Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Your Presence bring Presents

How many of you are multi-taskers? I, am guilty of this "offense".  After much contemplation, frustration and running around I have come to understand that I am counter-productive to all I am trying to achieve by cutting corners. 
The greatest gift you can give yourself is to be present in all you say, do and think.
If we bring awareness to our actions, we will be bringing all of our energy and focus into our lives.
Spirit shows it to me this way ~ Would you rather drive with all of your cylinders or with only a few. 
First of all by only running on a few cylinders chances are it will take you longer to get to your destination. The same applies with multi-tasking. You are unable to bring all of your awareness to each and every task. 
Think about children as well. They would rather have unconditional attention one on one instead of sharing the limelight with a sibling. This applies for all relationships...friends, co-workers even pets.
By multi-tasking you are possibly missing some of the gifts, for example a key word or phrase or even a sign from spirit. 
How many use their Bluetooth in the car while driving. You most likely are missing a sunset, a bird in the sky or even a rainbow. 

  • When people are speaking with you ~ stop what you are doing ~ make eye contact
  • When you are on the phone try to be present by really listening to what they are saying
  • People would appreciate you sharing that you are in the middle of something and you would prefer to call them back so you can give all of your attention to them
  • Schedule one on one time with a friend, a spouse, a pet, a child
  • Make a schedule and try to stick to it. Cross off what you have already accomplished
  • When meditating, praying or intending to spend quality time alone...turn off the computer, your phone and go to a space where there is nothing but you and source
Being present is the best present you can give yourself and the world :)

Happy Valentine's Day Everyone!!
Blessings and Light,

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Deb Tamlo said...

Well said. I remember when multi-tasking was a good thing and it is hard to break old habits. But the best work done is when focused - no matter what the tasks is.