Sunday, October 7, 2018

New Moon in Libra ~ It's Relationship Cleanse Time

The exact time and date of the New Moon in Libra will be Monday, October 8th, 2018 at 11:47pm eastern and what an interesting cosmic time it is! It seems as if humans, animals, birds, plants and Gaia, our Earth Mother, are all going through several different purging processes. Our weather has been really off, the waters have been turbulent and toxic, there is an increase in animal/marine life attacks and the rage and anger that has been tucked way down deep with our fellow sisters and brothers is surfacing and demanding society’s attention.
There is so much that can be talked about in detail about this New Moon however, spirit is guiding me to talk about the deep upheavals that are taking place with our relationships. All of our relationships are requiring attention, re-evaluation and then taking the necessary steps to bring balance into our lives. I am referencing the giving and receiving in our relationships; romantic, familial, career, friendships, acquaintances, our bodies and also the relationship with self. 
The New Moon is in the sun sign of Libra. Libras are all about balance, justice, diplomacy, detachment and are at their best when they have healthy partnerships. The challenging aspects of Libra are they tend to remain in relationships that are not always for their highest and best good because they tend to feel incomplete without being paired with someone.  
It’s an excellent time to purge what is toxic in your life; health routines, relationships, and spirit will be a bit forceful with helping you to really let go of what isn’t serving.  Libras are also notorious for being overwhelmed when having to make executive decisions. 
Whelp, this New Moon has some interesting celestial influences that will help with our indecision and the cleansing process has already begun and has been full force for the last few weeks. Venus has gone retrograde, the New Moon is square to Pluto and is conjunct Ceres. 

Breaking Down The Celestial Influences:
  • Venus retrograde, October 5th to November 16th, 2018 — Every 8 years, the planet Venus goes retrograde. Venus is the planet of love and war. Retrogrades bring attention to our past. Therefore ex’s and old beliefs around relationships will probably come up for you to take a closer and deeper look at.
  • New Moon square to Pluto - Pluto is the planet of the Underworld, therefore, some deep, really deep emotions and memories may come to the surface to be addressed. Remember Venus is the goddess of love and war, so you may be feeling anger, rage and/or frustration as the past comes bubbling up to the surface. 
  • Ceres is conjunct with the New Moon on October 8th. Ceres is connected with women, equal rights, motherhood, nurturing and the divine feminine finding her voice and place in society. We most certainly have been experiencing this wave of conscious awareness since the January 31st Lunar Eclipse. 
How can we tap in and utilize these energetic influences? As these cosmic windows open up for us, it is important that we remember these energetic influences are meant to be tapped into as a collective to shift the consciousness on our planet as part of our soul’s journey. We can be lax and allow life to happen to us causing us to be more reactive and remain in a state of victimhood OR we can address each emotion, situation, intuitive nudge and relationship with a conscious awareness that all that takes place is purposeful for our individual and collective evolutions. 

Suggestions To Make The Most Out Of The Current Shifts
  • If something is being removed from your life and/or doors are closing, allow them to go and close! We often try to hang on to what is familiar rather than trust when things are being phased out.
  • Take a cleansing bath with epsom salts, Himalayan salts, Kosher salt, rosemary and lavender. Any type of aura cleansing bath will do you a world of good. Sealing up your aura is an important part of shifting out what doesn’t serve and then sealing up your energy field.
  • Schedule a cord cutting to cut the unhealthy emotional and energetic ties with toxic people and situations. If you do not have someone that you can go to for this service, then ask Archangel Michael to cut the cords and seal up your aura with light.
  • Carry or wear black stones suck as; black tourmaline, jet, hematite, black onyx or black obsidian. The black stones will help absorb the heaviness and yes dark energy that is shifting away from you. Also it can be helpful to carry a selenite crystal with you to bring in the light at this time.
  • Find a way to channel your rage, anger and frustrations in a healthy and productive manner. As all of the tucked away emotions come to the surface, they need to find an outlet. Exercise, spending time in nature, martial arts, screaming at the top of your lungs, writing a letter and giving it voice, punching a pillow or punching bag and/or expressing your disappointment with the appropriate receivers with tact will all help you get in touch with and shift unexpressed emotions. 
  • Drink lots of water with lemon at this time. Emotions are a water element and increasing your water intake will help you cleanse and shift the water element in your body.
  • If you’re really brave, call upon Kali, the goddess of destruction, death and time. She is also very motherly and dedicated to her children. Call upon her to help you find the strength and courage to let go of what doesn’t serve and to create healthy boundaries.
This New Moon in Libra is a mighty and powerful one. It will help give the meek a voice and courage and it has the potential to help all of us get rid of the gnarly, stagnant and deep-seated  caca that we know needs to go go. 
Blessings and Light,
Laurie Barraco

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