Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Oracle Cards ~ An Excerpt From My Book ~

Oracle Cards
Oracle cards are cards that do not relate to the tarot
correspondences. There are thousands and thousands of oracle
cards. They all have the author/artist’s interpretations and
messages. They usually have a theme to go along with the deck. There are cards with all different messengers and themes. There are cards with angels, animals, goddesses, saints, positive affirmations, chakras,
and more.
The same guidelines as the tarot cards apply when working with
the oracle cards. I often have people work with the oracle cards in addition to the tarot cards. For example I have them to do a simple layout with the tarot, document the results, and then do the same layout with the oracle cards. Almost every time the message and result are the same. This is the beauty of working with divination tools.
Most of the time you will receive the same answer/message.
Here is a simple protocol I suggest using ~ 

  • Select a time and place where you will have some privacy.
  • Be sure to clear yourself and the space you are working in example ~ sage (spray or mist) light your candle, use some incense or even play some music.
  • Say a prayer to connect you to your higher guidance ~ I call upon my higher self, my guides, my guardians to assist me with the wisdom that is for my highest and best good now.
  • Sometimes it is best to write down questions beforehand that you would like to ask.
  • You can simply pull a card for the message of the day. Later on you can see how the card related to the day with the messages you had received.
  • You can also ask what obstacles may I encounter, what am I not seeing accurately, is there a message from a passed over loved one or a guide?
  • Journal your messages/readings this will help you open up and trust your guidance even more.
  • When you are finished with your card session ~ thank the influences that assisted you with your messages/guidance and open up the circle. We create a circle of light to enclose the energy and we open it up when we are complete with our session.
Do I have a favorite oracle deck? No, I don't I have at least one hundred decks. They are all beautiful, all give me messages that are validating where I am at. If you are looking to purchase a deck, I encourage you to use the demo. Ask a question then pull a card, if the message resonates with your consciousness then it is a winner, if not then find another deck.

Remember these cards can confirm many things for you. Ultimately you must use your own sense of good judgement and intuition to make decisions in your life.

Blessings and Light,

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