Sunday, December 31, 2017

How Will You Celebrate The New Year 2018 and The Full Moon?

With each New Year, we find ourselves with an opportunity to start over with a fresh new perspective, reset our personal goals as well as review the previous year and all of the events that had transpired. 

This year, we will begin the New Year on a Full Moon! That's a huge energetic and lunar push to jump-start the New Year on Monday, January 1st, 2018. The Full Moon is in Cancer during the time of Capricorn. 

What can we expect from this Full Moon on New Year's Day? 
We are transitioning from the fiery and airy 2017 into the flowing intuitive waters and grounded, sage earth energy of 2018. You may have already been feeling the effects of 2018 and are super-sensitive emotionally and are sponge-like picking up on everyone's feelings as well as your environment. Your intuitive abilities are and will continue to heighten. With the earthy energy of Capricorn, you are receiving wisdom from the higher, higher self. The higher, higher self resides in a more expanded and ascended realm of existence. This energy can and will blow your mind as you experience epiphany after epiphany this year.

Many people, myself included love to create ceremony during the time of the Full Moon and the New Year. This year, we are combining these two events into one. Below I have listed some rituals and suggestions that can assist you as you embrace this powerful lunar event as we move full steam ahead into the New Year.

Full Moon ~ New Year Suggestions For 2018:

1. Releasing Ceremony - Write down all of the things that you would like to leave behind in 2017.  Be sure to thank spirit for all of these challenges because they have made you stronger and wiser. Read them out loud and then release them. Next, you can burn or bury them and energetically leave them behind as you forge ahead. Buh Bye Felicia ;)

2. Write Down Your Intentions ~ Writing down your goals on paper helps to ground those intentions into the physical. You are using the 4 elements of creation as you do so ~ earth, water, air and fire. You have the idea (air), you feel the desire (water), you write down your intention on paper with a pen or pencil (earth) and then you bring in spirit and take action by being proactive as you set on your journey (fire). 

3. Water Magic ~ Since the Full Moon is in Cancer, why not do a little water magic? You can take a healing bath with sea salt, epson salt, Himalayan salt and the herbs and essential oils that correspond with your intention. Another activity would be charging up your drinking water by either placing crystals that can help you with your intention in your water. You may also write your intention on your water bottle. The water will take on the property of the words written on it. Be sure to check to make sure the herbs and crystals you select are non-toxic for the skin and ingesting in your water.

4. Surround Yourself with Positive and Goal-Oriented People - We are influenced by the people and the environments we place ourselves in, there is no way around it. Consciously make the effort spend your time with people who are happy, successful and who are loving life. This is an excellent way of raising your own vibration and keeping you focused on your future goals. Seeking out a mastermind group is also an excellent way of keeping your eye on the prize.

5. Know Your Limits - Over-committing ourselves is something many of us struggle with and is one of the number one reasons why we do not achieve most of our goals. Writing down your goals with a loosely structured timeline is a healthy and realistic way to work towards the intentions that you have set out for yourself. 

6. Take Personal Responsibility - When you make a mistake ~ own it! If you make poor decisions ~ own them! If you hurt another ~ own it! If you find yourself in a mess, take responsibility and don't blame others for your decisions, actions and or inaction. By taking responsibility for what we say and do, we understand that we are in control of our own lives and destinies. When we take control and ownership of our experiences, we have the power to change these experiences for the better. I would rather be at the helm of my own ship than giving up my free will to another to choose my destiny. 

7. Go On Vacation or A Staycation - Taking time off from work as well as the the day-to-day stresses of life is one of the healthiest things we can do for ourselves. Taking a break resets your mind, emotions and physical body. Schedule regular trips to places you haven't been before or hunker down at home, relax and do nothing. The break from the day-to-day grind often is all we need to get back on course with our goals.

8. Reward Yourself - Positive Reinforcement is an excellent way to reward yourself for all of the hard work and discipline you have put towards your goals. If we do not have some type of celebration as we cross the finish line, then where is the joy and recognition for our accomplishments. We will always have something to strive towards as long as we have a physical body, so you might as well treat yourself each and every time you meet your goals. You deserve it!

May 2018 bring each and every one of you ~ JOY ~ LOVE ~ LAUGHTER ~ EXCELLENT HEALTH ~ PEACE ~ SUCCESS

Blessings and Light,
Laurie Barraco

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