Wednesday, March 20, 2019

March’s Full Super Moon Ushers In New Beginnings For Everyone!

If you’re like most of us, then you’re more than ready for a fresh new start in at least one area of your life. This month’s Full Moon has many supportive cosmic elements for new beginnings that it’s almost impossible to miss out on this awesome energy. It’s as if Spirit knew we are all burnt out and fried from traveling along the current pathways and have been asking for positive changes to take place in our lives. For many of us who have been feeling this way, it’s as if our prayers have been answered. Well not only have they been answered, but if we were to carefully write down our intentions and map out our plans for the next 6-12 months, we quite possibly will see our desires and intentions manifest before our very own eyes. Here’s an important reminder, it is imperative that we be proactive in our lives with our intentions. To sit back and wait for the gravy trains to roll in is a sure fire way of killing our manifestations before they even take form. If we haven’t achieved something in our lives, chances there are some steps that we must take to put ourselves in vibrational alignment with. This means doing our own soul work and addressing each obstacle that comes our way and doing our very best to dissolve these obstacles as a result of being proactive and healing what needs healing.
March’s Full Moon will take place on Wednesday, March 20th 9:43pm EST and as I mentioned earlier there are quite a few supportive cosmic events that assist with creating new beginnings. What are the cosmic influences? How about these? Within a couple of day’s time we will be encountering; a Full Moon in Libra at 0 degrees, a Super Moon, Spring Equinox and Sun sign in Aries!
What does all of this mean? Don’t worry, I’m going to break it all down for you.
Super Moon ~ A Super Moon occurs when the moon’s perigee is at its closest when orbiting the Earth. Translated – During its orbit, the Moon is very close to the Earth causing it to appear larger than normal. Super Moons heighten our emotional sensitivity. Don’t be surprised if you and those around you are a bit touchy. The benefit to this phenomenon is that hidden or unexpressed emotions will come to the surface. What has been hidden emotionally will have the opportunity to be acknowledged, dealt with, and hopefully addressed and shifted.
Full Moon in Libra at 0 Degrees ~ A Full Moon is when the cycle of the moon when it is at its full illumination and strength. An excellent time to make moon water and to put your crystals and healing tools out to recharge with the moon’s energy. The energy is so strong it affects people’s moods, the tides, and the animal kingdom. This Full Moon is in the sign of Libra at 0 Degrees so we can expect a balancing within our relationships that is either going to make them or break them. When a sign is at 0 Degrees it is at the beginning stages or starting a new journey with fresh new eyes and perspectives.
Spring Equinox ~ Usually the Spring Equinox is around March 21st for the northern hemisphere. It’s the time of the year when new cycles begin and all creatures give birth to new beginnings.
Mercury Retrograde ~ We don’t want to overlook the fact that the planet Mercury went retrograde on March 5th and will go direct on March 28th. Mercury is providing us with the opportunity to be clear with our communication skills with ourselves and others. It is a time of re-revisiting, redoing, revamping, and repairing all of the details ahead of time so that we don’t have to start over with our intentions.
Sun Sign in Aries ~ We are now moving into the first sign of the zodiac, Aries. Aries is the trailblazer and has the confidence and healthy ego to get out there and to GO FOR IT!
Some key points we want to keep our eyes peeled for are:
Our relationships are going to be put to the test to see if they can withstand the test of time and pressure. There may be a few endings and there will most certainly be a few new relationships that will be formed.
Communication may be a little off due to Mercury being retrograde.
Emotions and tempers may flare up due to the Super Moon and Full Moon.
New psychic gifts will be coming in because of the new cycles that we are stepping into.
Spirit will be the judge and jury of what is and isn’t balanced in your life. Be ready for some surprises here as some situations may be phased out only for your highest and best good.
Be mindful of Aries’ tendency to be over-confident. Keep that ego in check.
Some suggestions for this Moon are:
Be flexible and keep your faith and trust strong.
Say what you mean and mean what you say with love, integrity, and honesty of course.
Take your time with planting your seeds and make sure you really truly are clear with your goals.
Do your soul work and first and foremost be honest with yourself.
Schedule some spiritual healing pampering for yourself, maybe a Reiki session or a massage.
Keep up with your meditation practice of meditating at least 2x’s a week.
Libra is a peacemaker so this moon should bring about resolution and healthy closure for you.
Libra seeks balance in all areas of our lives and Aries will bring out the ego and our job is to find balance and harmony between both. It’s quite possible that we may see some people becoming more selfish and in some cases this is needed and in others, it may be too much for us to engage in these one-sided relationships. The old paradigm of relationships will be coming to an end due to the evolutionary shift of the planet and collective consciousness. Spirit suggests that we all do our part, our own soul work, and live our lives as if each and every word, thought, relationship, deed, and experience matters because it does.
Blessings and Light,
Laurie Barraco

