Sunday, October 21, 2012

Right Now?

Your tomorrow's are being created today! Every thought, action and emotion goes into the creation of your future experiences ~ relationships, health, finances etc.

Right now ~ what you you doing?

  • Are you in a good place?
  • Are you happy?
  • Are you eating foods you shouldn't?
  • Are you holding grudges?
  • Are you getting enough sleep?
  • Are you in competition with others?
  • Are you being proactive? or are you waiting for the Universe to drop your dreams from heaven into your lap?
  • Are you honoring your true feelings?
  • Have you apologized? To others you have hurt or yourself?
  • Are you speaking kindly to yourself and others?
  • Are you meditating?
  • Are you exercising?
  • Are you doing everything you can to lead a productive, joyful, abundant, healthy and fantastic life?
Hopefully these questions sparked and ignited your Soul to embrace the moment!!

There is an unlimited supply of wonderful in the Universe! Remember that any time you feel slighted or as if time and opportunities are passing you by.

Blessings and Light,

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