Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Peace Begins with Me and You and You

My heart goes out to all those who are suffering in Boston as well as all over the country and world.
We all ask ourselves the questions ~ How could anyone do such a thing? What evil person could or would harm innocent people? What are we supposed to do?
These are questions I also ask of myself. The answers come to me in waves.
The message is pretty much the same ~ Peace on Earth begins and ends with me. We are a piece to the puzzle, the collective. 
There are instances I can help one on one such as in my sessions with clients either over the phone, in person and those who attend workshops or simply come into the store to shop and feel the tone of peace.
There are also times when I donate whether it be my time or money or clothes or items I no longer am using.
The most effective way though for all of us to bring Peace on Earth would be to live, breathe and be peace in our own lives.
We can live our lives to the best of our abilities by walking the talk, taking responsibility for our actions, words and deeds, we can send prayers of healing and light to those we know are suffering, we can send these prayers to those we do not know are suffering. 
I have been asked if I saw this coming. I did feel something major was about to happen. 
Did I run around saying watch out? No, I continued to pray for the world, for peace, for people to love themselves unconditionally and to work through their own self-esteem and confidence issues. I prayed and continue to pray for people who are in relationships and situations that are not healthy for them, that they have the means and courage to get out of these unhealthy situations. I prayed for people to not make someone right or wrong, I prayed for people to release judgment over others.
I do encourage you to not watch too much tv these days. The same stories are run over and over. 
I do not need to watch the television to know some things need to change. 
I also know the change begins with me and you and you. 
If we continue to be the monitor of our thoughts and emotions, if we continue to support healthier mind, body and spirit living we will as a collective make shifts.
Studies have been proven where groups of people have gathered and prayed for peace that the crime rate went down etc. 
You can gather together to pray, simply send out love and healing our into the world. See Mother Earth from space ~ send beams of love and light her way and that those who are open to the love and hope feel it.
Pay it forward ~ this is another way of randomly sharing the light.
Let's use this tragedy to shift our consciousness. This is why these things happen ~ to help us bring in gratitude for what and who we have, to really unite as a brotherhood and sisterhood. 
We are all in this together. Yes, there are billions of people on Earth. Do not underestimate the power of one person...you!

Blessings, Light and Healing,

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