Monday, February 18, 2019

Full Super Snow Moon in Virgo Reveals Deep Truths by Laurie Barraco

February’s Full Moon will take place on Tuesday, February 19th at 10:53am EST. By the way, due to the fact that February has only 28 days, there are some years that the Full Moon cycle skips February and takes place in the very beginning of March. This year we are lucky! February’s Full Moon is known by Native Americans as a Snow Moon. 

This Full Moon is in the sign of practical, grounded Virgo and in the sun sign of intuitive, nurturing Pisces. The key to working with opposing signs is to find a healthy balance between the two signs. We then add the fluid, psychic and heightened emotions of the Full Moon into the cosmic mix and hopefully we will find and create a happy middle ground. 

The Snow Moon was named for the Full Moon in February because February is the month where the Native American people experienced the most snowfall of the year. The Snow Moon brings out our survival instincts. When push comes to shove and the survival of your soul’s journey depends on you challenging yourself to your limits, you must dig deep and give your everything to make it through the difficult times. This Moon shows us that we have everything within us to not only survive but thrive as well.

To make things even more interesting, this month’s Moon is a Super Moon which means that the Moon will be closer than normal to the Earth. In fact, this Super Moon will be the biggest and brightest Moon of the year. Super Moons magnify the lunar energies significantly. 

You can expect to experience from the Super Moon:

  • Heightened intuition 
  • Emotional ups and downs for yourself and others
  • Insomnia
  • Displaced frustrations and being impatient

There are a few themes that go along with this month’s Full Moon. The first and main theme is all about getting clear with what the core truths are for you at this time. Virgo is ruled by Mercury and Mercury governs communication. We are being nudged by spirit to go within first and do some deep soul searching for the truth as well as for the answers to your deepest questions and concerns. Next, you are encouraged turn your attention outwards and discern what is real and what is illusion as well as who is being honest and who is being deceptive. Lastly, take the steps to clean and clear your inner and outer houses with integrity, honesty and with new healthy and solid boundaries in place. 

Let’s not forget about Virgo’s focus on physical health. Are you taking the best care of your temple as you could be? Are you eating healthy foods? Are you exercising? Are you getting enough rest? This month your body is going to reveal to you what it needs from you. Your body will most likely start to reject toxicity on the inner and outer planes, please pay attention to it and do something about it.

We move into the sun sign of Pisces on Feb 18th.  Pisces is going to help us hone in on our intuition, creativity, nurturing side, connection to other realms and create a stronger alliance with our highest self. This Virgo/Pisces combo will bring us truth in our relationships as well as with the situations where we are being taken advantage of and allowing ourselves to be manipulated and vice versa. Yes, you read that correctly. It is quite possible that you may be manipulating others and will have deeper clarity on where, where and how. 

Here are some suggestions for you to work with during this time:
  • Meditation any kind of meditation will do you a world of good
  • Take salt baths, sage yourself and your environment
  • Burn a black and white candle to help absorb what needs to be purged at this time
  • Burn a light blue candle to assist with your truth finding mission
  • Keep a journal handy to write down your psychic downloads
  • Create a healing altar for yourself ~ be sure to have the 4 elements on your altar ~ earth, water, air and fire
  • Don’t take anything personally and be open to constructive and healthy criticism
  • Exercise, get your body moving 
  • Drink lots of water with lemon
  • Wear grounding oils such as sandalwood, patchouli, cedar and pine
  • Carry crystal combos such as ~ clear quartz and black tourmaline, rose quartz and amethyst, blue lace agate and hematite and citrine and chrysoprase
  • Write down your deepest most perplexing challenges, read them out loud to spirit and then be open to the solutions that will be planted in your field of awareness
  • Don’t shy away from challenges, look them dead in the eye and push forward

Whatever comes up for you on a soul level as a challenge is coming up because it’s ready to be cleared and healed. No matter how badly you may want to run from the uncomfortable situations you may find yourself in, don’t run! Sit with the situation. You have unconditional love and support from the physical and non-physical realms.

