Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Time Management and The Ego

I can honestly say my negative Ego was running rampant with my time and had controlover my life as a business owner up until the last 6 months. I love my business and what I do for a living but I was struggling to find a balance between running a successful business, teaching at least 5 classes a month, having sessions with at least 30 clients a week as well as writing a book, recording meditation CDs AND having a family and children. 
If I had to choose to eliminate one area or two I would not make a choice, forget about delegation because I had made myself the nucleus to all of the above projects.
I was working myself into exhaustion despite my joy of participating in all of the above areas. 
I had created and manifested my Dream Life but I was unable to fully embrace and enjoy this wonderful world I had created let alone a vacation! 
Today, I can honestly say I am now enjoying this life. I am back from an 8 day vacation, I have more free time, I am most abundant than ever, my sessions are booked 2 weeks in advance, my center is thriving with new clients coming in daily, I have free time to spend with my family, and I even have time to work on my own spiritual growth. 
What has changed? Was it that one day I woke up and had a life altering epiphany? Did I have to have a meltdown?  The answer is no to all of the above. The shift or change within me began months ago, slowly and gently. I made my own private personal time a priority. As I shut the world outside off and out, I began to make my own growth and relationship with self a huge priority. Yes, I meditated before not quite as often as I hoped or intended but I made the attempt, yet things would pop up ~ I would need to work on a newsletter or order more product or put together the next class. 
I began to listen to my inner guidance and pay attention to my body with my feelings as to what felt right and to really look and pay attention to what did not resonate with me anymore.
As I did this I began to delegate more and let go of what did not resonate for me. I also bean to have more free time. I delegated more in my business, paid people for their time to handle what I knew could be handed down. I even asked spirit to help me be in alignment with people and solutions so I could enjoy this beautiful life I had created.
What happened is I paid attention to all that had been occurring over the next few months. Miracles began to happen. All that was required of me was to listen and pay attention to the shifts and solutions.
Time management is one of the most frustrating areas I hear of my clients, family and friends. 
Here are a few tips to help you create more time:

  • Surrender your worries to spirit. Ask for help.
  • Hire a personal assistant. I did and she is fabulous! 
  • Ask for help from those who are in the physical ~ friends, family or co-workers
  • Take a step back and observe your life. Where are you wasting time.
  • Limit your time online. Are you allowing your internet to monopolize your time.
  • Be willing to delegate some activities. Observe those around you who are more than capable of helping out. 
  • Pay someone to do the activities you do not enjoy but must be taken care of. Shop around and make sure you do not overpay as well. 
  • Read the book "The Four Hour Workweek" by Timothy Ferriss
  • Eliminate the foods and beverages you know are not good for your body. The proper fuel for your body is extremely important.
  • Be willing to go along with change. Sometimes change occurs and we resist the change. When things fall apart or shift, trust your soul is manifesting always what is for your highest and best good.
  • Make your own spiritual evolution the most important priority of your life. This is not selfish...if you are fulfilled and happy, you will be able to share more of your time and energy.
  • Receive energy work and healings as often as needed. This includes Reiki, a massage, energy work etc. Of course I encourage you to have someone you trust or who is recommended work on you.
  • Eliminate some of the expenses you do not need. This will help you cut out the waste therefore you will be able to be less stressed with paying the bills = more free time and less work. 
  • Clean up your negative thoughts and words. This will help you send out more positive messages to the Universe.
I could go on and on with time management but I am sure everyone gets the idea. Ask, trust, delegate and watch your life change :)

Blessings and Light,


Sha Blackburn said...

Thank You Laurie for this mindful blog post. This is something we all struggle with, and I appreciate your insights!

I am going to read the book :)


Laurie Barraco said...

Thank you for your insight Sha. We all can use this reminder :)