Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Spirit Communication

Spirit Communication

How do we connect or know the signs from our Spiritual Collective? And what is a spiritual collective?
A spiritual collective is all of the unseen help and assistance that is non-physical. Your guides, angels, crossed over loved ones even animals. This assistance is available to you when needed. The help can be through signs of validation, messages in dreams, flickering of electricity and more.
Why do they show us signs and what is the purpose? The purpose is to bring comfort and knowingness that there is more than this physical existence, that we are connected to seen and unseen realms. That there is life and existence outside of our physical reality.

We can connect to the spiritual collective through meditation, prayer, keeping an open dialogue with the spirit realm as well as paying attention to the signs.

What are gifts of the spirit? They are physical messages brought through to the physical realm for validation and or comfort for us here in the physical world.
How to Connect with the Spirit Realm ~
·      Journaling, writing, petition
·      Scrying, with either candles, mirrors, water, smoke
·      Objects ~ coins, feathers
·      Songs on the radio
·      Dreams
·      Ringing in the ears
·      Messages through other people
·      Impressions, feelings, the senses, hearing, smelling, tasting
These are just a few ways spirit communicates with us.
Now we have the signs or signals to look for we can now begin to form a relationship.
Supplies ~ you really do not need supplies, however these are some suggestions I have for the communication. I suggest a journal to document the messages to help you. I had a checklist for the guides I met in meditation and they gave me signals to help identify them.
Crystals ~angelite, blue aragonite, mangano calcite, seraphanite, lapis lazli, blue lace agate, amethyst, rainbow moonstone, blue aragonite.
Oils, aromas ~ sage, sandalwood, frankincense, vanilla, jasmine

Now what? Continue to meditate, journal and be open to the signs and messages.

**If you would like to know more about communicating with the spirit realm, I suggest you check out the local metaphysical store, library or bookstore.**

Also, I have an upcoming Webinar on how to connect with your Spirit Guides on
Sunday, October 7th @ 5pm. For more info visit the store @ www.themysticalmoon.com or call @ 239 939-3339.


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