all of the above. The shift or change within me began months ago, slowly and gently. I made my own private personal time a priority. As I shut the world outside off and out, I began to make my own growth and relationship with self a huge priority. Yes, I meditated before not quite as often as I hoped or intended but I made the attempt, yet things would pop up ~ I would need to work on a newsletter or order more product or put together the next class. 
I began to listen to my inner guidance and pay attention to my body with my feelings as to what felt right and to really look and pay attention to what did not resonate with me anymore.
As I did this I began to delegate more and let go of what did not resonate for me. I also bean to have more free time. I delegated more in my business, paid people for their time to handle what I knew could be handed down. I even asked spirit to help me be in alignment with people and solutions so I could enjoy this beautiful life I had created.
What happened is I paid attention to all that had been occurring over the next few months. Miracles began to happen. All that was required of me was to listen and pay attention to the shifts and solutions.
Time management is one of the most frustrating areas I hear of my clients, family and friends. 
Here are a few tips to help you create more time:

  • Surrender your worries to spirit. Ask for help.
  • Hire a personal assistant. I did and she is fabulous! 
  • Ask for help from those who are in the physical ~ friends, family or co-workers
  • Take a step back and observe your life. Where are you wasting time.
  • Limit your time online. Are you allowing your internet to monopolize your time.
  • Be willing to delegate some activities. Observe those around you who are more than capable of helping out. 
  • Pay someone to do the activities you do not enjoy but must be taken care of. Shop around and make sure you do not overpay as well. 
  • Read the book "The Four Hour Workweek" by Timothy Ferriss
  • Eliminate the foods and beverages you know are not good for your body. The proper fuel for your body is extremely important.
  • Be willing to go along with change. Sometimes change occurs and we resist the change. When things fall apart or shift, trust your soul is manifesting always what is for your highest and best good.
  • Make your own spiritual evolution the most important priority of your life. This is not selfish...if you are fulfilled and happy, you will be able to share more of your time and energy.
  • Receive energy work and healings as often as needed. This includes Reiki, a massage, energy work etc. Of course I encourage you to have someone you trust or who is recommended work on you.
  • Eliminate some of the expenses you do not need. This will help you cut out the waste therefore you will be able to be less stressed with paying the bills = more free time and less work. 
  • Clean up your negative thoughts and words. This will help you send out more positive messages to the Universe.
I could go on and on with time management but I am sure everyone gets the idea. Ask, trust, delegate and watch your life change :)

Blessings and Light,

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Pendulums 101

A pendulum is a divination tool that can be used to find answers. 
A pendulum can be purchased at any metaphysical store.
There are pendulums that are wooden, metal, silver and also made with crystals. You can also make your own pendulum by using a string or chain with a ring or charm on it.

What you can use pendulum divination for:

  • To clear an space, home, car, office, person, previously owned object etc.
  • To find yes and no answers
  • To balance your chakras
  • To help you make a selection for many things such as which foods are good for you, which crystals to select etc.
There are many more uses in which you can consult your pendulum for. I encourage you to get creative with your pendulum use.

The pendulum will select you. I suggest you try a few to be sure which is the one you connect with the most. 

Whenever using any divination tool be sure to state with an intentional prayer that any and all information come from your higher self and that your guides place protection around you as you explore the psychic realms.

Be sure to only work with your pendulum when you are in a clear state of mind and most certainly not under the influence of any mind-altering substance.

When you have selected your pendulum it is best if it only has your energy on sharing please.

Yes, No, Maybe? 
A movement back and forth is a no, up and down is a yes. If it moves around in a circle or  is stationary this means that there is no answer at this time.

I encourage you to sage and clear your pendulum often to reset the energy.

I do have a word of caution...there will be times where your answers will be off due to the emotional attachment you may have with the subject matter. It is best to ask someone else to help you or request your guides help you with the situation and help you recognize other signs of clarity.

A Tip Or Two ~ 
It is best to ask a question only once. If you ask over and over you will receive conflicting answers.
Only ask information you have permission asking. No spying.
Be specific with your questions. A vague question will bring back conflicting and confusing answers.

I use my pendulum during healings, to balance my energy, to clear my home and business. As I mentioned the uses are limitless!

