Tuesday, September 9, 2014

How To Cope As An Empath In Our Society

Every day I am blessed to witness many empaths reclaiming their personal space as well as their solar plexuses. They come to my center, The Mystical Moon to learn how to empower themselves and genuinely want to heal and embrace life to its' fullest.Empaths are highly sensitive people who feel, I mean really feel the environment around them. They pick up all emotions, sensations, energy imprints from people, places and objects. 

Often empaths do not realize they are absorbing their surroundings until it is too late. They have already taken on others unhealthy emotions, possibly other people's habits as well as belief systems and perspectives.

Can an empath survive in this world? Absolutely! Individuals that are super-sensitive to their environment can learn how to create healthier energetic boundaries as well as can begin to recognize when they are absorbing their environment 

How do you know if you are an empath? Here are some easy to recognize the empathic signs:

  • You suddenly have a nauseous feeling after you meet someone or even walk into an unfamiliar space
  • You have solar plexus issues (sensitive digestion system, stomach aches, that sinking feeling in your stomach)
  • You are influenced by the moods of others
  • You are confused about your emotions
  • People often "dump" on you for no reason
  • You are often overwhelmed in large crowds causing you to withdraw socially
  • Sometimes you are depressed for no reason
If this sounds familiar to you then chances are you are a person with strong empathic abilities. You can most certainly use your gift to be an indicator to when your environment, or a person, or even a certain location is not a healthy place for you. 

Often empaths do not know they are absorbing other's feelings and pain until after the fact. Here are some suggestions to help you manage your gifts that will also help empower you:
  •  Wear deflecting crystals such as jet, black tourmaline, hematite, tiger's eye on your right side. By wearing or carrying these crystals they will project their energy outward, creating a shield of protection for you.
  • Take baths with sea salt or himalayan salt. Did you know you can bathe with himalayan salt? 
  • Learn to cover your solar plexus with your hands or arms. You may even use visualization to help you do so.
  • Sage yourself as well as your space often. 
  • Learn to pick up objects or to use your right hand when handling an object that you are not familiar with. The left hand receives, right sends out energy.
  • Hold your phone to your right ear. If you listen with your left side you may pick up the feelings of the person on the other line.
  • Learn how to say "no", "I don't have the time" or "I am unable to help you at this time."
  • Activate your spiritual protection - your guides, angels, the helpers that are non-physical. Ask them to protect you energetically.
  • Be sure to cut those emotional cords often. 
  • Receive healing treatments such as Reiki, massages, or any type of proactive healing treatment.
  • When you are feeling compromised, do not perform any energy, healing or psychic work. You are more likely to let your guard down and take away someone else's stuff.
  • Before you leave your home, pull your aura in a little closer to the body. You most certainly do not need to go out into the world wide open.
  • Using command phrases such as: Shields Up! or I invoke a bubble of pink and gold protection around me today. 
  • Use a visualization of mirrors being place around your aura facing outwards. This will help you deflect unwanted sensations.
Many empaths are nurses, massage therapists, healers and teachers. They have nurturing and loving energy. By using some of these simple suggestions you most certainly do not have to hide from crowds. You will be able to mingle with your fellow man and woman and will be able to enjoy this amazing  planet and the beautiful souls who inhabit it. 

Blessings and Light,


Terra Wallace said...

Wow. Describes me to s T. But theres alot more to it. Some times i feel like im losing my minf.

Terra Wallace said...

Thank i thought i was losing my mind.

Terra Wallace said...

Wow. Describes me to s T. But theres alot more to it. Some times i feel like im losing my minf.

Nikki Lo said...

Thank you for these tips!

Unknown said...

I loved this. Definitely me. Note: being an empath is hereditary. My mom always told me I was and I would grow up and realize she wasn't crazy. It was embedded into my brain that I was gifted and magical. Now, yet still very young (21) I know she wasn't crazy. I have been born to be a helper.. not a destroyer. Bless it be -an empath