Saturday, July 23, 2016

7 Reasons Why Clear Quartz Is A Must-Have Crystal

If I was to suggest one crystal that everyone could benefit from owning either for personal and or professional use, it would be a clear quartz crystal. These crystals are a composition of silicon and oxygen and are easily found all over the world and are extremely affordable.

7 Benefits From Owning Quartz Crystals
  1. This crystal repairs and strengthens the bio magnetic field. This means you will not leak energy from your auric field.
  2. You can grid your home, property or workspace with quartz points. When the point faces inwards, we are bringing in energy, when they point out, we are clearing energy.
  3. When placed in your vehicle, it helps reduce gas consumption.
  4. It amplifies the energy in its environment. When acupuncture needles are coated with clear quartz, the treatment is enhanced by 10%.
  5. Replace midday coffee with a clear quartz elixir by placing a crystal in your drinking water. (Be sure the crystal is washed before placing it in your water).
  6. Clear quartz is excellent for dream recall. There are many messages for us in the dream state, therefore remembering our dreams is important for our soul growth.
  7. This type of quartz activates and opens the crown chakra and soul star chakra. When these two chakras are open and activated, it is easier for us to connect with our intuition and divine soul energy.
Keeping your crystals cleared is an important part of working with crystal energy. They often become dull and lose their oomph when used frequently. You can clear your crystals by saging them, putting them in a running body or water or by placing them in a sea salt mixture. I recommend clearing them at least once a month.
Blessings and Light,
Laurie Barraco 

Saturday, July 16, 2016

Adding These Herbs Will Give Your Smudging Ritual A Boost!

When adding these herbs to your smudging ritual, you are adding another element to the environment that you are cleansing and clearing. Smudging, also known as saging, is a ritual that many different cultures have used to clear negative or stagnant energy. The most common herb that people use to clear their space is dried sage. While using sage by itself does and can get the job done, many people prefer to add another herb for their own custom intention.
The Herbs
  • Cedar is often used to cleanse a new home, apartment and or business. It has the energy of protection and brings in the influence of wise and old spiritual energy.
  • Lavender is used to bring in a loving and nurturing energy into your space. It also has a welcoming aroma. It is also said to keep away negative influences.
  • Sweetgrass has a sweet vanilla aroma that connects us to Mother Earth, which is a grounding and centering vibration. The sweetgrass brings in the sweetness and the blessings that life has to offer. 
  • Copal has a crisp citrus aroma. It is often burned as an offering to the "Gods" giving gratitude for our blessings and honoring them.
  • Frankincense was once considered more valuable than gold! It helps to raise your vibration as well as your the space you are in, opens up your clairvoyance abilities, and shields you from lower vibrational influences.
  • Myrrh helps keep your vibration high and helps the user to attain enlightenment and wisdom. It's smoke is used to bless, consecrate, and bless it's environment. 
These herbs can be added with your sage mixture, or you may purchase a sage wand with the herb(s) already bundled together. These herbs can be found at almost any metaphysical store. 

Blessings and Light,
Laurie Barraco

Friday, June 3, 2016

Indigo Children, Who Are They And How Can We Support Them?

Many parents have heard the term Indigo used to describe their children. There are many different perspectives on how to identify, understand, and help support Indigo Children and it is quite possible that a few parents may be Indigos themselves. The Indigos are here to help raise the consciousness of our planet and to help us change the old paradigms and implement new ones. At times it may be difficult to relate to them and vice versa but we can coexist beautifully if we understand a little bit more about them.

What Is An Indigo?
An Indigo person is born on the Indigo Ray vibration with specific personality traits, interests, perspectives and energetic sensitivities. We started to see an influx of Indigos being born in the 1980's. Yes, there have most certainly been Indigos that have been born before 1980 such as Albert Einstein and Karl Jung.

You or Your Child Might Be An Indigo If:
  • They have strong empathic abilities and are sensitive to harsh environments and people
  • Have difficulty with routine or following directions
  • Possess the ability to see through dishonesty and deception
  • Is highly intuitive
  • Sees aura colors around people and objects
  • May be diagnosed as dyslexic or ADHD
  • Has the uncanny ability to predict future events
  • Can be overconfident and or has a very strong sense of self-worth
  • Is often passionate about charity, environment awareness
  • Often has a short temper and sometimes is unable to express their frustrations

Now that we have identified the characteristics of an Indigo there are different approaches that we can take to help nurture them so that we are able to understand and connect with them on a deeper level while supporting them on their path as well as not completely disconnecting with them.

How To Support An Indigo
  • Patience - By being patient and remember that we may be dealing with two different thought processes and that Indigos have strong wills and by trying to out-will them you may not make much progress.
  • Schedule regular Reiki sessions for them. Energy healing will do wonders for their mind, body, and spirit.
  • A regular smudging with sage and or bathing with epsom or kosher salt will help keep their auric field strong and healthy.
  • Having them wear or carry grounding crystals such as Hematite, Tiger's Eye, or Black Tourmaline will help ground them and keep outside environment influences at bay. While they may be drawn to crystals that open their third eye and crown chakras, it may be best to limit those crystals because Indigos are naturally psychically gifted.
  • Teach them how to put themselves in an energetic bubble when they are in large crowds. This will help them feel more secure.
  • Encouraging a regular meditation practice will help them decompress and be more in touch with their inner power.
  • Avoid food additives, preservatives and food colorings will help their moods and will help them stay focused and grounded.
  • Spending time outside in nature works wonders for Indigos.