Blessings and Light,

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Catch and Release

Here is a simple tip to help you reprogram your thoughts. 
We all have negative thoughts and feelings. This is human nature.
What is the difference between someone who is excellent at manifesting vs. someone who keeps running into the same roadblocks?
The person who is able to release the negative thought or feeling does not hold onto those negative thoughts. They acknowledge them and then release them into the astral plane.
Use this visualization to help you reprogram these patterns.

  • Acknowledge the unhealthy thought or feeling that keeps repeating itself for example: Ugh I feel so bloated. Why can't I lose these extra 10 pounds? By recognizing you are repeating the same thought you realize this is helping magnify the area you are focusing on. Energy does not decipher ~ Hey this is counterproductive, why are you giving more attention to this area?
  • You can also write a list of areas you know you are focusing on negatively. This will help as a reminder.
  • Hold the thought for a second then you can either visualize or actually put your right hand in the air, use a flinging motion and toss the thought out of your auric field. Send it out into the astral plane with love and then shift your thoughts to something else. See yourself as changing the station or dial to a proactive and productive thought or intention. 
  • The more you use this practice the more you will see a shift in your reality.
  • You can also write down the phrase Catch and Release as a reminder to let that negative thought go. The longer you hold on to it the more likely you will attract that manifestation to you.
I would love to hear some of your feedback :)


Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Simple Tips to Build Your Mediumship Skills

The psychic ability most people desire to develop is their mediumship ability.
We all have the ability to connect to the other side. Some of us have an easier time of making that connection than others. From first-hand experience, I can tell you it's much easier than you may think.

First, I'd like to share some guidelines that are extremely important.
  1. The connection to the other side is not like a water faucet. You are not in control of who or what information comes through. Please do not be too attached to making a connection to a specific person. If it is for the highest and best good of all, then there will be a message and a connection.
  2. Be sure to keep your vibration high by meditating, clearing your space (saging) and only facilitate spirit contact when you are in a healthy frame of mind (absolutely no drugs, alcohol).
  3. Your motives to connect to a certain spirit must be of the highest intention and integrity. 
  4. Know your limits energetically. A typical "session" should not last more than 60 minutes. If you go longer, you run the risk of over exerting yourself energetically and could run the risk of a psychic headache or getting fatigued.
Now on to the fun stuff...
  1. If you haven't already, start a spiritual practice of meditating, journaling, reading books or even take a class or two on psychic development.
  2. Take notes on how the information comes through. Some people are more comfortable with automatic writing. This is when we ask questions, the answers flow  freely through our consciousness without even thinking about the answers.
  3. Before going to bed at night, ask to remember your dreams. Also, you can request a specific spirit share a message with you in your dreamtime.
  4. When someone comes to us in a dream 99.99% of the time it is a visit from them.
  5. The messages often come in the way of music, through other people, sometimes through fragrances, through animals (certain ones keep showing up) and through our thoughts.
  6. Ask spirit to help you fine-tune your mediumship abilities and help you to trust the messages that are coming through without second guessing the messages.
  7. Light a candle during your session. Candles light the way for spirit and help create a sacred ambiance. 
  8. To be perfectly honest, the more you develop your psychic abilities the more clear ALL types of messages will come through. 
  9. Prepare some questions and write them down beforehand. It is a good idea to have your standard mediumship questions to refer to such as: Whom am I speaking with? How did you pass? Is there a sign you reveal to your loved ones? 
  10. There are times when some spirits are not "available". This could be for a number of reasons. It could be the spirit is busy working on their own spiritual growth process. It could also be the information may be misunderstood and not beneficial to the receiver. There are many reasons. Try to not get caught up in the whys, simply trust all is for the highest and best good for all.
  11. Begin your session with prayer to help you open and close the session. For example ~ I call upon my highest and most divine guidance to assist me with connecting to the other side. I ask only information to come through that is purposeful and loving. Thank you. When you are complete, thank spirit, release the energy and open the space.
  12. Not all spirits n the other side are of a higher vibration ~ remember this. They may still need to go to spirit school to evolve to a loving space. This is why creating sacred space beforehand is important.
  13. Be sure to create a filter or a protection system. This may be your higher self or a guide that is the guardian or keeper of the information, making sure that no stragglers get through.
  14. It is inappropriate to randomly read people as you are out and about. Treat the process as sacred and your gift will evolve, expand and you will receive more detailed information from spirit as time goes on.
  15. Give yourself a break. There is a learning curve :)
  16. Please don't turn away messages or guidance because this is not who you wanted to speak with. Always trust whoever comes through is for your highest and best good. This "unwanted" visitor may be the opening act for the person you were hoping to connect with.
  17. Don't forget that animals may come through as well. I have had many animals with people names and confused them because they were members of the family.
  18. When you are through with your session close with a prayer of gratitude, then break the psychic connection by washing your hands, saging, clapping your hands, ringing a bell or even asking for the connection to be sealed and complete.

