Wednesday, November 12, 2014

The 411 On Crystals According To Me :)

Without a doubt, crystals, tumbled and rough formations are the #1 selling products at +The Mystical Moon Thousands of crystals find new homes every month through the store. 
Crystals can assist with healing, abundance, protection, releasing energy, balancing your chakras and energy field, dissolving stress, increasing intuition, aligning one with healthy communication, and connecting with one's guides and higher self are just a few of the benefits you can achieve through crystal usage. 
Along with the request for crystals are questions. Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about crystals as well as  the corresponding answers to these questions.

  • How do I select a crystal? 
  1. You can use your intuition by allowing yourself to be guided towards the "perfect" crystal for you. 
  2. You may read a book such as The Crystal Bible by Judy Hall 
  3. Research websites for crystal properties that may help you with your intentions. 
  4. Holding the crystal also helps you energetically tune into the crystal's vibration. 
  5. The use of a pendulum can help you make your decision. 
  6. You may also close your eyes and select your crystal by leaving the choice up to spirit.

  • How do you cleanse them?
  1. Sage them before and after each usage
  2. Place them in a crystal cleanse for at least 2 hours
  3. Hold your crystal under running water. Be sure your crystal is not going to dissolve. Selenite will dissolve under water.
  4. Hold your pendulum over your crystal to clean the energy.
  5. Bury your crystal in the earth will help clear and bring it back to a natural state.
    After I have cleansed my crystal, I then will charge it with my desired intention. 
    • Now what? My crystal is charged what should I do with it?
    1. Hold your crystal in your hand. Left is the receiving side, right is the sending side.
    2. Wear as jewelry
    3. Keep in your pocket, bra or around you neck in a pouch
    4. Put in a dish by your bed or in an area where you you prefer your daily meditation
    5. Lay the crystal on your body while laying down or use a band aid or headband to hold it in place
    6. Place the crystal on a distance healing alter on a picture or on a piece of paper with your name and birthdate
    • How often do you need to clear my crystals?
    1. It depends, the crystal may feel flat, break or become lost if you do not clear your crystal. Use your common sense and intuition. If you are going through a difficult time or the crystal doesn't feel the same, it is time to clear. 

    Are other people allowed to hold your crystals? 
    1. It really is a personal preference. I would probably not have someone use my crystal if I am using it for a personal intention. **Be sure to request permission before handling anyone else's crystal**
    Can you gift them? 
    1. Absolutely, and you may clear them and pass them on. When I select a crystal for another person, I ask my higher self for assistance. Usually I will "hear" the crystal volunteer to go a new home.
    Crystals are not only beautiful to look at, they feel good in your hand and are also excellent for shifting energy, bringing in energy and releasing energy. They have been used for centuries here on Mamma Earth by ancient civilizations as well as recent civilizations as energy amplifiers, etheric and physical tools as well as for magical purposes. The thing I love most about crystals is that there are limitless uses as well as infinite crystals to choose from. I honestly can say that I have never met a crystal that I didn't like :)

    Blessings and Light,

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