Thursday, December 6, 2018

New Moon in Sagittarius ~ Ready, Aim, Fire!

Our last new moon of 2018 will take place on Friday, December 7th at 2:20am eastern standard time. This new moon will be in the sun sign of Sagittarius. Sagittarius is known for its fiery, exciting, passionate, spontaneous energy and its quest for wisdom. You may find yourself craving adventure, travel and wanting to escape from the mundane during this time. What a great, optimistic way to finish up the end of the 2018. It’s usually a time of feeling exhausted from the busy holiday season.

There are many benefits with working with this energy during the new moon. One of the perks is not only will you feel inspired to do something about your goals, but you also will experience the cosmic push to get out there and follow through by taking action.

Over the past few months we’ve been going deep, really deep within our subconscious mind.  We’ve been cleansing, healing, releasing and shifting out of what we have concluded doesn’t serve us anymore. We’ve also been getting very clear with how we would like our lives to look moving forward without all of the unnecessary baggage that we’ve been carrying around with us for years. 

We also are experiencing the influences of Mars, Neptune and Jupiter. Neptune connects us with Pisces’ dreamy and mystical energy and has us visualizing and contemplating how we can bring our dreams into our physical reality. Mars will be cheering us on and motivating us to get out there and make some magic happen. Jupiter has returned home to its sun sign of Sagittarius. This, my friends is where the going gets great!! Jupiter is the planet of luck, faith and expansion of goals and ideas. We can compare the combination of these 3 cosmic energies with the likes of being granted 3 wishes from the Genie in the bottle! 

It’s also important to mention that the planet Mercury goes direct on December 6th.  What this means for us is that downloads and mental clarity are readily available for us to tap into during the next few weeks. It’s a prime time to map out the upcoming year with both your short term and long term goals. Also, we can look forward to our electronics not taking a poop, traffic moving along and not experiencing tons of misunderstandings through miscommunication ~ Hallelujah! 

Tips for the new moon in Sagittarius 
  • Don’t be afraid to dream big!  Go big or go home! 
  • Write down realistic deadlines for your goals and check in with these goals frequently to keep yourself accountable and on track.
  • Block out some time for traveling. If you aren’t able to get away for an extended period of time, take a day trip instead.
  • As we dream big, we mustn’t forget that this time of the year is also a time of letting go and making room for the new. 
  • Make scheduling blocks of time a priority for learning new skills, taking classes and reading books.
  • Keep an eye on your spending. Just because Jupiter is very prominent these days, it doesn’t mean the sky’s the limit. Sag can be very impulsive, so we do need to keep an eye on our impulsive indulgences.

The question is ~ Are you ready? Hopefully the answer is yes because here comes Sagittarius, the Archer encouraging us as we draw back our arrow to keep our eyes on the prize and not allow distractions to take us off course because 2019 has the potential to be our best year yet!

Blessings and Light,

Laurie Barraco

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