Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Meditation Tips

This week I will be sharing some of the benefits and tips of meditation.
Meditation is a quieting of the mind. You allow thoughts to come and go allowing yourself to become still and reconnect with your spirit.
What if I you cannot quiet your mind, should you give up? Absolutely not! This means you should meditate even more so! 
The first tip I would like to share is this ~ a quiet environment is so important if you are trying to meditate.
If there is a lot of noise traffic then select another space.
Is it okay to meditate outside? Absolutely, as long as you are able to allow thoughts to come and go.
Here are a few suggestions to help you quiet your mind:

  • Create a space that is quiet and clear of clutter
  • Sage or light incense to clear the air
  • Light a candle to bring in spirit
  • Turn off all cell phones and electronics such as the television
  • Play some relaxing music ~ this is not a requirement but it does help set the mood
  • Say a prayer of intention to connect with your higher self, angel or guide 
  • With your intention or prayer ask a question that is pressing to you. Ask for clarity, guidance and truth
  • Hold a crystal ~ one that you connect with and that will open you to your higher guidance
  • Have a journal and pen near by
  • Breathe ~ if you are stuck with your thoughts, breathe in light and exhale stress
  • Counting your breath helps you relax
  • Realize some days it is easier to meditate than others
  • If you cannot keep still then go outside and listen to nature as well as the thoughts that run through your mind
  • Listen to a guided meditation this will most certainly give your busy mind a job to do
  • If you meditate in the same spot you will create a vortex  of energy therefore; each time you will be able to connect easier each time. This will create a conditioning
When you meditate or quiet the mind creating a listening to the whispers of your soul you raise your vibration. Raising your vibration puts you in alignment with more blessings, opportunities, better health, less stress, strong intuition, more abundance, happier and healthier relationships.

There aren't any negative benefits from meditating! Your friends and family will thank you as you become happier and healthier and more patient with them!


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