Blessings and Light,
Laurie Barraco

Friday, January 18, 2019

We sure are starting off the New Year with some powerhouse energies! Our first Full Moon of the year
will be on Monday, January 21st at 12:17am eastern time. If you’re a Moon lover as I am, you probably have the dates and times of when the next lunar event written down somewhere. With each lunar event, you can work your Moon ceremony/ritual/magic a day before and a day after the actual event.
We have 5, yes 5 different cosmic energies influencing this month’s Full Moon. I’ll share some information about each individual influence in just a little bit. Typically, we begin feeling the lunar effects a few days or even sometimes a week before the actual event. January’s Full Moon is in the Sun sign of Aquarius and the Moon is in Leo. With these two opposing signs, we may find ourselves battling between two different paths of focuses. On one hand, Leo may be encouraging us to put ourselves first and take no prisoners as we do so. On the other hand, Aquarius is more focused on humanitarian efforts and what must be done for the collective consciousness. 
Let’s Delve Into The Details About This Full Moon Shall We?
Wolf Moon – The Wolf Moon is the first Full Moon of the year and was given this name by the Native Americans. In the Northern part of the country, the wolves would howl outside on cold, wintery nights. They were hungry and used their voice to communicate their needs with Great Spirit. Some questions to ask yourself on the Wolf Moon are; What are you hungry for? Are you using the vibration and power of your voice to let your hopes and dreams be heard and known by Great Spirit? If not now, when will you?
Super Moon – A Super Moon occurs when the Moon’s perigee is at its closest when orbiting the Earth. During its orbit, the Moon is very close to the Earth causing it to appear larger than normal. Super Moons heighten our emotional sensitivity. Don’t be surprised if both you and those around you are a bit touchy and emotional these days. The benefit to this phenomenon is that hidden or unexpressed emotions will come to the surface. What has been hidden emotionally will have the opportunity to be acknowledged, dealt with, and hopefully addressed and shifted.
Lunar Eclipse – A Lunar Eclipse takes place when the Moon moves into the Earth’s shadow. The Earth is equally between the Sun and the Moon. This event has a very strong impact on our shadow side, our unpleasant patterns, belief systems, and behaviors. Not only will our shadows be highlighted, but the unfavorable behavior of others will come to light and be placed front and center stage as well. The blessing during this time is that what is not favorable, desirable, or ethical behavior will be brought out into the open for all to work on healing and correcting.  Lunar Eclipses effect not only our emotions but also the relationships that are in our inner circle; our family, significant others and even the relationship with self. Eclipses can do 1 of 2 things. They can open us up to higher planes of consciousness, ascension for many or they can be warning us of challenging times ahead. Anyone who is reading this already has the understanding that in order for us to grow as a soul entity, we often need to be backed into a corner to push through our own challenges. Having this understanding, is a helpful reminder that there is a purpose to the suffering as we go through the occasional Sh#$storm.
Blood Moon  – When a Lunar Eclipse takes place, the Moon appears to darken in color as it moves into Earth’s shadow. When this happens, the Moon isn’t completely dark, it takes on a reddish color. What you are seeing at this time are sunbeams peeking out from the edge of the Moon, hence the name Blood Moon. The Blood Moon emphasizes the influence of being completely honest and truthful with yourself. When we are transparent, there is nothing to hide or cover up. Often there is a sigh of relief as we clear out the muck within our minds and negative ego. Let’s face it, there isn’t anywhere that is safe to hide.
Full Moon in Leo – Last but not least, the Full Moon is in the sign of Leo. The spotlight will be on relationships – with self and others. First, it is best if we got really clear with our motives and on the processes of how we go about pursuing the goals we have for ourselves. Since everything is being brought out into the open, it provides us with the opportunity to face what is revealed and proceed ahead with the courage of Leo. You can bet there is nowhere to hide because Leo loves attention and knows exactly how to get your attention, as well as the attention of others. We will be harnessing Leo’s passion, drive and courage to make sure we heed the call our soul and at the same time Aquarius is going to help us to make sure we don’t stomp on anyone else’s toes. 
Chances are, you have been already been feeling the pressure of being more authentic with your dealings with others and self unless you’ve been living on a one-person island. People have been feeling out of their elements and the discomfort is there as a reminder to do something about what and whom makes you uncomfortable. If you are a shy person and have difficulty standing up for yourself and speaking your truth, then Leo will most certainly help you balance out that timidness. Below are some suggestions to help you ride the wave of this powerful and important Full Moon.
Suggestions For The Full Moon
  • Work with Fire. Leo is a fire sign and fire gets the ball rolling. Light candles with intention, participate in a fire ceremony and maybe do a reading with only the wands in your tarot deck.
  • Take a bath with epsom salt, kosher sea salt, Himalayan salt and lavender to help you process your emotions.
  • Sage everything, yourself included!
  • Get cord cuttings as often as you feel the need to. With intention, cut the cords to people, places and things that are toxic to the evolution of your soul.
  • Listen to hemi-sync meditation frequencies. They will help balance out both sides of the brain.
  • Exercise outdoors, go for a walk, hike or run. The fresh air will do wonders for you.
  • Have a game plan. Write down your goals for the next 12 months and don’t play small. The sky is the limit.
  • Work with cinnamon and close essential oils in your diffuser or breathe in the combo to give your spirit a jumpstart.
  • Don’t be a drama queen. With these energies, you may find yourself to be a bit overreactive and causing some drama. Catch yourself before you work yourself into a tizzy.
May the spirit light the way for you during times of challenge and difficulty. Love is all there is.
Blessings and Light,
Laurie Barraco

