Thursday, September 13, 2012

You Are The Creator

You Are The Creator 
By Laurie Barraco

You are the creator of your life, your Universe! We often overlook or even do not believe this simple truth! Everything  we say, do and think goes into this wonderful life we experience.
How do we live more consciously?
·      Start taking accountability ~ by taking responsibility you say ok, I know I have created this situation, not anyone else, now it is up to me to fix it.
·      Meditate ~ meditation is the number one way of quieting the mind to allow the thoughts to simply come and go. It is an excellent de-stressor!
·      Be aware of cause and effect ~ by remembering everything action (thought, word, deed) has a manifestation. Some effects take a little while to return or manifest. Now, this can be a blessing or not depending upon what you manifest. Negative thoughts, words and deeds are lower vibrational frequencies, therefore you will receive a negative or lower vibrational  manifestation = money problems, poor health etc. Positive thoughts, actions, deeds = higher vibrational manifestations ex. A raise, healthier body.
·      Know yourself ~ by knowing who you are you are able to distinguish your desires and influences apart from others. If you do not know what you really want then your manifestations are going to be scattered. Energetically the Universe does not decipher what is good and bad for you. You must give the energy a destination.
·      Focus, focus, focus ~ this means ground, center and stay on the same road for a little while. If you focus on 20 different things at once, how can you know of feel comfortable when there are so many elements going on in your life. Manifestations become chaotic and wires crossed. Take time with your goals, the journey is really what it is all about. Along the journey we discover who were are as well as we begin to morph and evolve.
·      Take Notes ~ journaling helps you write down your ideas as well as keeping track of the creative flow coursing throughout your body. It helps me tap into my higher self without filtering it. Also, you have a written document in case your forget some of those great ideas because you are in an altered state.
·      Release victim consciousness ~ by releasing victim consciousness you take complete control and in that moment you evolve your being. No one has dominion over you unless you give it to them. It is that simple. If you feel trapped, a question to ask is “How did I get here?”. It does not mean you beat yourself up it simple means I am an adult and I take control of my life.
These are just a few suggestions or ideas to help you stay on track when you feel overwhelmed or burdened.
You ARE the CREATOR of your life, world, Universe! What do you plan to create today?

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