Being an Indigo is a challenge but also a blessing as well. They are bright, funny and help us think outside of the box and encourage us to let go of old programming that may not serve us as a collective for our future as a conscious collective. There is a lot we can learn from them if we can meet them halfway.

Blessings and Light,
Laurie Barraco

Sunday, May 15, 2016

What Exactly Is Karma and Can I Correct The Negative Karma That May Be Coming My Way?

Karma by definition is the sum of your experiences from this lifetime as well as previous lifetimes balancing themselves out. Often we ask ourselves, "What have I done to deserve these types of experiences? I am a good person and try to do the right thing, yet I keep having bad luck and experience challenge after challenge." The answer to these questions have to do with karma and the soul's journey. 

Why Me? 
It is quite possible that you have in another lifetime or in this lifetime been the agressor or taken advantage of another soul and now must experience the opposite pespective to have a deeper understanding of how our thoughts and actions affect others. Honestly, no one has "bad luck". Our misfortunes or unfortunate circumstances may be the result of past life experiences, this lifetime's experiences, limiting belief systems or challenges that the soul has chosen to take on for it's own evolution. It is often hard to fathom why the soul chooses these experiences, but the fact of the matter is that the soul has the most growth when challenged and overcomes negative patterns, belief systems and struggles. 

I'd also like to point out that our karmic experiences are not only the actions that we make but they are also our thoughts, emotions and intentions. Just because we did not follow through with a negative thought, it does not mean that the laws of karma do not recognize the unhealthy intention, thought or emotion. Be mindful of what and where you give energy and intention to.

Here's The Good News! 
The good news is that we can correct and minimize the negative karma that may be scheduled to head our way. By being a proactive participant and observer in our lives, we can recognize and catch ourselves when we notice a pattern forming or redirect our potential negative reactions (thoughts, words and deeds) before we add to the negative karma bank account. The process of correcting and healing our negative ego is the main purpose of having this Earthly experience.

The Karmic Bank Account
There is good karma and bad karma, therefore all karma is not bad! It is human nature to focus on the negative events of our lives but by giving equal attention to the positive and awesome experiences we have, we bring in the energy of gratitude. Gratitude automatically is deposited to our good karmic experiences and is quite effective in evening out negative energetic boomerangs. 

Karma Timeline
Karma isn't always instant, so please be patient when you are trying to be positive and are doing the right thing. People often give up and become discouraged and have a negative disposition when they do not experience an instant shift in their lives. This is the tricky part of karma, it is often a mystery when the tide will begin to change. In the meantime, keep forging ahead with your intentions of creating good karma.

What About Other People?
The only karma that we need to concern ourselves with is our own. Every action has a reaction and if other people have intentionally or unintentionally hurt you, there is the cosmic 2x4 that will be heading their way, either in this lifetime or in another lifetime. If we are consumed by revenge, we are creating negative karma for ourselves. The best thing to do in these frustrating circumstances is to surrender our negative thoughts and intentions to spirit and redirect our reactions. 

Now that we understand that there is cause and effect in our lives that is not just related to this lifetime but is an accumulation of all of our lifetimes, we hopefully can shift from disempowerment and victimhood to a proactive, consciously-aware light being and create more positive and good karmic experiences in this lifetime as well as our future lifetimes. 

Here's to an abundance of good karma coming your way!

Blessings and Light,
Laurie Barraco

Thursday, May 5, 2016

There are many benefits from using himalayan salt either by ingesting it, bathing in it or keeping a lamp plugged in and turned on in your environment. This salt is believed to be one of the purest salts on the planets because it is part of a 200 million year old salt bed that expands across the Himalayan Mountain Range. This mountain range has been free from pollution and other environmental toxins therefore, it is almost as pure of a salt as we can get.

The Benefits of Pink Himalayan Salt
  1. Purifies your environment
  2. Supports healthy respiratory function
  3. Balances the pH in your body
  4. Alleviates your mood
  5. Reduces the side effects of allergies
  6. Excellent alternate to table salt which can contain sugar, and often turns toxic if it’s manmade salt
  7. Creates an electrolyte balance
  8. Lowers blood pressure
  9. Balances metabolism
As mentioned earlier, you may add ingest the salt by adding a pinch to your food or water, bathe in it, and or purchase a lamp and place it in anywhere you feel stressed or struggle with your surroundings. I do suggest researching the benefits of any substance before you ingest it.
Blessings and Light,
Laurie Barraco

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Discover How To Cope With Psychic Headaches

Is it possible that some of the headaches you have been experiencing are psychic
headaches due to an overstimulation of energy rather than a "regular" headache? In fact, some of your headaches may be caused by your environment, the people around you, or you may be overdoing it with your psychic development studies.