Thursday, December 6, 2018

New Moon in Sagittarius ~ Ready, Aim, Fire!

Our last new moon of 2018 will take place on Friday, December 7th at 2:20am eastern standard time. This new moon will be in the sun sign of Sagittarius. Sagittarius is known for its fiery, exciting, passionate, spontaneous energy and its quest for wisdom. You may find yourself craving adventure, travel and wanting to escape from the mundane during this time. What a great, optimistic way to finish up the end of the 2018. It’s usually a time of feeling exhausted from the busy holiday season.

There are many benefits with working with this energy during the new moon. One of the perks is not only will you feel inspired to do something about your goals, but you also will experience the cosmic push to get out there and follow through by taking action.

Over the past few months we’ve been going deep, really deep within our subconscious mind.  We’ve been cleansing, healing, releasing and shifting out of what we have concluded doesn’t serve us anymore. We’ve also been getting very clear with how we would like our lives to look moving forward without all of the unnecessary baggage that we’ve been carrying around with us for years. 

We also are experiencing the influences of Mars, Neptune and Jupiter. Neptune connects us with Pisces’ dreamy and mystical energy and has us visualizing and contemplating how we can bring our dreams into our physical reality. Mars will be cheering us on and motivating us to get out there and make some magic happen. Jupiter has returned home to its sun sign of Sagittarius. This, my friends is where the going gets great!! Jupiter is the planet of luck, faith and expansion of goals and ideas. We can compare the combination of these 3 cosmic energies with the likes of being granted 3 wishes from the Genie in the bottle! 

It’s also important to mention that the planet Mercury goes direct on December 6th.  What this means for us is that downloads and mental clarity are readily available for us to tap into during the next few weeks. It’s a prime time to map out the upcoming year with both your short term and long term goals. Also, we can look forward to our electronics not taking a poop, traffic moving along and not experiencing tons of misunderstandings through miscommunication ~ Hallelujah! 

Tips for the new moon in Sagittarius 
  • Don’t be afraid to dream big!  Go big or go home! 
  • Write down realistic deadlines for your goals and check in with these goals frequently to keep yourself accountable and on track.
  • Block out some time for traveling. If you aren’t able to get away for an extended period of time, take a day trip instead.
  • As we dream big, we mustn’t forget that this time of the year is also a time of letting go and making room for the new. 
  • Make scheduling blocks of time a priority for learning new skills, taking classes and reading books.
  • Keep an eye on your spending. Just because Jupiter is very prominent these days, it doesn’t mean the sky’s the limit. Sag can be very impulsive, so we do need to keep an eye on our impulsive indulgences.

The question is ~ Are you ready? Hopefully the answer is yes because here comes Sagittarius, the Archer encouraging us as we draw back our arrow to keep our eyes on the prize and not allow distractions to take us off course because 2019 has the potential to be our best year yet!

