Monday, September 3, 2012

Can We Change Our Lives Simply by Thought Alone?

Can We Change Our Lives Simply By Thought Alone?

By Laurie Barraco

            Just recently a client inquired if we simply change our thoughts can we change our lives? My answer was yes and no. I believe this is a complex answer, which really deserves a little bit of an explanation.
            Yes, we create our world based upon our thoughts. We think, we reflect, we give energy and time invested in to an idea, a belief. The thoughts are energy and help pick up momentum toward our life manifested. They go into the mixture or creation of our reality. Therefore, the answer is a yes but are we only beings of thoughts? No we are also physical. We have bodies, which are of the physical realm. Our physical world is a result of our thoughts and actions.
            There are many, many teachings floating out there. We have Abraham/Hicks and The Law of Attraction, The Secret, Seth and Jane Roberts just to name a few. All these teaching focus on thoughts and manifestation. Yes, if you shift your thoughts from lack, negativity to a positive affirmation or belief system you will most certainly begin to have another reality. The spoken word is extremely powerful! Whether you curse out loud or declare how much you love someone or something, you are aligning your vibration with the words you speak. There is a teaching in Kabbalah ~ an angel is ready to carry out the action of every word you speak. Pretty interesting? Which words will you speak out loud or even within your mind? It really is the same. Maybe a little extra oomph with the vibration of your voice but we are really speaking of the same concept.
            Now what about the part of my answer which is no? Well, there is the action part of our lives, how we live, the interactions, the movement, the getting out there and mingling with people. You can sit in meditation all day long; this will not change your life. You must APPLY the new thought, belief system in your life. This is where you test out the shift in consciousness. Therefore they go hand in hand, change your thoughts and beliefs as well as change your actions = different outcome. By the way, sometimes a shift is not in the positive direction. We may also become more negative, competitive, greedier, with our thoughts. Our actions may be trying to steal customers, speaking hurtful words to another. This will also change your world, maybe not for the better.
            Some believe you can fix things with magic or candles, or just by expecting the best. This may work short term; long lasting changes always involve different behavior as well as taking responsibility and shifting your consciousness. If the quick fixes really worked then why are we here? We are here to grow through changing our behavior, correcting our negative patterns, loving and sharing our wisdom and what has worked for us. Do I use candles and crystals? Absolutely, I use them as a reminder for me to redirect my thoughts and actions. The tools bring in flavor with my healing or shifting of awareness. But, we thought the candles, crystals, incense hold power? Yes, they do they vibrate as certain frequencies which can add or assist to your changes.
How does magic work? Magic brings the issues to the forefront. If you are having $ troubles what magic will do is it will bring up your issues and why you struggle with $ to the forefront, to your consciousness. You then have the opportunity to correct, redirect your thoughts and actions.
            Only through redirection and change you will have a different result in your life. Makes sense, if you would like a different result, you must think, speak, and behave differently.

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