Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Prayers of Healing and Hope For The Midwest

I have written before about tragedy and what we can do as a collective consciousness. It
is time to come together again as a collective for the people affected by the destructive storms here in the US.

Let's send prayers of healing, comfort and hope to those who are suffering. 
As you read this please take a moment to send those healing prayers and thoughts to the people, the land, the animals. 

See a golden, white light with swirling greens and pinks surrounding the areas of the midwest which have been affected. Ask the angels and the light to bring in comfort and love to the suffering. May there be strength for those who are helping with the rescues to be strong and may they receive healing as well.

After this continued prayer for as long as needed remember to count your blessings. Remember to hug and appreciate those you love, tell them you love and cherish them. Be grateful for your blessings...we never know when or it they are going to change.


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