Blessings and Light,

Laurie Barraco

Wednesday, November 21, 2018

November’s Full Moon Brings Truth, Communication and Possible Debates

November’s Full Moon will be in the sign of Gemini on Friday, November 23rd at 12:39 Eastern. For those of us who celebrate Thanksgiving, we will be able to view and experience the Full Moon on Thanksgiving at its height. With Gemini being at 0 degrees during this Full Moon, the energy that has been impacting us can be compared to the tarot card, The Fool. The Fool is trusting, has faith, is a risk taker and can be impulsive. The Fool also reminds us that it may be time to start over in the areas of our lives that have come full circle ~ beginning, middle and ending. 

The Sun sign that the Moon is in is Sagittarius, which connects us to the higher mind, expanded consciousness, adventure and the search for universal knowledge and wisdom. As we combine the energies of Gemini (lower mind) with Sagittarius (higher mind), we are encouraged to find a happy medium. Gemini is going to assist us with integrating the knowledge downloaded from Sagittarius and applying it to our physical, human, earthy existence.  

Gemini is ruled by Mercury, the planet that governs the areas of communication, rationalization, transportation and information. Mercury went retrograde on November 16th and will be retrograde until December 6th. This can add to some possible miscommunication, disagreements and possibly some heated debates. Keep this information in the back or your mind as you gather with friends and family over this holiday season.

The themes for this Full Moon are:

  • Clarity ~ Finally receiving clarity in the areas where the solutions were a bit fuzzy.
  • Truth Bombs ~ Get ready because the truth is going to come out and we may not be happy about some of these truths. It is better to get to the bottom of things rather than be living an illusion. 
  • Adventure ~ Sagittarius loves adventure. Go out and explore. A change of scenery will do you a world of good.
  • Emotions Running High ~ Tempering our emotions during this time is a good idea! Sag can be quick to anger. If you then add the heightened emotions of the Full Moon, we have a possible recipe for some serious drama!
  • Be Spontaneous ~ The Fool tarot card suggests we embrace our spontaneous side and change up our routines and step outside of our day to day routines. Don’t be afraid to say “yes” once in a while to something new.
  • Engaging Conversations ~ Gemini loves a good, juicy conversation. With emotions at their monthly lunar high, the potential for turning discussions into an all out big brouha which isn’t always pleasant is quite possible. If we add in the Mercury retrograde factor, we increase the potential for misunderstandings.

Watch out for: 

  • Gossip
  • Jumping to conclusions
  • Anger, out of control emotions
  • Dishonesty

Here are some suggestions for this Full Moon

  • Journal during this time. There are many downloads coming through the veil and this phase of the Moon increases our intuition and connection to spirit
  • If at all possible, meditate during the Full Moon. You are sure to have a heightened experience.
  • Be as flexible as possible. Remember with Mercury retrograde, there may be delays in your plans. 
  • Get some movement going. Sag is a fire sign loves to shake things up. Move your body, dance, exercise and/or go for a walk outside.
  • Gemini is the sign of the Twins and they encourage us to think twice before making decisions at this time.
  • Change your scenery, travel even a day trip will do you a world of good.
  • Listen really listen. An important element of communicating effectively is listening. Listen to integrate, hear the other party and contemplate what has been said. Don’t listen just to respond.
  • Try to keep your life as balanced as possible. Gemini reminds us that too much of a good thing isn’t very healthy for us.

This Full Moon will bring us truth, wisdom, balance and will help us help us receive more clarity where previously things were a bit murky. Don’t forget to be flexible, plan way ahead for travel and enjoy the good conversations that are sure to be had with friends and family during this holiday season.

Blessings and Light,
Laurie Barraco

Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Find Out How Your Auric Field Affects Your Ability To Manifest

Over the past month,  I have been receiving tons of channeled messages, downloads as well as a strong nudging from spirit to share with others the
concept of manifestation, belief systems and energy field mindfulness. There is most certainly a theme that  has been put into place these days and spirit has been planting people in my field so that I can be of assistance to them as well as myself with empowering and/or powering up our desires, hopes, dreams and birthing them into our physical realities. The world is a beautiful mirror and the mirror can reveal so much to us; where we are, how far we've come and where we may be headed.

The Magical Questions Are; 

  • Are you consciously aware of the thoughts and beliefs that are in your field? 
  • Do you want the current frequency in your field? 
  • What can you do to pull that old belief/frequency out of your field? 
  • What beliefs/frequencies do you want to consciously anchor into your field? 

