Wednesday, April 10, 2013

The Guest Visitor At The Crystal Bowl Meditation

Last night's Crystal Bowl Meditation was really least for me.

I have facilitated hundreds of Crystal Bowl Meditations. During the meditation I receive impressions. I often see the participants being worked on by their guides, visits from their crossed over loved ones, shifts in their consciousness, their angels working on their energy field, so on and so forth.

I was specifically guided last night by a presence in the corner.
This was a masculine energy and he was out of focus for me. I did not question who he was or whom he belonged to. I knew it was someone's guide.

His message was loud and clear ~ "You need to motivate these people. We need them to be excited and passionate about their lives. If they are not excited about their own future how will they ever achieve their goals and find their happiness and fulfillment?"
He instructed me to play the moldavite bowl with the heart chakra to help them awaken their own heart's desires. To open the heart center for themselves, not to fall in love or to deepen their romantic relationships but for their own lives. 
He also told me to play the moldavite bowl with the root chakra bowl. He said, "This will help them ground this new passion, motivation, they need to be able to build their foundations upon the root. Some of them are too busy opening up the crown and third eye. They must take action here and now!"

I worked with this guide, I followed his instructions and played with intention and was really feeling the movement for the participants. I saw their guides shifting and helping them move to another level of consciousness.

I then turned my attention towards this guide ~ Ahh, I knew him well. It was my guide. I knew the energy was familiar! I asked him so am I sharing you with them?
He said, "No, I am part of you, I am part of your consciousness. Everyone you work with is part of you and I am part of you. I help you. There is no time to waste doing things half way. I will help you shift the energy of people more consciously. We (he and I) are already motivated and ready to take on new projects. Now it is time to be the cheerleader and motivator for others. We are a team."

So with that being said, when you work with work with my guides as well.

This conversation with him made so much sense as my client list is doubling these days. Not only is it doubling but I am acquiring clients in groups from the same distant locations. Now I know who is working with me to share the light at a whole other level.

A message to all of my clients ~ Be ready if you are working with me because nothing is going to stop us on our path to spiritual and personal enlightenment :)

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