Thursday, October 4, 2012

Forgiveness vs. Acceptance

Forgiveness vs. Acceptance

We often pressure ourselves to forgive and move on, yet there are situations/relationships where we really struggle with letting go and moving on. We may even have the understanding that by holding on and obsessing over this situation it is indeed stopping our progression as well as the soul every of another. 

What are we to do then?

First I would like to expand on the subject of forgiveness. 

Forgiveness is the state of being where we agree to let go of the actions of another or even self and wipe the slate clean so to speak. By saying I forgive you means you are agreeing to not bring up the past, you will move on and the act is no longer requiring to be revisited.

Acceptance is what I encourage people to look at when they are unable to forgive yet they feel stuck and are unable to heal a certain aspect and or memory. 
Acceptance is stating ~ ok I see what has transpired, I make a promise to myself to not keep  bringing it up. I know there is a purpose for all that has happened yet I cannot wipe the slate clean. Another way of looking at this is I choose to be open to whatever clarity and healing may be coming in for me. I will agree consciously to not stir the pot anymore.

Simply by having another choice in healing hopefully this will help at least one person see their memories or pain in another Light.


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