Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Catch and Release

Here is a simple tip to help you reprogram your thoughts. 
We all have negative thoughts and feelings. This is human nature.
What is the difference between someone who is excellent at manifesting vs. someone who keeps running into the same roadblocks?
The person who is able to release the negative thought or feeling does not hold onto those negative thoughts. They acknowledge them and then release them into the astral plane.
Use this visualization to help you reprogram these patterns.

  • Acknowledge the unhealthy thought or feeling that keeps repeating itself for example: Ugh I feel so bloated. Why can't I lose these extra 10 pounds? By recognizing you are repeating the same thought you realize this is helping magnify the area you are focusing on. Energy does not decipher ~ Hey this is counterproductive, why are you giving more attention to this area?
  • You can also write a list of areas you know you are focusing on negatively. This will help as a reminder.
  • Hold the thought for a second then you can either visualize or actually put your right hand in the air, use a flinging motion and toss the thought out of your auric field. Send it out into the astral plane with love and then shift your thoughts to something else. See yourself as changing the station or dial to a proactive and productive thought or intention. 
  • The more you use this practice the more you will see a shift in your reality.
  • You can also write down the phrase Catch and Release as a reminder to let that negative thought go. The longer you hold on to it the more likely you will attract that manifestation to you.
I would love to hear some of your feedback :)



Julie Duttko said...

This is very helpful. You simplified it and I am going to write the words.."CATCH & RELEASE" and put it on sticky notes for a visual!

No more negative thoughts!

Anonymous said...

This felt as though it was meant for me. Thank you so much ! Bless You !