Wednesday, May 15, 2013

To Use Metaphysical Tools Or Not ~ That Is The Question

I have gone back and forth with the question do these candles work? What about the crystals? Does sage really clear the energy? This may raise a few eyebrows since I do own a metaphysical shop where these items are sold. 
I have had dialogue with a few people and here is the responses I have received:
  • You do not need tools. You can go straight to source. These are just things.
  • All of these tools crystals, herbs etc. have been put here on earth so they have value and purpose.
After going within for the answer I was guided by my guide who shared this with me.
"Does it really matter what one thinks or believes? What matters most is what you know to work in your heart. Yes, the crystals all have vibration and healing powers as well as consciousness as do the herbs. Medicine has been created through these herbs and crystals are put into acupuncture needles to help intensity the healing. Scientifically this has been proven. What you want is an absolute answer. You will not get one answer. There are many personal truths. Asking a question like this is like asking what is the best color in the spectrum? There are different personal preferences. What you also may take into consideration is this ~ what does each crystal mean for you? The descriptions and healing properties do vary. One citrine may not work for abundance by itself for one person.They may also need another stone such as an apache tear first to help them move through their emotional wounding. The answer you are looking for is within you. Find people to talk to about these subjects who are like-minded and open to contemplation. This will be like a stepping stone to help you raise your consciousness, which is the ultimate goal for your time here on earth. These tools are comprised of the elements of the earth: earth, water, air, fire and spirit. YOU are comprised of earth, water, air, fire and spirit. Why would these elemental healing tools not have an effect on you unless you cancelled them out by negating their frequency. Use your candles to light the way, use your water to cleanse your auric field, use your herbs to heal your skin and organs. Use crystals to heal your broken heart. Use the incense to stimulate the sense of smell to shift your emotions. When smelling roses does this not open your heart? I have given you plenty to think upon. Do your own research if you must. First go within and honor your own personal truth. Be open to what others may have to say then weigh this with your heart. You then may decide if this rings true for you." 
And there you have it ~ I will use my crystals, candles, sage and herbs because I feel and know they work for me :) I welcome comments and suggestions to this subject.
I thank Kathy S. for continuing this conversation it has opened me up to more understanding about personal truths.
As a side note, my spirit guide has been nudging me to bring her through more with my writing and channelling. Ray Sette has met her through a personal session I had with him last week. This was my own personal validation it is time to allow her to come through for others as well. She has much more to share as more knowledge is wanting to come through.
Her name is Althea and she says her presence can be felt by all who work with me as well as read my channellings. I also welcome feedback as to how she comes through for others. I know what and how she comes through for me. I am intrigued as how she reveals herself to others.

Blessings and Light,


Deb Tamlo said...

Love this post! I also believe that it is what you believe about candles, crystals, etc. that also adds to the effect. Crystals are beautiful and the candles and incense smell wonderful and take you to a different level. :)

Laurie Barraco said...

Thank you Deb! I agree they take me to another level as well.