Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Sorting Out Your Laundry

Often in my sessions I receive analogies for my clients which are pretty profound if I may say so myself. I am able to make this statement because I know I am not speaking from Ego. I know all information and guidance is channeled from their Soul to my Soul and brought through my channel of intuition.

I do not always remember these analogies because of my altered state during the session.
One analogy that stayed with me has to do with changes in our lives.
I see, hear and feel energy. I am also shown situations as a math equation. For example ~ 

The Laundry Analogy came through in this way. 
A client has many desires to change and to try to heal, purify and shift what is already happening in their life.
Spirit then shows me this ~
A washing machine filled with dirty clothes + a dryer + dry clean clothes = a new perspective, path and order from chaos.

How I translated this was ~ the washing machine with the dirty clothes represented toxic thoughts, relationships, regrets etc. by putting the areas which the client desires to cleanse in the washing machine shows a sincere desire to take responsibility and awareness.

The dryer was representing clear thoughts, understanding, healing and a cleansed Soul.
The end result shown to me was sorting through the cleansed "clothes" which were patterns, relationships and the past. 
As we sort through the clothes socks get paired up, towels go to a certain closet etc. Putting and sorting in proper places represents putting all into perspective and being able to use what once was referred to as "unclean" is now shifted and a new.

So, when you are shown visions and or analogies I encourage you to investigate a little further by asking your own guidance what does this all mean. You never know what may come through.

Blessings and Light,

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