Sunday, September 16, 2012

My Secret Prayer

If you have had a session with me you probably have already heard my power prayer/intention that I share with all of my clients. 

It really helps move the process of life along with clarity and understanding. It also helps you re-focus and take control of your life and help you get off the fence.

The prayer can be used in situation/relationship/scenario.

Here's a simple example ~ My relationship with my boyfriend Mortimer is up and down. I do not know what to do. Do I stay? Do I go?

Here is the prayer ~ If a romantic relationship with Mortimer is for my highest and best good, we will move forward with more ease. We will easily work through our obstacles and the problems will be bought to light as well as worked through with love and peace.

If a a romantic relationship with Mortimer is not for my highest and best good, we will go our separate ways with integrity, honesty, love, harmony and ease. May there be a peaceful harmonious transition.

Seems pretty simple? It is but it isn't. Change is not always easy, there can be pain as well as taking you out of your comfort zone. By using the prayer it helps get the ball rolling.
I encourage people to use this prayer all the time for job transitions, friendships, everything.

Feel free to use this "secret" prayer of mine. I guarantee you it will help!


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