Wednesday, October 22, 2014

You Don't Want To Miss Out - Pre-Register - Space Is Limited!

This week I would like to make an announcement - Metaphysically Speaking will now be a weekly telecast where Nicole Sandhu and myself discuss all topics metaphysical, and answer email and call in questions from viewers. There is no entry fee for joining us!! 

Simply Pre-Register with us each week and we will send you a link to join us. 
We will be broadcasting every Monday 2pm-2:30pm Eastern.

This week's topic is going to be all about "The Veil" - what it is, what it isn't and together we will share our insights on whether the veil is getting thinner or is this just a myth?

We will be broadcasting through different media channels. How can you join us?
You can:
I am looking forward to connecting with all of you in the near future!

Blessings and Light,

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Spirit - The Ultimate Event Coordinator

Trusting everything will work itself out and fall into place beautifully is no easy feat.  Most of us are emotionally attached to the outcome of our endeavors and are watching for signs, symbols, and messages that may provide us with a glimpse of our possible desired outcome. 

This week's channeled message is one of trust, faith and allowing your higher self, helpers, guides and ancestors to work their magic as you handle your personality self's fear, anxieties and emotions. 

Your higher self wants you to know that you are a being of light here in the physical to learn for the evolution of your soul. Your soul is different than your personality here on Earth. The soul is multi-dimentional and has got this! Each and every difficulty that you encounter does have purpose. You may not be able to understand the why, what, where, who or how immediately but there is purpose for everything that happens in your life.

What you do not always know is that there are solutions to the situations that trouble you. The Higher Self has created assistance in the form of coincidences, random events, and epiphanies that are lined up for you as long as you stay in touch with yourself through meditation, prayer, inner reflection, healing, learning, patience and being willing to take responsibility for your actions and inactions. 

Each and every person has a path that has been mapped out before birth. There is an outline of this path that has a lot of wiggle room for free will choices. If at any time you are heading down a path that is not for your highest and best good, there will be a detour brought in, and trust me you will be re-routed to a path that is for your highest and best good. This does not mean there will not be difficulty and suffering. How can we know happiness if we have not experienced sadness or pain. 

We all have life coordinators - our Higher Selves, Guides, Angels, Ancestors and the Universal All That Is. When difficulties arise, know that there is a solution just around the corner and do your best to trust the process. It may even help you to reflect on the times when you felt hopeless and all worked out beautifully. Some call this a gratitude journal, if you have not created one, I suggest you begin to put one together. A gratitude journal can help you buy some time as the great coordinator conjures up some help to get you to the next phase.

The next suggestion is to resist the urge to become hopeless, negative and filled with fear. These 'things' are sure-fire distractions from the solutions and peace you seek. Once negativity sets in it slows down the progression process. You are actually adding time on to your suffering. There are many ways to get out of the dumps:

  • Saging
  • Spend time with positive people
  • Clear your space
  • Receive healings such as Reiki, massage or spiritual counseling
  • Light a candle or two to remind you to bring in the light
  • Have a releasing ceremony
  • Change your behavior
  • Count your blessings
  • Redirect your focus, recharge your batteries by taking a short break 
  • Carry some negativity absorbing crystals around with you to keep you positive

Remember your soul is on a journey and everything that happens on this journey is purposeful for the evolution of your soul and there is always a solution waiting around the corner for you. We all know that our souls achieve the most growth through adversity and we are in control as to how long we stay in that difficult place. 

When the path is dark and you do not see an end in sight, turn on your light and allow you light to guide you!

Blessings and Light,

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Mystical Moon Psychics Translates a 6th Sense Into Advice and Guidance for Online Clients

Here is our first big press release :) I am so honored to be able to provide clients with  confidential, honest and loving intuitive counselors.

Mystical Moon Psychics website offers tarot, love, and astrology readings to clients worldwide in need of psychic advice.
Fort Myers, FL -- (ReleaseWire) -- 10/10/2014 -- Providing clients with information based on their experience translating their 6th sense into common sense, Mystical Moon Psychics makes the paranormal accessible.  Readily tapping into the power of the paranormal the website is a go-to spot for those in search of psychic readings. Popular throughout the years to learn of future events and seek guidance for important decisions, those living in rural communities or places without a bevy of resources have been at a loss.  Now with the convenience of psychic readings online Mystical Moon Psychics comes to the forefront to offer services to a new clientele.
Laurie Barraco, owner of Mystical Moon Psychics said of the online psychic service, “It’s widely known that searching for a reliable psychic can be a tough thing to do. But with the digital age trust issues have been soothed and convenience is optimum.  Using our site’s website chat features now our clients can have the assurance of privacy and the comfort of home while getting a reading.”
Aside from privacy issues, Mystical Moon Psychics allows clients to ask questions and obtain answers without the embarrassment of meeting with the psychic personally.  Additionally, once a client finds a psychic that fits their personal style, they can settle in and raise that level of comfort all the more.  To that end, Mystical Moon Psychics provides a variety of professionals on their comprehensive website.
For more information about future events visit
About Mystical Moon Psychics
Mystical Moon Psychics is a website dedicated to offering the marketplace online psychic readings.  The company provides a variety of psychic professionals to serve a broad section of clientele.
Laurie Barraco
239 939-3339