There is no shortcut to becoming a confident medium. It takes practice, patience, gratitude, consistency and trusting in your own psychic abilities to develop this gift. Mediumship is a gift. It's a gift of healing, validation, love and hope that life goes on even after we transition to the other side.

Blessings and Light,
Laurie Barraco

Monday, June 3, 2013

Simplifying Your Life...Is It Possible?

Ever wonder how some people seem to have all the time in the world? They travel, they leave work at the office, they have the neatest and cleanest homes, their lives seem effortless and stress-free.
How do these people achieve all of this?
I think I have some answers. I have been thinking about this for a while and have  read a book or two on time management and priorities.
After applying my "new" attitude to my life I have come up with a few ideas I would like to share.
When everything seems to need your attention at once and you are at your maximum stress level it may be time to ask yourself some important questions and integrate some new policies:

  • Is this a priority?
  • Do I really want to do this anymore?
  • Where do I waste time?
  • Is this bringing me joy?
  • Can I delegate this activity?
  • Am I using my time wisely?
  • How about a schedule?
  • Use an egg timer to monitor your time
  • Limit checking your email to 2 or 3 times a day
  • Make a list of only 3 goals to achieve in a day
  • In a loving way eliminate the toxic people and situations in your life
  •  Say no when you mean no
  • Would it be worth it for me to farm out this job? (Most times it is worth it)
  • Am I over-extending myself?
These are just a few ideas and suggestions that have really helped me bring in more peace and less stress in my life. Life is meant to be enjoyed, most of the time work can wait.
Please share your thoughts an ideas :)

Blessings and Light,

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Meditation Tips

Meditation Tips

Meditation is a quieting of the mind. Ideally, you'll allow thoughts to come and go as you become still and reconnect with your spirit.
What if I you cannot quiet your mind, should you give up? Absolutely not! This means you should meditate even more so! 

A quiet environment where you won't be disturbed is one of the most important elements to a successful meditation. If there is a lot of noise or traffic then select another space.

Is it okay to meditate outside? Absolutely, as long as you are able to allow thoughts to come and go.

Here are a few suggestions to help you quiet your mind:
  • Create a space that is quiet and clear of clutter
  • Sage or light incense to clear the air and purify your environment
  • Light a candle to connect with spirit
  • Turn off all cell phones and electronics, computers etc.
  • Play some relaxing music ~ this is not a requirement but it does help set the mood
  • Say a prayer of intention to connect with your higher self, angels or guides 
  • With your intention or prayer ask a question that is pressing to you and ask for clarity, guidance and wisdom
  • Hold a crystal, one that you connect with and that holds a high vibration
  • Have a journal and pen near by to document your experience
  • Breathe ~ if you are stuck with your thoughts, breathe in light and exhale stress
  • Counting your breath helps you relax as well
  • Realize some days it is easier to meditate than others
  • If you cannot keep still, go outside and listen to the sounds of nature as well as the thoughts that run through your mind blessing them and letting them go
  • Listening to a guided meditation, will most certainly give your busy mind a job to do
  • If you meditate in the same spot you will create a vortex of energy therefore, each time you will be able to connect easier and more quickly
When you meditate, you raise your vibration and recalibrate your frequency. Raising your vibration puts you in alignment with more blessings, opportunities, better health, less stress, stronger intuition, more abundance, happier and healthier relationships.

There aren't any negative side effects from meditating! Your friends and family will thank you as you become happier and healthier and more patient with them!


Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Prayers of Healing and Hope For The Midwest

I have written before about tragedy and what we can do as a collective consciousness. It
is time to come together again as a collective for the people affected by the destructive storms here in the US.

Let's send prayers of healing, comfort and hope to those who are suffering. 
As you read this please take a moment to send those healing prayers and thoughts to the people, the land, the animals. 

See a golden, white light with swirling greens and pinks surrounding the areas of the midwest which have been affected. Ask the angels and the light to bring in comfort and love to the suffering. May there be strength for those who are helping with the rescues to be strong and may they receive healing as well.

After this continued prayer for as long as needed remember to count your blessings. Remember to hug and appreciate those you love, tell them you love and cherish them. Be grateful for your blessings...we never know when or it they are going to change.


Wednesday, May 15, 2013

To Use Metaphysical Tools Or Not ~ That Is The Question

I have gone back and forth with the question do these candles work? What about the crystals? Does sage really clear the energy? This may raise a few eyebrows since I do own a metaphysical shop where these items are sold. 
I have had dialogue with a few people and here is the responses I have received:
  • You do not need tools. You can go straight to source. These are just things.
  • All of these tools crystals, herbs etc. have been put here on earth so they have value and purpose.
After going within for the answer I was guided by my guide who shared this with me.
"Does it really matter what one thinks or believes? What matters most is what you know to work in your heart. Yes, the crystals all have vibration and healing powers as well as consciousness as do the herbs. Medicine has been created through these herbs and crystals are put into acupuncture needles to help intensity the healing. Scientifically this has been proven. What you want is an absolute answer. You will not get one answer. There are many personal truths. Asking a question like this is like asking what is the best color in the spectrum? There are different personal preferences. What you also may take into consideration is this ~ what does each crystal mean for you? The descriptions and healing properties do vary. One citrine may not work for abundance by itself for one person.They may also need another stone such as an apache tear first to help them move through their emotional wounding. The answer you are looking for is within you. Find people to talk to about these subjects who are like-minded and open to contemplation. This will be like a stepping stone to help you raise your consciousness, which is the ultimate goal for your time here on earth. These tools are comprised of the elements of the earth: earth, water, air, fire and spirit. YOU are comprised of earth, water, air, fire and spirit. Why would these elemental healing tools not have an effect on you unless you cancelled them out by negating their frequency. Use your candles to light the way, use your water to cleanse your auric field, use your herbs to heal your skin and organs. Use crystals to heal your broken heart. Use the incense to stimulate the sense of smell to shift your emotions. When smelling roses does this not open your heart? I have given you plenty to think upon. Do your own research if you must. First go within and honor your own personal truth. Be open to what others may have to say then weigh this with your heart. You then may decide if this rings true for you." 
And there you have it ~ I will use my crystals, candles, sage and herbs because I feel and know they work for me :) I welcome comments and suggestions to this subject.
I thank Kathy S. for continuing this conversation it has opened me up to more understanding about personal truths.
As a side note, my spirit guide has been nudging me to bring her through more with my writing and channelling. Ray Sette has met her through a personal session I had with him last week. This was my own personal validation it is time to allow her to come through for others as well. She has much more to share as more knowledge is wanting to come through.
Her name is Althea and she says her presence can be felt by all who work with me as well as read my channellings. I also welcome feedback as to how she comes through for others. I know what and how she comes through for me. I am intrigued as how she reveals herself to others.

Blessings and Light,

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

This Week's Advice ~ Keep Calm and Keep The Faith

I wasn't sure what to write about this week. In fact, I thought well...maybe I am not supposed to write about anything, and then the voices that are always speaking in my head spoke up. They said "Talk a little bit about patience and faith. Tell them not to give up. Life isn't about instant gratification about getting our way instantly. We are short term patience people here. We are forgetting about the process we go through as we wait and overcome our fears and worries. If we have not manifested or achieved our goals where is the growth? Why are you here? How can you bond and unite as people if you do not help others with struggles. Just because you do not have everything right now it does not mean that it will not happen. Send out your prayers and then let them go. See them as balloons that are set off into the air to go where they need to. Let your attachment to the outcome be released like the balloon and carry on. We, will take care of the rest. Be ready though. Be ready for what comes up because there are reasons and patterns and thinking that are blocking your desires. Be ready to go through the muck of your minds and emotions. ready for the blessings, be ready for the love, the self-love, be ready for happiness and self-empowerment. Be ready for spiritual enlightenment. Your life will change, but it will change for the better."
And so as I let go of my "What do I write about?" it all came to me. 

