Saturday, September 15, 2012

The Number One Relationship

The Number One Relationship

Today, I was asked the same question that I have been asked thousands of times over ~ If I just meet someone new they will help me forget about the last person. It will make my transition so much easier. Honestly, does it really?
So many  people are afraid, fearful of living their lives without a partner. This is not the worst case scenario. 
I would rather be without a relationship than to be in one where you are unfulfilled, mentally or physically abused, lost, sad, depressed, co-dependent and or trapped.
This not only relates to romances! There are many who stay in family or work relationships because they are fearful of moving on. What is the number one thing I witness with every single client? If you do not take the steps to move on then Spirit will move you on and it may not be kind.
Listen to your guidance, if you are in any type of relationship that is harmful to your Soul's growth...for Pete's sake move on! Ask for help, spiritual and physical. There is always so much more help around us than we realize.
My answer to those who say but it would be best for someone to replace them is this...Yes there is another person/relationship waiting for you! It is you! The relationship with yourself  your Soul is waiting for you to step up and be present in the most significant relationship any human could have ~ The one with self.
So, your homework is to nurture, pay attention, love and spend quality with yourself. Your Soul will thank you for it!!



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