Blessings and Light,

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

10 Of My Favorite Things To Do With Candles

I have been using candles to enhance my magical intentions for as long as I can remember. There is something so beautiful about gazing into the flame of a candle that has been charge, blessed and lit with the intention of moving and shifting energy in your life.

Here are my top 10 favorite candle activities:

  1. When I know a chakra is out of balance, I often will burn the corresponding color to the chakra that needs a little TLC. Root - red, sacral - orange, solar plexus - yellow, heart - green/pink, throat - blue, 3rd eye - indigo, crown - white or gold.
  2. I anoint (rub with oil) my candles with oil to add extra oomph to my magic. The type of oil I use depends upon my intention. Ex. for peace - lavender, for money - cinnamon. Be sure to research any oil before using it on any candle for safety purposes.
  3. When I am clearing energy, I burn a black candle first to clear and absorb the negative influences and then burn a white one to bring in light and blessings.
  4. I write on the side of my candles with either a toothpick, pencil or inscribing tool to bring in more of a personal touch to my magic.
  5. I use the phases of the moon to help me either bring in or take away energy. After the Full Moon we are taking away energy. From the New Moon up to the Full Moon we are bringing in energy.
  6. I always make a point of keeping track of how long it takes to burn my candle. I then use the timing to determine how long it may take to manifest my intention. For example - if it took 3 hours to burn, then my results may take either 3 days, 3 weeks or 3 months to manifest.
  7. I use the flame as a divination tool. I scry into the flame and allow the candle wax and flame to talk to me, guide me and teach me. This also includes reading the wax during and after the candle has burned. Often there are pictures or initials in the wax.
  8. When working in ceremony, I use 5 different candles to represent the 5 elements and directions. Yellow in the east /air, red in the south/fire, blue in the west/water, green in the north/earth and white in the center for spirit. The energy in the center is absolutely amazing and sacred…everyone must give this one a try!
  9. With every single candle I infuse my Reiki energy into it. I add the Reiki symbols to my candles which add that extra, extra pizzazz to them. If you have not yet received the Reiki II attunement, any power symbol would work such as an Ankh, the Star of David,  Pentagram or even a heart can enhance your magic.
  10. I sometimes invoke archangels, masters of light or ancient deities such as Isis or Lakshmi to help bring in the energy to assist with my magic. There are many different resources that you can refer to help you coordinate the proper colors, aromas, herbs etc. to help align you with the energy of the light being you would like to work with.
I choose to only work with my own intentions. Often people will ask me to work a little magic for them. I am always careful to be sure free will boundaries are not crossed and that the intention is in alignment with the universal laws of morality and ethics. Never, ever, ever add someone to your magic without permission!!

Candle magic does not take the place of being proactive in your life and taking the initiative to change your life where you know you are not happy or meeting your full potential. 

I love using candles as a focus point and a great reminder of what my potential is and love how the element of fire helps me get the ball rolling in my life.

Be sure to be careful and always make sure you are watching your candle flame :)

Blessings and Light,

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

I Dare You! Are You Up For It?

Are you up for my challenge? I challenge every single person who reads this Blog to make a conscious effort to not think or say a negative thought or word. Can you do it? 
I think you can :) Negativity and complaining only lower our vibration, we all agree on this concept. May I ask, then why do we still complain, whine, gossip, or stir the pot? I understand that sometimes, we simply want to vent or commiserate with others to make ourselves feel better or to simply gain attention. When we do this, we are actually stealing energy from others as we dump and take the energy/life force from others. 

When we do these things we not only harm ourselves but are harming the other person as well as our human collective, the animal and plant kingdom and our precious planet. Everything is energy. What we send out with our thoughts, emotions, words and actions is sent out and returns not only to us but also effects everything and everyone. We effect our weather, our illnesses, our collective soul lessons - everything!

Are you up for the 24 Hour No-Negative Thoughts, Actions, Words and Deed Challenge? I am! I would love to hear your feedback as to how you did and what changed in your life.

Ready, set, Go!!

Blessings and Light,