Have a great week everyone!
Blessings and Light,

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

A Little Full Moon Magic

This Thursday, April 25th is the Full Moon.
I see the Full Moon energy as energizing and extra magical.

I would like to share a few ideas on how to work with the charged energy of the Full Moon.

  • Put your crystals outside by the light of the Moon to charge them up.
  • Take a gallon of drinking water and place that outside as well. You can use water that has been charged by the Moon to bless yourself, make blessed cleansing water to spritz around your home, you can also drink the water allowing the water to cleanse and charge your body.
  • You can do a 21 day candle ritual ~ all that is needed is a paper, pen and 21 tea lights. Write your intention down on the paper, place one tea light on top of your intention on the night of the Full Moon. Allow the tea light to burn all the way, do not blow it out. Do this ~ one tea light a night for the next 21 days.
  • You can use any candle to help enhance your intention by the Full Moon. I usually write my intention on the side of the candle with pencil or a toothpick or any inscribing instrument. I then allow the candle to do it's thing. I suggest burning candles for at least 2 hours to get the energy really flowing.
Here is Ray's forecast for this upcoming Full Moon ! Ray Sette's Forecast
Enjoy this Full Moon!


Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Peace Begins with Me and You and You

My heart goes out to all those who are suffering in Boston as well as all over the country and world.
We all ask ourselves the questions ~ How could anyone do such a thing? What evil person could or would harm innocent people? What are we supposed to do?
These are questions I also ask of myself. The answers come to me in waves.
The message is pretty much the same ~ Peace on Earth begins and ends with me. We are a piece to the puzzle, the collective. 
There are instances I can help one on one such as in my sessions with clients either over the phone, in person and those who attend workshops or simply come into the store to shop and feel the tone of peace.
There are also times when I donate whether it be my time or money or clothes or items I no longer am using.
The most effective way though for all of us to bring Peace on Earth would be to live, breathe and be peace in our own lives.
We can live our lives to the best of our abilities by walking the talk, taking responsibility for our actions, words and deeds, we can send prayers of healing and light to those we know are suffering, we can send these prayers to those we do not know are suffering. 
I have been asked if I saw this coming. I did feel something major was about to happen. 
Did I run around saying watch out? No, I continued to pray for the world, for peace, for people to love themselves unconditionally and to work through their own self-esteem and confidence issues. I prayed and continue to pray for people who are in relationships and situations that are not healthy for them, that they have the means and courage to get out of these unhealthy situations. I prayed for people to not make someone right or wrong, I prayed for people to release judgment over others.
I do encourage you to not watch too much tv these days. The same stories are run over and over. 
I do not need to watch the television to know some things need to change. 
I also know the change begins with me and you and you. 
If we continue to be the monitor of our thoughts and emotions, if we continue to support healthier mind, body and spirit living we will as a collective make shifts.
Studies have been proven where groups of people have gathered and prayed for peace that the crime rate went down etc. 
You can gather together to pray, simply send out love and healing our into the world. See Mother Earth from space ~ send beams of love and light her way and that those who are open to the love and hope feel it.
Pay it forward ~ this is another way of randomly sharing the light.
Let's use this tragedy to shift our consciousness. This is why these things happen ~ to help us bring in gratitude for what and who we have, to really unite as a brotherhood and sisterhood. 
We are all in this together. Yes, there are billions of people on Earth. Do not underestimate the power of one!

Blessings, Light and Healing,

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

The Guest Visitor At The Crystal Bowl Meditation

Last night's Crystal Bowl Meditation was really least for me.

I have facilitated hundreds of Crystal Bowl Meditations. During the meditation I receive impressions. I often see the participants being worked on by their guides, visits from their crossed over loved ones, shifts in their consciousness, their angels working on their energy field, so on and so forth.

I was specifically guided last night by a presence in the corner.
This was a masculine energy and he was out of focus for me. I did not question who he was or whom he belonged to. I knew it was someone's guide.

