Thursday, August 1, 2013

How To Get The Most Information Out of Your Psychic Reading

A reading is just a reading and all depends upon the skills of the person reading you right? Well, not necessarily so... 

I agree that there are some psychics who are more in tune with their abilities, who have a lot training and experience under their belt, who do receive information from higher and more evolved planes of existence than other psychics, but...the process is a three way connection - the reader, the client and from where the reader receives the information (higher self, guides, intuition)  

If you go into a reading not in a neutral and balanced state, this does effect your session. If you go into your session wanting the reader to prove every piece of information they are sharing, then you are not necessarily going into your session with an open mind.
If you aren't comfortable then maybe you should cancel your session.

Here are some tips on how to get the most out of your session:

  • Be on time. I as well as many readers follow a tight schedule. If you are going to be late call ahead or reschedule your session. 
  • Prepare questions ahead of time as well as areas in your life you would like to discuss.
  • Absolutely do not show up for your session under the influence of any mind-altering substances.
  • Say a prayer before you go into your session to help open up your channels or even do a simple chakra balancing meditation in the car.
  • When information comes through and it does not make sense, write it down. 9 times out of 10 my clients either email me or call me afterwards to validate the information coming through.
  • When you say NO, NO that isn't right, that often shuts down the channels of information for you, the psychic and the channel of information coming through.
  • If after 10 minutes the information is not making any connection for you ask to end the session. An authentic and professional reader will honor this, often requesting to end the session without any charge.
  • Only go to readers  you feel a connection with or via a solid referral.
  • If you wish to record the session ask ahead if you may bring a recorder or if the reader records the session.
  • When your reading begins, trust your own gut feelings. If you have a warm and good feeling, continue with your session being open to the guidance. If you do not feel comfortable, you have every right to end your session. Again, if this is an authentic reader they will already have felt this and will send you on your way free of charge. When scheduling it may be a good idea to ask these questions ahead of time when you are setting up your session.
A reading is a good way to touch base when you are at a crossroads, feeling a little stagnant and or are searching for another perspective. I do recommend trying to solve problems on your own first. It is easy for many to become addicted to readings, this is why I encourage clients to space out their sessions. A reading session is in no way meant to replace counseling or therapy when needed and often I do suggestion either seeing a therapist and or counselor to help with some areas of concern.

Remember your participation is 1/3  of the whole when it comes to receiving an awesome session vs. an okay session.

Blessings and Light,

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