Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Messages from the Hawk

Lately, I have been visited by the Hawk. Hawk has been revealing himself to me everywhere I go ~ in my car (flying along side me twice within the last 24 hours), as I look outside the window at The Moon, as I go outside my home in my backyard, outside my daughter's window, even when I go on my morning walk. Hawk is everywhere.
When I see a sign or a symbol repeatedly revealing itself to me I listen.
How do I listen? What am I supposed to do with this Hawk's persistence?
Well, the first thing I do is I observe what the Hawk is doing? Is he flying, is he looking at me?
I then listen to the thoughts in my mind, I breathe in the spirit of Hawk, I check my environment, I may even quickly journal in the moment to see what is flowing through with automatic writing.
I also will count how many times I see Hawk, then later research the numerology associated with that number.
In addition to listening to Hawk's message to me I refer to my Animal Speak by Ted Andrews to see what else the message is for me. 
These days Hawk is telling me to act upon the thoughts, ideas that are in my mind when I see Hawk. When Hawk escorted me alongside my car he showed me I am protected and being guided with my current thoughts, ideas at the time he reveals himself to me.
Spirit communicates with us all the time. We may not always make the connection or correspondence at the time but we are constantly receiving validations through nature, people, songs, signs etc. 
The next time you have an animal revealing itself to you, apply some of my suggestions, see what happens.

Blessings and Light,

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