Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy New Year

Today is the day of blank pages, blank canvases ~ the day to begin anew.
So what can we do to keep on track with our new promises?
I have a few suggestions:
  • Make your goals doable
  • Keep a journal to monitor your progress
  • Share your intentions with someone who will help keep you accountable with your goals
  • Be reasonable with your timeframe
  • Break up your goals into segments so you can have mini-celebrations
  • Be flexible ~ some goals need to go back to the drawing board
  • Keep it simple ~ try to not micro-manage the outcome down to every detail ~ this is limiting your outcome
  • You do not need to pray or focus on your goals 24/7. Set the intention and release the over-analyzing
  • Use my cd Transform Yourself for 21 days. It does work.    Transform Yourself 
  • Meditate, pray make de-stressing a priority. This will help you raise your vibration, which will help you be more in alignment with your goal
  • Give yourself small rewards for staying focused and disciplined with your goal.
  • It is okay to start over
  • If something is not working or your are becoming disappointed please realize that your higher power is in charge. Your intention may not be for your highest and best good therefore you may not achieve your goal...this is okay it means something better is on its way
Remember it is not all about the end result...it is the journey to the goal where we learn and grow to overcome our own challenges.

Happy New Year!
Blessings and Light,

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