What is the field? The energy field or field is the aura, the egg-shaped energy that surrounds the physical body. The aura has many different layers that extend out from the body The field or auric layer that spirit is referring to is the one that is closest to your physical body. It's the last phase of the manifestation process before the desire and/or belief makes its transition into the physical reality. This field of energy acts as a magnet or anchor attracting a like frequency to it. Like attracts like. I know some people struggle with this concept however, some beliefs are old, hidden and pop up when an aligning energy is calling it out of its hiding spot. It may be that the outdated belief has served its purpose and ready to be moved out of your field.

The ideal goal is to be conscious and aware of the belief systems, stories and frequencies that we are placing into our fields as well as which beliefs, worries, fears, hopes and dreams are already anchored into our fields. It is quite possible that you may find some really strong solid frequencies that you want to keep anchored in your field and it's quite possible that there are some that are outdated and no longer serve you. 

I get it, some of the stuff in there isn't pretty and it may challenge you to look at let alone pull out. However, if you're really over the old patterns that don't serve you, then you will want to do this work for yourself. 

Clearing The Field 

  1. Observation ~ Observe yourself and take a good look at the words and thoughts that you are speaking and thinking. Ask yourself;  Do I want this in my field? Do I really want to empower the current thought? If the answer is no, then simply grab it by the collar and remove it from of your field. Thank it for revealing itself and then bless it as you remove it out of your field. Try to not get caught up in the why it's there or how to prevent it from coming back. The more frequently you do this, the faster you will shift into a higher vibration. BTW,  there are will always be a few beliefs in your field that you will want to remove because they do not serve a purpose anymore. With each phase of the ascension process there will be old beliefs that no longer serve. True.Story.
  2. Journal ~ I suggest keeping a journal handy at all times. You never know what empowering mantra, affirmation and/or belief system you might want to anchor into your field. We receive downloads of information often throughout our day. I like to write these golden nuggets of wisdom so that I can reflect on them at a later date.
  3. Field/Aura Hygiene ~  Sealing and smoothing your aura/field every once in a while is an excellent spiritual hygiene practice. The field becomes muddy, cloudy and tears with regular every day stress, drama, family stuff, work stuff, health stuff, money stuff etc. Taking salt baths, saging yourself or burning Palo Santo will clear, cleanse, repair and strengthen the field. I like to use a selenite wand to comb my auric field after these activities. Selenite brings in the light, pulls out the lower frequencies and seals up the aura beautifully. Oh and selenite doesn't need to be cleansed.
  4. Keep It Judgement Free ~ When shifting our consciousness sometimes we tend to punish ourselves or judge the patterns we get trapped in. It really doesn't serve us to beat ourselves up over the past or present. Acknowledge, remove, bless and anchor in what you DO want for yourself. It's that simple. No need to complicate the process.
  5. Don't Forget Your Sense of Humor ~ The ability to laugh at ourselves and our situations is a true gift. Some of our fears are silly and it's ok to bring in humor. Laugher is a high vibration and a giggle/snort-fest is sometimes exactly what we need to shift our realities. Yes, sometimes things aren't humorous when we are in the thick of the sh#T. However, I can guarantee you spirit will bring in a mood shifter to move you into a higher vibration and laughter is often the vehicle to get you there.
Creating a thriving reality for ourselves is a heck of a lot easier than what we may perceive it to look like or what we USED to think it would look like. We don't necessarily need to take the long, drawn out path of dissecting each thought, each pattern and spend hours tracking where it originated. For some people there may be some trauma that needs extra TLC. I would like to add that each situation is unique and if you are finding that you are really triggered and struggling, then working with a trusted advisor might be the best course of action for you. But for the majority, we can take the shortcut. We, the collective are going through a HUGE shift in consciousness which is why so many of us are finding ourselves shifting our consciousness instantaneously. Each one of us has an impact on the collective and each individual that moves into self awareness, assists the collective and makes it easier for all of us to move into a place of sovereignty. 

Taking a conscious step forward is a huge step for each individual and each path is unique and precious 💕💜💕

What beliefs, frequencies and thoughts do you allow in your field?

