Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Forgiveness Begins With Self First

The subject ~ forgiveness is a touchy one.  When we are hurt and in pain, our reactions
and emotions are triggered by the pain. We may not think or act as we normally would.
We are all human, all in the same boat, and have all opened ourselves up to being hurt by others or even by ourselves.
It is more difficult to forgive others if we have not learned how to properly and completely forgive ourselves for our decisions and actions from our past experiences.
We have many negative thought patterns and beliefs based upon the areas in our lives where we feel we have made mistakes and where we have many regrets.
Most of this beating up on self is unconscious. It begins by not sleeping at night, it then may turn into some bad eating habits, then maybe negative self talk, doubting your ability to see clearly or make sound decisions, then becoming very negative with all situations not being able to see light at the end of the tunnel.
My advice? Beginning right now be the observer of your behavior ~ your thoughts, words and deeds. Is there an underlying theme of self-sabotage and negativity?
Why not start writing down what you observe about yourself and then draw a family tree-like diagram and track back to where the thoughts and actions stemmed from.
I can guarantee you will find that you are disappointed in yourself about a decision you made a while back where you wished you may have made another decision and taken a different action.
Everything, I mean everything that manifests and happens in our lives is purposeful! Even where we experience pain. I have said it many, many times ~ we are here to learn by overcoming difficulties and negative patterns within ourselves. 
When we really do understand that all is purposeful ~ happiness, pain, joy, celebration and disappointment. The soul is invincible. What comes it's way it is able to handle and move through disappointment and pain, even if you aren't able to see the solution right away.
Here is an excellent affirmation ~ I completely forgive myself for actions, words and thoughts that I feel I have made mistakes, hurt others and hurt myself. I am human, I am light and I am here to grow and evolve my soul. I will learn from my "mistakes" and make an effort to heal myself in the places that I know I struggle.
So be it amen.
When you begin to be more loving and forgiving of yourself, it will be easier to forgive others in your life.

Blessings and Light,

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