Sunday, September 30, 2012

Creating Bridges

Creating Bridges
Now, more than ever I am seeing clients taking ginormous leaps of faith. What is going on these days? Well, I believe Spirit is encouraging all of us to find and give our bliss a chance. We are being brought opportunities to actually manifest our dreams and desires. What no longer serves us is really being brought to the forefront.
So….with this happening what are we supposed to do? I have a vision, a dream but I need to be realistic and pay my bills etc. There are a few steps I encourage people to take.
·     Identify what it is you really, really desire
·     Write it down
·     Make a checklist of what it would take in order for you to take that leap of faith ex $10,000 in the bank etc.
·     Take a look at some of the obstacles, be willing to take personal responsibility
·     Make some changes according to the above
·     Work with prayer/intention ~ if taking a leap of faith in the area of career is for my highest and best good, doors will open, I will have validation and I will pay attention to the signs and signals
·     Share your dreams with supportive loving people, not ones who will yes you but ones who believe and will help you stay grounded
·     Meditate, find quiet time and space
·     Be realistic with your goals
·     Let go of trying to control the manifestation process
·     Watch the miracles
·     Have a gratitude journal of all which has manifested in a positive way
·     Begin with taking productive physical steps towards your goal
·     Know you might have a foot in two worlds at once and it is okay
·     Gradual change can be a blessing

I could go on and on but you get the idea.
I know that when we are unfulfilled we become negative, resentful and literally crash and burn.
I encourage you to dream, follow that dream but also take your common sense with you.
Now go for it!!!

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