Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Rules of Spiritual Enlightenment

I'd like to write a little about the spirituality and rules. To begin with I would like to say this ~ there aren't any 100% guaranteed rules or absolutes in life. Not one. 
Many, myself included have heard all of the you must do this, you cannot do that, this is the only way etc. 
My questions are ~ Who said? Who made this rule? Was it a fellow human? Where did this rule come from? 
I do believe in tradition, passing down information but I would like to say this, all information has come from someone, from somewhere (most likely from their own thoughts). Some traditions make sense some information does not.
Here is my advice ~ think twice before you make something a personal truth. Use your own intuition to help guide you to see if a concept or a belief resonates with you.
For example ~ there really is no wrong way to sage a space. You may go clockwise, counterclockwise, back and forth as long as your intention is to clear the space it will help get the job done.
I have heard people say that you may not mix crystals, some prefer to be used alone. This is one of those beliefs or rules that came from someone. 
Now, do I think there are areas where you should exercise caution? Absolutely! There are doors I would not dare to think of opening. 
Often we make decisions on the spot. Here are some suggestions to help you with your own rules of spirituality:

  • Harm no one, sending out any type of revenge is not only harmful to others but to you as well. Energy sent out is the same energy sent back. 
  • Your intention is the most powerful element in any practice. If you intend to work in the light and with love then this is the most important element.
  • Be cautious trying to influence another. I spoke about this earlier about energy being sent out and back. If you try to control another, well another may try to control you.
  • Read, educate yourself. Find like-minded people/teachers that you resonate with. I love to chat with people. In the discussions I often find the answers start to come to mind based on my own belief system and consciousness. When like-minded people get together they help raise each other's consciousness.
  • If you would like to learn more about a subject then educate yourself by reading etc. then see if it feels right to you.
  • Go within, meditate, ask your higher self to help you see more clearly. Listen to your higher guidance.
Don't get me wrong I love to study from teachers and mentors however, I always ask myself with the material being presented if it feels right or resonates. I then may add my own personal touch to the information shared. 
What I am trying to say in this blog is to not be intimidated by all of the rules of spirituality and life. Use your own discernment. Because someone says it must be does not always mean it has to be this way for you. Too many rules have been created out of fear and not having all of the facts or information and limited belief systems. 

What rules are you living by? Are they the based on the beliefs or fears of others?
Or are have you gone within to find your personal truths and applied these beliefs to your life. Only you have the keys to your own enlightenment.

Blessings and Light,

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Great advice Laurie!