Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Save A Relationship or Two - Speak Up!

Many misunderstandings occur when two people are in conversation and something is said by one of the parties that ruffles the other person's feathers. In that exact moment, the receiver of the message has the opportunity to clear the air by asking the question, "May I ask what you meant by that comment or statement?"  In the heat of the moment, you may not have had time to process what was said during the conversation. Afterwards some things may not be sitting well with one or both of the parties. The negative ego is now turned loose and most likely do it's "thing" causing the person to jump to unnecessary conclusions.

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Sometimes, what happens later is our mind or negative ego feeds on the past experience causing it to grow and become distorted. We may even take the experience a step further by asking others what they think the other person meant. We are now making the situation into a bigger situation by involving others who may not have been there to experience the tone as well as the back and forth discussion. Not only were they not there, but they are relying on the relay of information from only one of the parties. We now have a potential toxic situation that is now growing and becoming almost unrepairable because someone did not stop in the moment to ask the simple question, "What exactly do you mean by that statement? 

The negative ego is an interesting challenger. It will activate our fears and make them real. It will embellish harmless situations and destroy relationships. As an intuitive counselor I hear about these scenarios all the time. To be honest, once the seed of doubt comes in and feelings are hurt, it is almost impossible to go back to the trusting, friendly and loving space you were once in with the relationship in question.

My advice is to speak up, ask for more clarity in the moment, even if you are afraid to do so. You may been misinterpreting in the moment because of a limited belief or view on life. It is also quite possible that you received the message exactly how it was meant to be received which in that case, you still do not have to play the guessing game later on by asking for clarity DURING the conversation.

If we, as a collective, were more proactive with our relationships we would not have to have so much disharmony and drama in our lives. Once you have had a taste of a drama-free life, you don't want to go back to unfulfilling and toxic relationships and lives. It is also quite possible that someone is misinterpreting you which in that case be aware of other's reactions when you are engaging in conversation. Be proactive and be sure they understand what you are trying to convey as a though form. If we listen and observe body language and conversation we will be better communicators and listeners. 

Healthy relationships take two willing parties. Be proactive, be responsible and mean what you say and say what you mean. The more you take responsibility for your own interactions in your relationships, less challenging ones will be coming your way because you have mastered the art of clear and concise communication.

Blessings and Light,

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