Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Mentors and Teachers

I don't care who you are ~ how evolved you say you are ~ everyone benefits from a teacher/mentor.

We are all here to grow and evolve. There is the journey of life where there is love, fear, tricksters, lovers, friends, joy, sadness, grief and more...all of these elements are teachers. 

The teacher/mentor I am referring to is someone a of higher consciousness than you. This is not about getting upset over the lesser than greater than concept. I am speaking of seeking out someone whose energy, insight, frequency will lift you up simply by interacting with them.

Yes, we can say prayers and request for them to show up in our lives. I am encouraging you to go within and ask where do I struggle? Where do I keep repeating the same patterns? Have I hit a plateau in the evolution of my soul? 

As you receive the answers you will see where you may need a little extra help.
Do I often go to teachers? Yes, there are periods in my life where after much reflection and inner work that I say "Ok, now it is time to elevate my soul. Time to seek outside help." This is when I pray and request assistance, I observe the changes in others. If I really see something within them that sparks some interest I may ask them what are they doing differently.

The message I am trying to convey is this ~ We are human and if you are here on this planet you have stuff and more to learn to evolve to.
Self-realization, enlightenment is the number one reason we are here and must be a priority in our lives. It just might look a little different for everyone.

Suggestions ~

  • Seek a teacher, ask the Universe to put you in alignment with the teacher that is for your highest and best good
  • Get out there, see what classes are in your area, search the internet
  • Travel, how about a change of pace?
  • Ask others what they are doing to help themselves, do they have any references
  • Ask someone you respect where they received their training
  • Mentorship does not need to cost a small fortune...more expensive is not necessarily better
I am encouraging you to only seek help when you are comfortable and ready. Sometimes this is the most difficult step. Do you need help all the time? No, you don't. Too much is too confusing, we must allow ourselves a period to integrate all we have learned and worked through.

Have a blessed day,

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carolinewho said...

Needed that advice; thanks for writing. Have a wonderful day.