Blessings and Light,
Laurie Barraco

Tuesday, October 23, 2018

October’s Full Moon in Taurus Brings Changes With Love and Money

October’s Full Moon will take place on 12:45pm eastern on Wednesday, October 24th. This Full Moon will keep us on our toes as we experience changes in our love lives and with financial status. The energy is very similar to the Tower card in the traditional tarot deck. In order for life to get better, things tend to fall apart in order for our lives to improve. During this time, we may experience the dissolution of relationships, feeling disconnected from our jobs and our finances may not be as stable as they once were. These shifts take place so that we can take an introspective look at what doesn’t serve, what does serve and create a solid foundation for our hopes and dreams. I can honestly say that we have all been feeling the rumbling and shaking of our foundations. If there is chaos in your personal life and/or with your finances, then you can bet these areas had cracks in the foundation. If there is stability and sensibility, you will not experience the energy of Tower. If there is a slight crack, which there are a few for 99% of us, spirit will assist in pointing out the crack. Not only will spirit point the crack out, but highlight it and present it front and center so that there is no overlooking it or misunderstanding what it is and why it isn’t for your highest and best good.

Cosmically the explanation for these events is that Venus is in opposition of Uranus which affects our personal life, abundance and may trigger emotional upheaval. We then add the water of Scorpio; the current Sun sign, the watery emotions of the Full Moon and we then have the potential for highly charged emotions. We can counter these emotional outbursts with the earthy and grounded energy of Taurus which is the sign that the Moon is in at this time.

This Moon is also known as the Hunter’s Moon. The Hunter’s Moon is the first Full Moon after the Harvest Moon. It’s the perfect time to begin to prepare for the future. It’s important that we strategize and prepare for long lasting security for ourselves while this Moon is in Taurus. Are you setting yourself up for success down the road or are you living hand to mouth, procrastinating and always playing catch up? This is an awesome time to set abundance, success, joy and personal fulfillment for the long haul.

Suggestions, Food For Thought To Assist You During This Time
  • Releasing Ceremony ~ Bring in gratitude and let go of the stuff that you know needs to go. Write it down, burn it, throw away the key and let it go with gratitude of course.
  • Bathing in epsom salt, sea salt, kosher salt and Himalayan salt with a pinch of rose petals to bring in unconditional love to nurture yourself during this time of transition.
  • Don’t be so quick to rush to judgment. A lot is changing right now and what you see currently will probably change over the next 2 weeks. Nothing is set in stone ~ EVER!
  • Be true to yourself. You Do You. In this time of shifts and adjustments, you may find yourself wanting to nurture and focus your attention on others who are hurting. They have their path, you have yours. You can hold space for them but they must learn for themselves as you must learn for yourself. Take care of you! Is your life yours? This energy is forcing us to look at this inquiry. Are you living for you or are you more concerned and occupied with what is taking place with someone or something in your life? It’s time to get real and step into your truth, individual path and authentic self.
  • Be practical with your spending. Are you saving for that rainy day? Are you comparison shopping? Are you being impractical and going on an emotional shopping spree?
  • Be grateful for all that you have and all that will be manifesting in your life in the future.
  • Don’t be stubborn and suffer alone. Scorpio is a trusted and loyal ally. Either seek the trusted Scorpio friend or allow Spirit to bring your ally to you. You don’t have to suffer alone. P.S. They are also excellent secret keepers so all your sh#t is safe with them.
  • Don’t slack on your spiritual practices. You need faith, love and hope now more than ever, especially during these chaotic times. Meditation, Reiki, journaling and yoga are excellent transition cures.
  • Keep cutting those negative, emotional, toxic cords as often as possible. You do not need to be corded and connected to everyone. There is a lot happening out there and people are unconsciously looking for energy/light sources. You do not need to be a light fill-up station. I repeat, You Do You.
  • Sage, sage, sage as is needed!

We can utilize this Full Moon to help us clear, shift and place ourselves in perfect alignment with our highest and best good. Don’t forget we choose to have the human experience for our individual and collective evolution so all is purposeful. By being proactive with the changes that come our way with optimism, joy, faith, excitement and determination, we can experience Heaven on Earth.  We knew and chose our “soul lessons” before we incarnated and most certainly did place a few life lines along the way in the form of guides, friends, family, gifts, passions, interests and an internal GPS. Don’t forget this! Help, guidance, love, support and hope are around us. We sometimes simply need to be reminded of this.

Blessings and Light,
Laurie Barraco