Wednesday, September 30, 2020

The Hunter's Full Moon

As you may know, Full Moons​ are an astronomical opportunity to utilize universal tools to spread love and light within our own life circumstances and the lives of those around us.

The intense energy that may follow along with the Full Moon​ is part of the transit formation of how the moon appears to us filled with light. During the ​Full Moon,​ the Sun is positioned adjacently from the moon, charging it with a vibrant, luminous essence, lighting up our innermost desires.

Our closest lunar sister is tied to every one of us here on Earth, affecting all and encouraging us to look inward at our deepest, most intimate aspirations.

Each 29 day cycle, the moon graciously allows for us to access her peak form for blissful indulgence in all that serves us - whether it may be basking in the moonlight, recharging our crystals and other metaphysical tools, or meditating on all the harmony that gratifies our existences. The moon is a super vessel for enchantment, and this October, we are honored with not one, but two full moons.

This unique phenom will carry us through the tail end of the year. And what a wild ride 2020 has been!

The first Full Moon ​of the month appears to us on October 1st in Aries' fiery sign. This Full Moon is known as the "Hunter's Moon" or "Sanguine Moon," meaning it shines brighter for longer, indicating a transition in the seasons guiding us from fall to winter. This special moon has resonated with peoples for centuries, celebrated with feasts and rituals by tribes and cultures globally. Historically, the Sanguine Moon is giving to hunters, making prey, like deer or foxes, more accessible to the eye due to loss of foliage in the brush and longer luminescence of the moonlight, which cuts through the darkness of the night.

During this October's Hunter's Moon will be an opportune time to give gratitude to all avenues in your life that "provide" you with fulfillment. The full moon​ is stimulating us to enjoy and appreciate all the loving universe gives to life. Additionally, it may be a wonderful window to reconnect with the Earth being thankful for its abundance (and don't forget to charge your crystals!) 

Blessings and Light,


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