His message was loud and clear ~ "You need to motivate these people. We need them to be excited and passionate about their lives. If they are not excited about their own future how will they ever achieve their goals and find their happiness and fulfillment?"
He instructed me to play the moldavite bowl with the heart chakra to help them awaken their own heart's desires. To open the heart center for themselves, not to fall in love or to deepen their romantic relationships but for their own lives. 
He also told me to play the moldavite bowl with the root chakra bowl. He said, "This will help them ground this new passion, motivation, they need to be able to build their foundations upon the root. Some of them are too busy opening up the crown and third eye. They must take action here and now!"

I worked with this guide, I followed his instructions and played with intention and was really feeling the movement for the participants. I saw their guides shifting and helping them move to another level of consciousness.

I then turned my attention towards this guide ~ Ahh, I knew him well. It was my guide. I knew the energy was familiar! I asked him so am I sharing you with them?
He said, "No, I am part of you, I am part of your consciousness. Everyone you work with is part of you and I am part of you. I help you. There is no time to waste doing things half way. I will help you shift the energy of people more consciously. We (he and I) are already motivated and ready to take on new projects. Now it is time to be the cheerleader and motivator for others. We are a team."

So with that being said, when you work with work with my guides as well.

This conversation with him made so much sense as my client list is doubling these days. Not only is it doubling but I am acquiring clients in groups from the same distant locations. Now I know who is working with me to share the light at a whole other level.

A message to all of my clients ~ Be ready if you are working with me because nothing is going to stop us on our path to spiritual and personal enlightenment :)

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Messages from the Hawk

Lately, I have been visited by the Hawk. Hawk has been revealing himself to me everywhere I go ~ in my car (flying along side me twice within the last 24 hours), as I look outside the window at The Moon, as I go outside my home in my backyard, outside my daughter's window, even when I go on my morning walk. Hawk is everywhere.
When I see a sign or a symbol repeatedly revealing itself to me I listen.
How do I listen? What am I supposed to do with this Hawk's persistence?
Well, the first thing I do is I observe what the Hawk is doing? Is he flying, is he looking at me?
I then listen to the thoughts in my mind, I breathe in the spirit of Hawk, I check my environment, I may even quickly journal in the moment to see what is flowing through with automatic writing.
I also will count how many times I see Hawk, then later research the numerology associated with that number.
In addition to listening to Hawk's message to me I refer to my Animal Speak by Ted Andrews to see what else the message is for me. 
These days Hawk is telling me to act upon the thoughts, ideas that are in my mind when I see Hawk. When Hawk escorted me alongside my car he showed me I am protected and being guided with my current thoughts, ideas at the time he reveals himself to me.
Spirit communicates with us all the time. We may not always make the connection or correspondence at the time but we are constantly receiving validations through nature, people, songs, signs etc. 
The next time you have an animal revealing itself to you, apply some of my suggestions, see what happens.

Blessings and Light,

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

One Helpful Person Coming Right Up!

We are sent help from Spirit each and every day. We may not realize this all of the time.
If you are desiring to manifest a level of awareness, the Universe will place the best person to introduce you to a new class, teacher, book etc. at the appropriate time when your soul is ready, willing and able. This has to do with trusting your prayers have been heard.
The way Spirit shows it to me is this way ~ You have a desire you pray for help to get your there. For example ~ you would like to manifest a new job. 
You put your application out there, interview and nothing happens. You have been as proactive as you can.
Meanwhile the current job is uncomfortable, you are struggling. The people around you at the current job are triggering you. The triggers are sent by the Universe to help you work through your people skills. They are helping you manifest how to deal with the current situations so you do not have to repeat what has transpired in the current and past work scenarios.
So, you then learn how to communicate, how to not take things personally and actually feel pretty good and not as stressed or drained at work.
Then someone tells you about a new position opening up somewhere else. You then apply to the job and then are hired.
This is one way how manifestation works.
You have been sent the people who will assist you to find the new job.
We are here to learn and grow. Each and every relationship is to help you evolve and grow. 
Pay attention to every person that enters your life. Some are here for a brief moment and some are lifelong relationships.
Ever think you may be the one that Spirit has sent to help another person's manifestations?

Blessings and Light,