Thursday, December 13, 2012

My Favorite ~ Stone and Incense

Today I am sharing some information about my favorite stone...Moldavite.
I fell in love with this stone the day I was introduced to it 8 years ago.
I found a pendant in a metaphysical shop and was instantly drawn to it.
What I learned was that not everyone is interested or attracted to this stone.
Right away I had to buy a piece that half an inch in diameter. I still own this stone today, although every once in a while it goes on a walkabout. This means it disappears for a little bit and then comes back to me at the perfect time and place.
Here is a brief description about this amazing stone ~

This weekend I was able to acquire more specimens that are available for purchase at The Moon.

The other special item is....Moldavite Incense! Can you guess what my favorite incense is? This incense most certainly takes you out of body to a land far, far away! It took me a few years to acquire this incense but it was worth the wait.

This company even has Moldavite Oil! I highly recommend you read the above information from Robert Simmon's book, Book of Stones. 

Here is a link to my online store if you are interested in purchasing some Moldavite Incense and or Oil!/~/product/category=3854181&id=16610125

Blessings and Light,

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