A psychic headache usually is felt in the third eye area, which is just above the eyes in the middle of your forehead. It may even affect your vision causing your vision to be blurry or your eyes to feel heavy or achy. You may even have sensitivity to sunlight, bright lights or you may experience an ongoing throbbing sensation in your head. 

Possible Causes of a Psychic Headache
  • A download of energy moving through your body
  • Overstimulating the third eye through psychic development exercises
  • Spending too much time around electronics such as: computers and or cell phones
  • Overdoing it with your psychic work: readings, energy healings etc.
  • Energy overload from peers, family members, co-workers or even your spouse can be energetically draining
  • Keep a himalayan salt lamp nearby
  • Ground the energy into the ground either through a visualizing the energy moving through your entire body into the earth or spend time outside in nature
  • Cover your third eye with a bindi, bangs, a hat or even a bandana
  • Rub and essential oil on your forehead such as: Peppermint, Lavender, Rosemary, Eucalyptus or Roman Chamomile
  • Schedule a Reiki or Energy Treatment Session 
  • Keep an eye on the sodium content in your foods
  • Drink lots of water

If we are able to pinpoint how, when, where and why we are experiencing psychic headaches, we can most certainly work on preventing them from occurring. Keeping a journal or making mental notes as to when these headaches flare up will help you avoid 95% of these headaches.

Blessings and Light,
Laurie Barraco

Saturday, April 9, 2016

What's Your Strongest Psychic Gift?

Everyone has psychic abilities, but not everyone is able to identity which psychic ability they are working with. By identifying  how you are receiving psychic information, you will begin to trust the information that is coming through because of the way the messages comes through to you.
Different psychic abilities are defined with the word “clair” in front of them. Below I have broken down the different clairs along with a test for each so that you so you can recognize which one you resonate most with. Keep in mind, it is not uncommon for someone to to be gifted with several psychic senses.
Are You Ready To See Which Psychic Gifts Your Possess?
Test #1
  1. Do you hear your name being called?
  2. Do you hear messages within your head that offer reasonable guidance?
  3. Do you experience buzzing or ringing in your ears?
  4. Do you hear things that others don’t hear.
Chances are you are clairaudient if you answered yes to 3 of these questions. Clairaudience is the ability to hear psychic energy, messages and sounds. The voices and or sounds aren’t heard with your physical ears but with the psychic sense of clairaudience.
Exercise – Sitting in total silence, allowing messages to come and go without straining will help you develop your clairaudient abilities.
Test #2
  1. Do you have often have visions that play out like a movie?
  2. Do you see colors around people?
  3. Do you have vivid dreams?
  4. Do you often see something out of the corner of your eye?
This test will help you find out if you have clairvoyant abilities. Clairvoyance is the ability to see psychic energy as pictures, visions, words may form in your mind’s eye and you may see colors and swirls of energy. Clairvoyants often think they are daydreaming but usually what people are experiencing is psychic information that is trying to come through.
Exercise – Rubbing the area between your eyes with your index finger will help stimulate your clairvoyant abilities.
Test #3
  1. Do solutions simply pop into your mind without straining to find a solution?
  2. When you misplace an object, does it’s location suddenly appear in your mind?
  3. Are there some skills such as playing an instrument, that are second nature to you without any prior training?
  4. Do you automatically know when someone is not being truthful?
Claircognizance is the ability to know information, you have a sense of clear knowing. Many of us have had experiences where we simply know what the outcome will be or what to do to solve a problem.
Exercise – Automatic writing will help you get in touch with this psychic ability. Also, writing down what you think the outcome will be to future events without second guessing yourself will help you to develop this psychic sense.
Test #4
  1. Do large crowds overwhelm you where you can feel the emotions of the people around you?
  2. You instantly pick up on the feeling of places you walk into without anyone sharing with you what is happening at that moment.
  3. Are you able to pick up an object and know who it belongs to and it’s history?
  4. Do you tend to use the words “I feel” when describing what thinking?
The ability associated with these questions is clairsentience. Clairsentience is the ability to feel or sense psychic energy. It is extremely important that clairsentients learn how to create and keep healthy boundaries with others due to their natural ability to pick up and take another’s emotions.

Exercise – Psychometry exercises will help you enhance this gift. Psychometry is the ability to tap into the energetic impressions and or history of physical objects and their owners simply by holding an object.
If you answered yes to 3 or more out of each group of questions, then you possess that psychic ability. Some of you may have answered yes to all of the questions, this means that you have your have a strong sense of intuition and would benefit from investing some time to fine-tune your all of your gifts so that you may implement them not only for your own well-being but for the benefit of others as well.
Some words of wisdom – please do not compare your abilities with anyone else’s abilities. Everyone’s gifts are unique and special. No two people will receive information in the same manner. Embrace your own uniqueness and don’t be afraid to allow your gifts to shine.
Blessings and Light,
Laurie Barraco
Laurie Barraco