Monday, June 3, 2013

Simplifying Your Life...Is It Possible?

Ever wonder how some people seem to have all the time in the world? They travel, they leave work at the office, they have the neatest and cleanest homes, their lives seem effortless and stress-free.
How do these people achieve all of this?
I think I have some answers. I have been thinking about this for a while and have  read a book or two on time management and priorities.
After applying my "new" attitude to my life I have come up with a few ideas I would like to share.
When everything seems to need your attention at once and you are at your maximum stress level it may be time to ask yourself some important questions and integrate some new policies:

  • Is this a priority?
  • Do I really want to do this anymore?
  • Where do I waste time?
  • Is this bringing me joy?
  • Can I delegate this activity?
  • Am I using my time wisely?
  • How about a schedule?
  • Use an egg timer to monitor your time
  • Limit checking your email to 2 or 3 times a day
  • Make a list of only 3 goals to achieve in a day
  • In a loving way eliminate the toxic people and situations in your life
  •  Say no when you mean no
  • Would it be worth it for me to farm out this job? (Most times it is worth it)
  • Am I over-extending myself?
These are just a few ideas and suggestions that have really helped me bring in more peace and less stress in my life. Life is meant to be enjoyed, most of the time work can wait.
Please share your thoughts an ideas :)

Blessings and Light,

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Rita said...

Wonderful insights to create a meaningful life, thank you for sharing.